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8443773669 17
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7795524039 14
7149277654 12
8443788610 12
8183054967 11
8665209144 11
Called and hung up
 1hour 1minute
Suspicious charity called for donations
 1hour 6minutes
Spam caller "You've been approved ... blah blah blah .. robot call.
 1hour 25minutes
they hung up
 1hour 38minutes
Like others, I got a voicemail from this number threatening me with jail for IRS fraud. I'm quite certain that I have no IRS problems and suspect it's a scammer.l They called 3 times already today!!
 2hours 49minutes
left a message about intentional fraud.... couldn't hear the whole message.. robo call sying they contacted me 6 months ago...a scam!
 2hours 54minutes
Spoofed caller ID, Robocallers and scammers
Rhode Island
 3hours 0minute
I thirst to be thirsty in Montego Bay.
8763412959 jm
Another jm
 3hours 10minutes
Called my landline ~330p EDT. Solar Energy solicitor.
 3hours 13minutes
This number phones me daily numerous times. I do not answer calls listed as Unavailable or Unknown. They phone from morning until night. Just really annoying.
 3hours 59minutes
Because of my excellent "credibility" and payment history, the caller could lower my credit card interest rate to 0% to 3%... At no cost to me! Supposedly, Experian had recommended me for this program. 🤔

I asked which card, and was told Visa or MasterCard. I have neither, but...

He asked which card, Visa or MasterCard, had the highest balance. I told him that I didn't carry a balance, and he hung up.

I tried to call the number, and got a message the number was out of service.

Spoofed number and scam call.
 3hours 59minutes
Received a call from this number saying there was a complaint filed against me and that someone would show up at my place of residence. (I deleted the voicemail so I forget the exact details) This was left on my voicemail by a mean sounding female voice. They told me to call 561-246-4032 and left a reference # I called back the original number that called me and heard some music for a short time and then a professional sounding woman answered and said her name was "Jackie Gill" or something similar. I then hung up and blocked the numbers.
 4hours 42minutes
its mine
 4hours 51minutes
The number is actually ok. Tcf fraud dept.
 5hours 42minutes
The call, tell me to call back and ask for Tiffany Menihart, but when I ask for her they won't put me through. I asked for a manager, the receptionist Celia came back on the line. When I pointed out I recognized the voice, she put me through to a Team Leader Stephanie Rupp, who refused to get a manager on the line, the were all "in a meeting". I asked her to explain why they were leaving threatening voicemails on my work phone which is illegal, she admitted it was a voice mail blast. The asked for a job number, but had left none, and refused to help me unless I gave a call number, to which I replied, you have my number, you called me! By the way, it took 3 calls to get to that point, Celia kept hanging up as I asked questions.
 5hours 48minutes
Spammer running one of those 'zero cost to you' green scams. Also a super rude dude.
New York
 5hours 49minutes
called my cell phone
New Jersey
 6hours 12minutes
citi bank
 6hours 29minutes
They are a company that works with UHC and are legit. I have used them. They are a benefit from UHC and they help find extra help with utility bills, transportation to dr appts, and things of that nature. The fact that they have your number is because they are part of UHC.
 6hours 40minutes
Old Douche bag hitting on my girlfriend
Ontario Canada
 7hours 17minutes
Unknown caller from North Carolina, called my cell, 9:55 am 2/22/18
 7hours 22minutes
Ontario Canada
 7hours 35minutes
losers scammers from india prending to be IRs
 7hours 46minutes
Left VM on my cell phone saying I am guilty of intentional fraud and they have been trying to reach me for 6 months and will be taking me to court if I don't call back. Never had a call from this number before. Reported it to the Do Not Call website.
 9hours 0minute
 13hours 21minutes
Publishers clearing house, telling me I be won a lot of money,which I could have if I paid $5999 in taxes first. Didnt know Pch had a Jamaican area code. SCAM.
 15hours 57minutes
 16hours 44minutes
unknown caller
 18hours 29minutes
Nova Scotia Canada
 21hours 12minutes
 22hours 58minutes

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 23hours 55minutes
7742670619 northborough turd
8768802826 kingston jm
Another one.
Give it you racist bastards!
Likes little boys!
Caller ID = SSI
Called back using *67 818-280-8155 to block my number and just get fast busy.
This # is NOT a scam -- got an email from Chase Bank regarding a fraud charge on my account. You can then call this # or # on back of your card to speak to fraud dept. at Chase. They cancelled my account and will send me a new card tomorrow since there was a fraudulent charge.
Sending unwanted mail
Keeps sending unwanted real estate mail.