3153781819 30
8776245079 25
9097468036 19
6075954205 17
8005315000 17
8583529684 14
8454451843 14
3478686510 13
7608974929 12
3604064708 10
Got my second call from these scammers today. I know the scam they are running so I said "let me guess, you want me to pay $200+ with an Amazon gift card so you can scam me out of my money? " The man replied "yes, mam that is correct". I hung up. Got to give him credit for admitting it!
Called multiple times, didn't leave message.
 1hour 10minutes
This is a scam company claiming to be "IRS" and threatening to sue you. If you ask for their legal department and give them the number you want them to remove they claim to do so without issue.
 2hours 0minute
Fake AT&T customer robocall.
 2hours 19minutes
Claims to be able to lower your interest rate, if you will give them your current credit card information. Appears to be a pfishing scam. Number is spoofed.
 2hours 28minutes
not in English
 2hours 37minutes
I was told to call this number play person saying my windows license has expired the original call came from 877-302-7788
 2hours 47minutes
Your Windows license has expired scam please call 855-201-4562
 2hours 48minutes
Spoofed number Buy a telemarketer or Robocaller
 2hours 48minutes
Spoofed number by a telemarketer/Robocallers
 2hours 49minutes
Said they were FBI regarding IRS Tax Fraud. Oklahoma
 2hours 57minutes
said he was calling from police, something about a fund drive. Really? I just hung up.
 2hours 59minutes
Left no message
 3hours 1minute
3 second voicemail - bkank. Called back and heard multiple voices in the background while the woman garbled the bane of the company.
New York
 3hours 2minutes
How do you stop Robo calling? Where the callerID increments from whatever area code your cell is in.
 3hours 36minutes
New Mexico
 3hours 44minutes
 4hours 50minutes
they called me 13 times every 5 minutes for like 30 minutes.
 4hours 53minutes
They called regarding a chase credit card inquiry. I called chase and they said there was no inquiry. They are definitely phishing.
 5hours 45minutes
Robo call speaks before answer machine done.
Said something about congratulations on your excellent credit rating & that I qualified to receive 0% interest on all my credit cards but I must act now, this is a limited offer.
 6hours 9minutes
Calls several times a day, never leaves message. Caller ID says spam? Moynagh,J
 6hours 17minutes
Stated I need to call or face legal consequences. Didn't state why, though.
 6hours 28minutes
Called me every day for the last 4 days. Today I answered, and heard some guy rapping about bitches and gold bottles so I hung up. No idea who this company is but gee, they are SOOOO professional.
 6hours 36minutes
This is a scam company. I speak Spanish and English and they asking personal information such your birth day and your SS "make sure your the person". they speak in Spanish. Don't fall in that scam!!!
 7hours 20minutes
Kiera called me from Merchant Services stating my credit card processor has mistakenly charged me a $19.99 non PCI compliant charge since February 2018. She then gave me a verification code and asked me to write it on either February or March's statement and fax it to her. Once she received it she would call me back with a confirmation code. I called my rep immediately and she said it was a scam and that she is 100% certain that I am PCI compliant. I did not fax my statement in and figured Kiera would go away thinking I was on to her. Wrong, she called me back this morning stating she did not receive my fax. I said, "I know, thats because you are a scam and shame on you". She vehemently denied it and stated my processor was bad at her job and almost had me convinced that she was not a scam until I googled her number and found this site and a few others. The number she gave me to call her back at is 855-217-2707 x1410. I hope this helps!!
 7hours 35minutes
This number called 15 times in 20 minutes talking about a grant
 7hours 59minutes
New Jersey
 8hours 0minute
Calls with many different numbers
 8hours 3minutes
I received the same text yesterday. I did not respond. This is not how chase bank conducts business.
 8hours 5minutes
I will send someone to arrest callers from this number for harassment and fraud if they call again. Absolute scam.
 9hours 23minutes
Robot call. Stated I needed to contact or face legal consequences.
 9hours 55minutes
Hi there, thank you for your interest in buying my tractor. My 2010 John Deere 4720 looks and runs like new and comes with all attachments shown in pictures. It only has 172 Hours, 4 Wheel Drive, Hydrostatic drive. Attachments include: 400 CX loader, 448 Backhoe, ballast box. The price is $5,734. It belonged to my husband but he passed away(had a heart attack) so I decided to sell it because to be honest, it's only gathering dust in my garage. I just moved with my daughter in Springfield, MO so I took the tractor with me and gave it to DVV Auto Shippers to handle the sale. The tractor is at the shipping company, sealed and ready for delivery. It's quite hard for me to sell it in person because I'm 71 yo and age gets you eventually. But with DVV Auto Shippers you'll get 5 days for inspection and if you're interested in purchasing it, send me your full name, shipping address and phone # so I can have them to send you an invoice, meaning more details about how they work. Also you are not obligated to buy it, no pressure.. Please see the picture attached in this email!!

Add from Auto Traders Ohio (East) EMMA GREEN
E-mail emma.green11@hotmail.com
 10hours 32minutes
Camilla Stradling
Golden Knight Ct.
Becket, Massachusetts
 12hours 37minutes
Lower Valley Rd
Becket MA
 12hours 41minutes
 17hours 37minutes
(801) 494-8462 SCAMMER
 18hours 9minutes
blackmailing me
 18hours 9minutes
Got a call from 800-427-2449, could not answer phone, I was sleeping. They left message on my phone. Said fraudulent transaction may account in my account $600 charges in CA. 2 days ago. Bank of America fraud Dept wants to verify it. Also told me last 4 # of credit card that I don't even have!

I used a different phone and call back. When someone answered phone, first thing they ask me to give them full credit card #? I felt not secure to give any information. I told them I don't like to give any information without your company verification.

I decided to call Bank of America directly. They transfer call to credit card fraud security dept. They checked all my account and all are OK. Also told me Bank will never leave message with last four # credit card, amount of charge etc.

SO, please don't call back 800-427-2449, is not official call from Bank, it is a scam!!!!! They just collect your information for future fraudulent transaction.
 18hours 43minutes
My caller ID had this phone number 561-763-8565 along with the name "Illegal Scam". Finally, a true name for the company! ILLEGAL SCAM!!!!! Love it. I even took a photo of it and put it on facebook.
 20hours 35minutes
Who are these people
 21hours 20minutes