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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(571) 319-3716 8 minutes ago

Calls often and hangs up without leaving a message.

(312) 940-6951 2 hours ago

We just received a call stating we were being investigated for tax fraud.

(740) 692-7480 3 hours ago

Guy claims he's from the IRS and wants to arrest you. This is someone scamming for your financial information. Do not give them any information (they will use it against you) , do not respond to them (then it gets worse). All Courts and Local Government will ALWAYS contact you by mail and never like this by phone.

(307) 248-4038 3 hours ago

I am lots of calls from telemarketers and even from India. Why?

(267) 634-2192 4 hours ago

I received three calls, followed by three fast hang-ups. When I tired to call back the number, I received a Verizon Wireless automated messages saying the number was no longer in service or disconnect. Which is obviously not true.

(951) 797-1498 6 hours ago

A Google search indicates this is the "your Windows computer is infected, please go to this web page to fix it" scam that would
download malware onto the system. They did not leave a message on my answering machine.

(312) 465-3520 6 hours ago

9 am July 3rd received automated robocall saying that I had been selected to win two free cruise tickets if I agreed to complete a short survey. Hung up and reported to the National Do Not Call website.

(347) 788-3099 7 hours ago

This company is the worst. I have no idea where they got my information, but the woman who called was screaming at me when I asked her to take me off the list. I had to hang up she was so rude. She then proceeded to call my cell phone back 10 times within 2 minutes. What a bunch of crooks.

(312) 940-6951 7 hours ago

Apparently a scam. Recorded message states it is the IRS calling about a federal case filed which may lead to arrest and states one should call 312-940-6951 immediately.

(501) 515-7201 8 hours ago

Verizon now spoofing calls to get you to "enroll" in their call blocking service for an additional 12.95 a month... 155.40 a year.... to block calls from your phone... Gee Verizon... on 'mazzon I have seen 1200 number call blockers for ~ 65.00 that last years.. Why would I pay you DOUBLE to do the same thing?