9138397310 52
8443773669 17
4758822490 16
2566666431 15
7795524039 14
8443788610 12
7149277654 12
8665209144 11
8005315000 10
5168889361 8
Sends death threats
called and hung up upon answering
 4hours 27minutes
8009421970 dildos
 5hours 30minutes
8553482381 has a smsll, little tiny pinyota!
 5hours 32minutes
9785283875 reward this!
 5hours 34minutes
I called Social Security 2/23/18 & they said this number is most likely a scam.
 6hours 1minute
Called me five times today. I called them back ten times. IRS scam, said they were going to arrest me blah blah blah. The IRS sends letters, they don't call, and they definitely don't threaten arrest. Scam all the way.
 6hours 15minutes
These people call everyday and never leave a message, no clue who they are. ID said Old Greenwich
Rhode Island
 6hours 17minutes
I answered and immediately said that if the caller was a telemarketer, then she needed to take me off her calling list. She said that she wasn't and her name was Amber from Minnesota (with a Sacramento California number). I said, "Really? With a Sacramento number?" I told her to stop calling me. She said she can't stop calling me because she needed me to pay a bill. I told her that I was going to report her and told her to stop calling me. She said to go ahead and she wouldn't stop calling me. She was talking very slow and sounded high. I ended up hanging up and blocking the number. I can't believe she actually thought someone would fall for that. I think she was too high to comprehend much of anything. Wow!
 6hours 35minutes
Scammers from TX (Freeport) calling at dinner time, no message
Rhode Island
 6hours 36minutes
Also called 4 times today sounding like a Spanish speaker using very common English names. Claims that I owe them $6,000 from the IRS and reads a very professional sounding script. Still looking into it but I really have no reason to believe I owe them anything
 6hours 45minutes
Scammer robo call. Tax fraud or irs scam
 6hours 49minutes
Received numerous calls with no message Called number back and they indicate you have reached their do not call registry. Do not identify business at all.
 6hours 51minutes
This number is obviously spoofed. It is not valid in the US. Called my phone and did not leave a message. Atlanta, Feb. 23, 2018
 7hours 23minutes
suspicious looking number. did not answer. caller did not leave a message. Atlanta. Feb. 23, 2018
 7hours 30minutes
Stalker called many times and leaves inappropriate comments.
 7hours 37minutes
Stalker leaves inappropriate messages and called frequently
 7hours 38minutes
This number has called me three times today and the day hasn't ended. I didn't pick up the phone and they leave a voicemail. The voicemail gets cut off in the beginning and all I get is a machine of a male voice repeating the number that called.
 7hours 39minutes
After the caller tried to tell me about a credit card interest rate. I told him I didn't have a card. He told me to stop lying, shut the fuck up and get the hell off his phone. Then he hung up.
New York
 7hours 49minutes
This number calls the business I work at caller ID says support int. When that ask if they are speaking to the business owner and you tell them no they hang up on you very quickly
 7hours 53minutes
 8hours 55minutes
pougheepsie new york take action now our formal charges will be filed no name was given as to who was being charged and for what
Rhode Island
 9hours 17minutes
877-620-7955 is sending out fraudulent and deceptive marketing "checks". The company is called : Money Tree Merchant Services. They are located at : 88 Sunnyside Blvd, 3rd Floor, Plainview, NY 11803. They are mailing out "checks" for business funding. We have NO interest in their scam marketing techniques or anything they are trying to peddle. Reporting the deceptive marketing to the NY AG's office.
 9hours 27minutes
This number calls me 3-4 times a day. It's also a recording stating that if I don't call them back they will notify the proper authorities. When I try to call the number back no one answered.
 9hours 45minutes
just received a phone message stating: we have a partial that was attempted to be delivered to your residence that was unsuccessful address please call to verify the address or press one to reschedule delivery thanks..
I live in Maryland
 10hours 11minutes
 10hours 23minutes
860-874-8212 called did not leave a message I suspected this is a VoIP scam this time from a Boris Zeiberg
Rhode Island
 10hours 32minutes
they called me asking info on some person and when I call them back they’d notify the proper authorities, its a voice recording because they have left me four voicemails mails saying the EXACT SAME THING and I answered there call thinking it’d be the same person but it was the same voice recording that i heard in the voicemails, not sure what to do.
 10hours 40minutes
Keeps calling but leaves no vmail
 10hours 46minutes
Spoofed number, cannot return calls. Not a working number when calling back.
 10hours 57minutes
it mine
 11hours 7minutes
its blake maslion
 11hours 8minutes
Sort version message "---- you have a IRS Tax Filing Fraud,needs immediate contact"
 11hours 52minutes
getting lost of calls from this number as well as other (208)-571-.... numbers
 12hours 38minutes
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered and still further by playing a recording without an operator on the line. When you finally do get to an operator, they yet further violate the TCPA by refusing to provide a non-toll-free phone number and a physical address when asked. Their recording states that the victim has been monitored for several months and has been selected to have their credit card interest rates reduced based on their payment history. This is clearly a scam just from the recording, but the fact that this is a scam is reinforced by the fact that the operator does not have information about the victim's accounts. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
 12hours 42minutes
Andhra Pradesh India
 12hours 50minutes
a harrassing scammer
 12hours 51minutes
Andhra Pradesh India
 12hours 51minutes
Robocall bullshit.
 13hours 15minutes