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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(724) 330-3115 23 minutes ago

Scam artist trying to rent houses for sale today in Tampa FL using stolen identity. Don't sent money, will never see it again!

(843) 614-3440 1 hour ago

I have repeated calls daily from this number. Very disturbing. Does not leave a message.

(847) 737-4494 3 hours ago

when you have to keep changing your callerID, you're a scammer. and spoofing callID is illegal....but you already know that as that's the only way you operate. Stiiiiiiiiiillllllll waiting in that dunning later for 3 years now since you insist someone lives here in relation to this number that owes someone money. But you know they don't and that's why you have never sent one.

(386) 423-4744 3 hours ago

Political survey.

(877) 889-2024 3 hours ago

Well, I'm being bombarded by calls (thirteen in four days) from Sears again. I just received a call (at 11:35am on Saturday, Feb.2, 2016) about an extended warranty on a fridge that I purchased about two months ago.

As noted in some of my earlier comments, most of the calls that I receive from Sears have been legitimate because they concern products that I've bought from them. So, I don't really have any basis to complain. After all, I maintain an ongoing business relationship with Sears and the CRTC's rules state that a company may call me as long as such a relationship exists.

However, I do find the frequency and timing of the calls to be very frustrating. Not only does Sears call several times per day, but they call at times when people are generally not at home. According to my call display, they tend to call during the late morning and early afternoon on weekdays. Well, most people are either at work or school at those times.

On top of that, they don't leave messages (other than dead air) on your answering machine unless they're notifying you of an impending delivery. A quick message just to let you know the purpose of their call would be the courteous thing to do.

Frankly, this exemplifies why Sears' financial numbers have been so troubling, lately. They're out of touch with what modern consumers want and their business is suffering because of it. Well, if they do go belly-up, then we won't have to worry about their phone calls anymore, right? ;)

(206) 822-1649 3 hours ago

Left message saying it was the IRS and they were suing us. That told us it was a scam. Went to reverse phone number on White Pages and there are other reports of scam/exortion for this number there.

(440) 653-0482 5 hours ago

When returning call, just answers, "Good afternoon...This is Eddie." Does not identify name of business.

(440) 683-5685 5 hours ago

Caller did not leave message. When attempting to return their call, the voice recording says "We are sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service!

(202) 817-8465 5 hours ago

Scam! Recorded message. "Hello, I am from the IRS and you owe us lots of money." Let it Ring. Let it Ring!

(800) 294-1855 5 hours ago

Legitimate Fraud Protection phone number. Did not ask for credit card number. Just wanted to verify purchases made out of town.