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Joan Speckles on phone ID. I answered and man wanted to know what home improvements he could provide.
Johanna Klein on phone ID. I answered the man wants to give me car insurance quotes.
This is Reliance Recoveries - a Debt Collection company. Remember: if they are calling you on a cellular telephone or on a work telephone number, all that you need to do legally is notify them that you can not receive these types of calls on those numbers and they will no longer be able to call you at any of those lines.
Scammer, calls and hangs up or doesn't leave message
IRS SCAM!!! Just received a call from this number. Apparently, they don't know that the IRS will never call. They only correspond via USPS.
 1hour 37minutes
Amazon gift card scam!!!
New Jersey
 2hours 3minutes
This number called me this morning claiming to be the IRS. After 47 times of returning the call I finally got the man to speak to me. As he threatened to have me imprisoned for tax fraud I cordially explain to him that I am the deputy director of the state of Kansas Internal Revenue Service auditing team and that I am tracking his location through IP address on the cellular telephone that he is linking to to call me. His reaction was the most comical thing I have heard in years. What a crybaby amateur. The reason they can't be stopped is because they are not currently in the continental United States. Kind of makes you wish they sold nuclear warheads in the gun section of Walmart.
 2hours 3minutes
New Jersey
 2hours 4minutes
Friday 09 December 2016 -- 9:44 AM -- Caller ID said "PLC NPAC". Automated message was partially cut off by the outgoing message on voicemail. The only part of the incoming message was "...Please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx". (Did not take down the call back number). Google search reveals "PLC" stands for Pro Life Choices, and this is a political telemarketer.
 2hours 15minutes
West Virginia
 2hours 26minutes
New York
 3hours 6minutes
who is caller
New York
 3hours 6minutes
626-110-8833 I didn't answer and they left no message left.
Too bad, I was really hoping it was the Prince from Kenya with the million dollar inheritance to put into my bank account. Unsolicited calls are soooo anoying.
 3hours 10minutes
Says Fanwood NJ, calls constantly...several times per day
 3hours 38minutes
Home Remodeling Center Los Angeles - caller Greg - total jerk!
 3hours 39minutes
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 3hours 55minutes
left a message saying Obama is giving amnesty to all student loans who call this number before he leaves office.
 4hours 6minutes
Calls multiple times a day. Msg on answering machine says "(ringing) if you would like to make a call,please hang up and try your call again." When I answer call, no one there and call is disconnected.
 4hours 20minutes
VoIP Caller identified as "Warranty Department". Done blocked one number of their's, and have asked (and even told) them to stop calling, now they call with another.
 4hours 23minutes
Yea right. Im so broke the IRS is hiding from me, not calling..
 4hours 33minutes
Calls, but no answer. 623 is Phoenix area code.
 4hours 33minutes
Just got a call from this number. Glad to know it is fraud. I will block it on my phone.
 4hours 40minutes
 4hours 53minutes
Keeps calling, I called back to find out how they got my number. They are a telemarking company selling insurance. I told her I had good insurance from my employer and HOW did they get my number??? She couldn't really answer. This is the third day in a row I've been receiving calls selling insurance, where are they getting our numbers??!!!
 5hours 25minutes
Scam System “There was a fraud and misconduct on your tax which you are hiding from the federal government this needs to be rectified immediately so do return the call as soon as you receive the message the number is 202-470-0077 I repeat again 202-470-0077 thank you…”
 6hours 9minutes
Caller ID shows this number as unavailable. They have called several times per day for the past 2 weeks (after a number associated with Citibank appeared on my caller ID for a few weeks). I finally answered at 8:23 this morning. A woman asked to speak with my next door neighbor (by her name). I simply told her she had the wrong number. She asked to verify the last 4 digits of the phone number, which I did. She said she would update their records, then again asked, "You're sure there is no one named [my neighbor's name] at this number?" as if I don't know who lives in my own home.
New Jersey
 7hours 41minutes
Missed call in the middle of night
 8hours 11minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. Another sight says it's Spam.
 8hours 16minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. The number appears to be spoofed.
 8hours 19minutes
Alan Miller
Silver St
Houghs Neck, Massachusetts
 9hours 23minutes
Voicemail was like white noise. Didn't leave a message.
 13hours 24minutes
Very rude, mentioned wanting to clean our ducts then threatened to kill my wife. We called the police.
 14hours 37minutes
where is this number and who is it.
New Jersey
 15hours 18minutes
called and no message. i'm in CA.
 16hours 32minutes
I missed 4 calls from this number and no message left. Called it back and doesn't work.
 17hours 4minutes
Call at 8:11pm 12/08/2016 no response when answered.
 17hours 6minutes
They called and stated that I have been selected for a trip to orlando. When I asked why I won they hung up.
 17hours 31minutes
Called me recently
 19hours 32minutes
Mr. Robot Free Medical alert voice-mail probable scam 2:42pEST
 20hours 15minutes