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Some kind of telemarketer. Keeps calling over and over. I yelled at them if they call again I'm gonna report them
Has called repeatedly for several days - claims we have business - read below - appears scam related and originating from a data breach.
ID says "Life Outreach". Hung-up when machine answered.
CID = Robesonia Pa
It was Lisa (recorded) offering me a free trip to the Bahamas. Too bad I couldn't accept it.
This number has been harrasing me for the past few days, I am starting to get very upset, I can't block the number and I feel helpless, I am scared something bad will happen, if you have any info on this number please hit me up I am shad hall from Norwich new York on Facebook
New York
 1hour 0minute
Got a call saying it was IRS. IRS will never call you. SCAM!

 1hour 6minutes
cash services. human being calling. no idea what for. on do not call list
 1hour 12minutes
They claimed to be the IRS... Lots of static... very poor connection... I gave them a dummy name and zip code and they still told me I owe the IRS $2189.00 from 2011 to 2014... and that I need to go to a local IRS Headquarter to pay it... I didn't get the address from them... LOL
 1hour 21minutes
Claims the IRS is during us! It's a recorded message
 1hour 48minutes
This scammer continues to call numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further violate it by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions. They fail to provide a physical address or a phone number when asked, since they have no operator on the line at any time. Their recorded message talks about how you will make a five figure income every month using their system where illegal marketing calls are placed on your behalf, but do not even mention what the supposed product that is being sold is, just that there are experts that will help you get your call system set up. This is clearly a pyramid scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
 1hour 48minutes
telemarketer, called 2 times in a row, no voice mail
 2hours 6minutes
 2hours 10minutes
IRS scam number. Called three times. Twice came up as wireless caller. The IRS has landlines.
 2hours 15minutes
Spam with prescription benefits details
North Carolina
 2hours 50minutes
"Jake Wyler" is still calling, and still leaving the same meaningless message on voicemail.
 3hours 25minutes
Yes, they call and no answer from their end, just got another call, and no answer, all calls within 15 min..location FL
 3hours 30minutes
Claims IRS is suing us
 3hours 51minutes
Claims the IRS is suing us
 3hours 52minutes
They called my husband and said that he was being sued....said they couldn't tell him the person that was suing him or what it was about...tried to give him a court date and he stopped them and asked if they knew what his name was ..they also said they couldn't tell that over the phone....he asked so many questions back to them and wouldn't give them any info so they hung up...we have our house with Chase and have been in recent contact with them...calling back now to let them know.
 3hours 58minutes
IRS scam
 3hours 58minutes
 4hours 4minutes
Came from Canada.
 4hours 27minutes
Scam call from the IRS saying a lawsuit has been filed.
 4hours 39minutes
Calling "to lower your interest rates" scam again.
 4hours 41minutes
IRS Claims to be suing me
 4hours 43minutes
caller claims that irs is suing me false
New York
 4hours 55minutes
IRS claims...I believe it is a scam
North Carolina
 5hours 10minutes
Staring it's claims
North Carolina
 5hours 10minutes
Fraud Call DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER. But you can play along like you are for hours as an inept computer user trying to help them help you as I do. I leave them on speakerphone and tell them I am doing everything they ask and accuse them of screwing things up. The hour or so they spend with me they cannot RIP OFF some poor smuck who is less capable of dealing with these frauds. Help me tie them up if you can a lot of fun to be had, best entertainment I have had in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 5hours 16minutes
This number is illegal telemarketing number operated by Rob Timmons (303) 603 - 0909 work at comcast robert_timmons@cable.comcast.com. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-timmons-4606a26
 5hours 16minutes
Recorded message saying the IRS has a lawsuit against me.
 5hours 29minutes
(520) 727-3707 appears to be a valid caller that presents practically no risk of scam or fraud. BUT....mobile phone from Douglas and did not leave message.
 5hours 36minutes
Caller ID came up as "ST LOUIS MO"..it was a recorded message for some cruise contest. SCAM!!!
 5hours 44minutes
Keeps calling every minute, does not leave a message
 5hours 51minutes
Called Cellphone, did not recognize # didn't answer, have see 15 inquiries on the internet about
this # today August 30, 2016 . All ay that the caller is UNSAFE. They did not leave message.
 6hours 5minutes
called number back from other number. I said you called my house number. They hung up.
 6hours 7minutes
Calling at least twice a day. Caller ID only shows the number.
 6hours 8minutes
IRS lawsuit scam. Do not answer. Block.
 6hours 13minutes
caller left message -- "calling about your personal finance"
 6hours 27minutes
 6hours 30minutes