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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(914) 595-7031 1 minute ago

called 5/30/2015, when answered they asked for a different person. Told them no one here by that name, got very rude when I told them not too call anymore!!!! Have called using several different numbers..

(847) 737-4347 6 minutes ago

called on 5/28/2015, I didn't ans. They have called using several different numbers.. Don't owe anyone, when I answered they asked for different person...........

(866) 485-5354 10 minutes ago

They called asking for someone who don't live here. I told them that that person don't live here. And they say they call back another time. TD BANK are you retarded!???

(412) 847-5934 11 minutes ago

called asking for someone who doesn't live here!! Have only had this phone since Nov 1st, 2015. very rude jerks!!!!

(347) 926-3605 40 minutes ago

talked about lowering my credit card rate. I hung up.

(703) 884-2353 51 minutes ago

Claims to be calling on behalf of the Virginia Fire Fighters. Very little to no money actually goes to the real cause. What ever they collect - 99.99% of that goes into their pockets.

If you want to donate to the real cause, they are in Fairfax, VA on Fair Ridge Drive.

(845) 842-7115 1 hour ago

Don't answer calls i'm not familiar with. When the answer mach. came on he hung up, left no message. Is now on my blocked list

(678) 221-4916 2 hours ago

United Health care

(817) 500-4360 2 hours ago

TRAGIC: This _NOT_ the first/last/one millionth time that our telephone rings-and our caller ID dipslays PORTFOLIORECOV-organized crime caller

(316) 453-7543 2 hours ago

ID said unavailable name and hung up before the recorder picked up.