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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(817) 476-7212 32 minutes ago

Robocall scammers trying to take your money. This one is for the 'free' home security system scam.
Have also received calls from
If only the phone company would get with it to help stop these scum suckers. Google Voice will block all calls from a number once it has received enough complaints. Why can't our phone companies do the same???

(413) 318-0191 47 minutes ago

Person said she could reduce my Duke Energy payment and that she would wait while I got my statement. I should have just set the phone down and let her wait and wait! I just hung up. : /

(615) 336-3203 53 minutes ago

Female with an accent called at 9:50am, saying we had trouble with our computer, SCAM, I hung up.

(718) 213-4425 1 hour ago

they call and leave no message.

(561) 406-8364 1 hour ago

No message left, but call center bullpen sounds heard.

(501) 620-9020 2 hours ago

First he called trying to sell his system on how to get rich fast with his scam thing and then left a message asking me to go to his website, which is probably full of viruses.

(703) 270-4654 2 hours ago

I answered. It was "Betty" from some carpet cleaner.

(410) 661-0695 2 hours ago

No idea who this is or why calling. Never picks up. Just a robot saying someone is on the line, then another robot saying voicemail is full. Calling morning, afternoon and evening. Area code identifies it as Baltimore.

(541) 826-3174 2 hours ago

Been receiving many calls from this number - after two calls this morning; one before 7 and the other just after, I gave them a piece of my mind and told them not to call again. We'll see what happens.

(919) 648-2959 3 hours ago

computer scam to fix your computer! called back andi a fax mach. answered