This is a telemarketer. IT IS NOT FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT NOR IS IT ABOUT A WARRANT. It is a sales call, plain and simple.
 Jul 06th, 2013
Don't know # they never leave message. Wasting time I will not answer....
j hensley
 Apr 17th, 2013
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some type of FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT is trying to locate you. any of you have outstanding warrents or unpaid fines? this is a step in the effort to PING your location. Most likely to make sure you live where you say you live. Or to eavesdrop on your conversations. There are no limits to what these people can and WILL DO. You may get an in person visit by local law enforcement depending on the severity of your violation. DO NOT ANSWER STRANGE PHONE CALLS...THEN RESTART YOUR PHONE TO DISABLE ANY PING ATTEMPTS.

We are all being watched...GOOD LUCK!!
private eyes
 Nov 17th, 2011
they called me at 3:15 AM!!! needless to say, I didn't answer....was asleep!
pee ode
 Nov 07th, 2010
Person just rude. Quickly said, "will call back" and hung-up.
 Sep 21st, 2010
Portfolio Recovery and Anchor Receivables:

Call your local phone company to see if they have a service called "Call Intercept".. there is a monthly charge to have this service. With "Call Intercept", you can block any number in the United States. I have "Call Intercept" on my home phone thru Verizon and I am able to block 25 numbers. The person calling your number will get a recording saying "THE PERSON YOU ARE CALLING DOES NOT ACCEPT CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER, GOOD BYE." It's GREAT blocking Portfolio Recovery Associates from calling all day from different numbers. I am hoping that Verizon will extend call count from 25 to 50 numbers.
 May 30th, 2010
I've been getting calls from this number every day at the same time during the work week. I'm always at work and do not have access to my phone but have wondered who was calling. They never leave a message. Today is Sunday and they called again. I thought it was odd they would call on a Sunday since I was convinced it was a telemarketer. Somehow, I missed the call, but it got me curious about who they may be, so I googled the number. Thanks to those of you who have shared your experiences with this phone number. Maybe I'll send my info off to the Mecklenburg police.
 May 17th, 2010
If you think these calls are a scam, please contact
Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office
700 E. 4th Street
Charlotte, N. C. 28202

They may be able to determine what's going on at that number 980-939-7534
Another view
 Mar 20th, 2010
Called at 9am on a SATURDAY MORNING!!! I was not happy to be woke up and did not answer. The next time they call, I am blowing a whistle in their ear!!!
 Mar 20th, 2010
This may very well be a scam operation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please keep a record of the date and time
of each call to you and e-mail your data to the police department in Mecklenburg County, N. C. The address is


Research indicates that this is a landline in Charlotte. The CEO of the National Fraternal Order of Police has
been contacted to see if there is a legitimate telemarketing group operating in Charlotte, N.C. for the Nat'l
Fraternal Order of Police. No response yet; complaints on "who Called Us" indicate that this may be a sacam.
another view
 Mar 11th, 2010
emailed National Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville, Tennesee: pyoes@fop.net to determine
if a legitimate group is telemarketing in Charlotte, N. C. to request funds for the National
Order of Police. Haven't received a reply, but if you contact them, they will probably tell you
if the calls are legitimate. From the sound of some of the behavior of the callers, I doubt
that they are.

If you find that they are not, do contact the police in Charlotte, N. C. and report the scam.
Another view
 Mar 10th, 2010
This number called at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning!!! I asked them if they knew what time it was and they said "it was a fundraiser"! R I D I C U L O U S !! Someone should shut them down!
 Jan 09th, 2010
they call everyday when i try to call back it says invalid extention wish they would stop
 Dec 30th, 2009
hung up
 Dec 10th, 2009
Still in effect, just got a call from this one. 12-06-09
 Dec 06th, 2009
973-947-4806 Portfolio Recovery Associates www.portfoliorecovery.com trying to collect an old debt

Other numbers under Portfolio Recovery Associates:

Never answer the phone that says on caller ID Virginia Call, New Jersery Call, unavailble, unknown, or out of area.

Please everyone Post any other numbers they call from here and everywhere else too. thanks
 Nov 28th, 2009
I called the number back and a machine picked up saying it was for a fun raiser
 Nov 25th, 2009
OMG I can not believe how rude this person was!! I asked they call back later since I was just walking in the door and the man on the phone asked me "if you need help would you want the police to call you back later if they were busy?!" What is that!!!! I was speechless. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was hung up on! That is great was to handle call!!? I have contacted the FOP to complain.
 Nov 05th, 2009
*NOTE: If you want to support your local PD, call them up and ask them who they suggest you donate to. Never donate to the cold callers particularly when the FD/PD is concerned as they see very little of your donation through a service like this*. They went through their whole thing about buckling up, how it was for "needy children", yada yada. I indicated that I prefer to donate directly to the PD versus going through a service. They thanked me for my time.
 Nov 04th, 2009
I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST REGISTRY~!!!! I do not answer unsolicited calls period!!!!!
 Sep 27th, 2009
Due to the circumstances, I refuse to give my name, due to the fact that these calls are happening to me as well & if they do not have my name, I refuse to help aid there ability of retrieving that information by posting it on any site over the net... However! I to live in the NC area & just received this call that displayed
"OUT OF AREA" 980-939-7534 when I picked up, I said hello twice & as I was hanging up, I heard a man's voice... Due to the fact that I was hanging up as they said there first word I did not catch what the first word even was... My advice to "EVERYONE" out there is do what I normally do, screen your calls & NEVER PICK UP FOR "OUT OF AREA or PRIVATE CALLER" If it is someone whom you know people common sense THEY WILL TALK & YOU CAN DECIDE AT THAT TIME IF YOU CHOSE TO TALK TO THEM... (This time I was expecting a call from my daughter!) So whom ever it was just caught me off guard... I hope I have helped out by writting something on this as well...
 Sep 23rd, 2009
I erroneously entered my name instead of the NC State Fraternal Order of Police. Please excuse. I have asked that I be removed from their call list and was assured that my name and number would be removed, but obviously it has not. What can we do to stop these unsolicited calls? I am on the Do Not Call Registry.
Patricia B.
 Sep 18th, 2009
Calling for the FOP (faternal Order of Police) Police get 15% or $250,000 .. The agency doing the calling get 85% and everything over $250,000

I always ask when I get a fund raising call,
 Sep 10th, 2009
I have received this call many times lately. Having an unlisted number does not help. We were hounded by phone beggers just as badly when we had an unlisted number. I think that do not call listing should be for everything. It is an invasion of my privacy for someone to call to my home and pester me.
Dance Mom
 Sep 07th, 2009
All I could make out was Police, when I called them back, I got a recording and I followed the instructions, but no one ever came on the line and then the phone started buzzing.
 Sep 05th, 2009
My father was with the Police Dept and swore that having a Fraternal Police bumper sticker would help if you ever got pulled for a traffic violation. When NC State Fraternal Order of Police first called me several years ago, I had them mail me information. They sent a packet and also a sticker. They looked legit at the time, so I asked around and was told that many of these "companies" are not in anyway associated with the Police Dept, and are scams. I didn't put the sticker on my truck, and I didn't give them any money, but they still call me a few times a year. I don't answer the phone when I see their number on my caller ID--I don't answer any numbers that list Caller Unknown...
 Aug 27th, 2009
Will not place you on do not call list. Charity for "Police".
 Aug 22nd, 2009
No one has been leaving messages but number has shown up on my caller ID several times in the past couple of weeks. I am glad to know who this is-maybe I will call and be taken off their list. I would not answer even if I was home. I am also on the DNC list. Caller ID should say FOP if real.
 Aug 21st, 2009
Called this afternoon, man said he was calling from the NC Fraternal Order of the Police to remind me to buckle up for safety, etc., then proceeded to explain in length about a fund drive (didn't really call it that) and he was bluntly "putting me down for $35." I stalled him as I looked up this number, asking him where the money goes. Response: "To children who may need it." He kept pressing me - "I'll put you down for $25." I said I was disabled, I was like the kids, but actually need it now. He said OK, he'd put me down for $12. I asked if he had my credit card number; also, I was on the DNC list and he found me - how was this possible? Response: They have "an address," but no cc number, and the phone number is robo-dialed; bc it's the police, my number isn't subject to the DNC rule. (Boom, there it is!) I told him he was good at his job, but I couldn't even afford $12 (and explained why in detail). He said "I understand, God bless you, goodbye." So, these guys have our home addresses w/our phone numbers when robo-dialed - I don't know how they're getting away with saying they're the "police," but don't give them any money, regardless of how good the pitchman may be. "Children who may need it" is another phrase for SCAM - "taking it out of your pocket and putting it into ours - thanks!"
 Aug 19th, 2009
Receiving multiple calls each day from this number. When the answering machine picks up, the caller waits several seconds and then hangs up. Picked up the phone last night, and after receiving no response to my "hello" for several seconds, I finally said "do not keep calling". At that point, the man finally gave a name and said they've never called before. I pressed him on that, as it was clearly false, and when I asked what organization he was with, he said the NC Fraternal Order of Police.
 Aug 14th, 2009
Got a call from the above number; but my husband just picked up the phone and hung it up because he didn't recognize the area code. Hopefully, they will not call back.
 Aug 13th, 2009
Receive calls from one of the following Portfolio Recovery numbers twice every day. Today they called every hour starting at 8:23 am. The person they want no longer resides at this number. How harassing!
They also call from:
 Aug 13th, 2009
Another unidentified caller......do they think by giving their # that we will answer. Think again!! These people just need to go away.
 Aug 11th, 2009
Received a call @ 11:25am this morning (7/27) they did not leave a message. We are on do not call list also!
 Jul 27th, 2009
My number is on the DO-NOT-CALL LIST. So don't call me!
 Jul 23rd, 2009
Also called me at 226 pm this afternoon ! Im on the Do not call as well
 Jul 19th, 2009
Received a call from this number. I don't have caller ID, so it cost me a buck to "star 69" it. They claimed they were from the NC Fraternal Order of Police. I am on the "do not call" registry. It seems that if you don't pay to have your phone number put in the unlisted category, you will be hounded by every vulture and telemarketer out there.
It makes me sick!
Christy K
 Jul 18th, 2009
They needed to indentify themselves...or I will not answer the call.
 Jul 05th, 2009
I answered and a nice young man (don't remember his name)said he was calling from the NC State Order of Police and reminded me to buckle up this weekend. Then he proceeded to tell me they were having their summer drive and were taking pledges for $45, $35 and $25. I immediately told him he could mail me the info because I don't make any donations via phone and he immediately told me they did not ask for any credit card info. He didn't put any pressure on me at all. I pledged $25 and he then put me on the phone with a lady that VERIFIED our name and address (she already had this info). They are to mail me the the info within 3 days.

I work with law enforcement so this got my antenna up. When the info arrives, I'll verify it's authencity before following up on my pledge and report back to this site.
Mary Ann
 Jul 03rd, 2009