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iam harley
i loveyou
 2hours 23minutes
Debt Collector. Will call 7 days a week up to 10pm
 2hours 32minutes
Fake news
 3hours 7minutes
Getting on my nerves. Call 4 to 5 times a day. Make them stop!!!
 3hours 25minutes
Emily called from the Workers Compensation Claim and requesting payment for an insurance claim
New York
 3hours 27minutes
 3hours 37minutes
Credit card spam - looking to lower rate
 3hours 46minutes
I get calls on my cell from this company and it somehow immediately goes to my voicemail. Like, the number (or better yet No Caller ID) pops up and then immediately hangs up but somehow goes through to voicemail. It’s “Sam” calling about student loans I’ve never had and never co-signed on. I called back and asked to be removed from their call list and Sam got rude and groaned audibly and then hung up on me.
 4hours 0minute
this number has many 5s.

also it will lick your tiddies
 4hours 13minutes
 4hours 15minutes
Block call, Do not answer! They act like they are from your credit card company, but in fact are not. They claim to be from Card member Services representing all major Visa & Mastercard companies to discuss lowering your credit card interest rates. However they can not tell me my name or what credit card they are calling about. They are overseas and say they already have your information in their system, but need to verify the credit card balance and other information in order to offer you better rates. When repeatedly instructed to place the number on their do not call list and never call back, they do not agree and say they will call back tomorrow. Only way to stop is to block number.
 4hours 17minutes
Phishing robocall
 4hours 23minutes
Received the same message as below. I did call them back and they wanted me to verify my information and I told them they should have it if they called me. Person got annoyed and said that "they were trying to help me". I told them I would contact IRS myself.

New Jersey
 5hours 38minutes
Trans World Debt Collection. not a sales call
New Jersey
 5hours 40minutes
 5hours 41minutes
Spoofed number trying to sell me shit. They change it all the time. ROT IN HELL.
 6hours 19minutes
Calls everyday saying they are calling about credit cards, this is a spoofed number.
 6hours 50minutes
Dead air when my answer machine picked call up.
Just another scammer.
Why can't the do not call place do something about these calls
 7hours 10minutes
did not answer my cell,this number calls every day
 7hours 13minutes
Scam marketer of health insurance policies
 7hours 21minutes
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 8hours 3minutes
 8hours 14minutes
This group has been calling daily for several weeks about a free assessment. Have blocked at least half a dozen times and the calls continue each time originating from a different area code.
 8hours 18minutes
Called my work phone and said that the number was attached to a loan. Also same message from "Sam". I don't have and never had a student loan nor have I cosigned for a loan with my work number.
 8hours 31minutes
Rat Scam to get your cc# / do not answer.
 8hours 56minutes
Another new number calling for so called health insurance.
Same recording as all the others that call.........prices you can afford..... pre approvals in your area (starts naming a few insurance companies), be healthy & blessed.

No one is pre approved for insurance.
 9hours 11minutes
‭+1 978-716-5014
 10hours 17minutes
Health insurance scam, Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info.
New Jersey
 13hours 47minutes
I'm so sick of hearing hi this is Rachel from card services doesn't matter how many times you block it they still call from different numbers can someone stop this madness
 20hours 43minutes
Wrong person wrong call
Andhra Pradesh India
 21hours 51minutes
Wrong person
Andhra Pradesh India
 21hours 52minutes
Received 2 calls today saying "Tried to notify you regarding this issue for previous 6 months, but we never got any response from you, so it has being considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by United States government you may call our department number 601-262-3566." ......
 23hours 54minutes
IRS lawsuit scam
District of Columbia
 23hours 57minutes
Received a call saying I was been sued for tax fraud because I had not answered any of the calls and they were from IRS
North Carolina
Claimed to be from Tricare West, but didn't have the same website and phone number I have for tricare west. Think it's a scam.
Phishing for info scam, financial service. Ignoring the no call registry