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Received a call from this number, answered and was silent, then hung up. I called the number and someone answered and hung up. Called back and a female answered hello, I said I had missed a ca from this number and she asked who I had talked to. Told her I missed the call and she then said she was with a Federal Grant department. I hung up, no Federal Agency would be answering the phone with only a hello.
Called and said our Microsoft window license was expiring and all services will stop! SCAM!
Scam pre recorded call about "electric account" from "rebecca davis".
New York
Calls one call after another, when returning call to this number rings for 2 minutes to reach "the number you are calling can not be reached at this time".
Scam high cost number
New Jersey
Coit Drapery and Carpet. Business is legitimate and they do a good job. I get the calls because I have used their services in the past. Not sure about everyone else's experience, but mine was positive.
New Jersey
I also received a call from a woman saying she need to talk to me about "supply charges" on my "electric account." She left a reference number but did not name the company she "works" for. Knew it was a scam because the number is in Brooklyn and I live on the other side of the country.
Iowa, I was called telling me my Microsoft license was expired. Scam
 1hour 10minutes
Same as others. Rebecca Davis claiming they are calling regarding my unpaid electric account. Definitely a spam, did not even specify the name of my electric company. I'm blocking this number.
New York
 1hour 20minutes
This number has been calling me all night. It sounds mechanical with tones.
 1hour 21minutes
IRS impersonation scam.
 1hour 29minutes
Tv guide scam, wondering how they had my son's name tho, who lives in a different state associated with my phone number
 1hour 46minutes
This is a scam regarding "Direct Loans"
 1hour 46minutes
Same story. This Rebecca Davis person called my elderly parents and tried to scam them claiming they hadn't paid their electricity bills and demanding copies of the bills and banking info. Thankfully I handle their bills.
New York
 2hours 2minutes
Extortion scheme, do not answer.
 2hours 11minutes
Scam about you won a free trip!
New York
 2hours 29minutes
This is white trash whore who likes other people's husbands.
 2hours 33minutes
Call came in as Peoples Assistance. Robo call stated that credit card companies were about to double their interest rates but due to my credit rating I qualified for interest free rates. Called the number back and recording stated that if I would like to be placed on their do not call list to press 1. I pressed 1.
South Carolina
 2hours 47minutes
car insurance call, Kevin vehicle verification,
national dealer service
North Carolina
 3hours 18minutes
IRS Scam
 3hours 33minutes
Also received multiple messages from this Rebecca Davis. Same story as all others here are saying (phone number, electric supply charges, Reference Number to provide when I call back, etc.). Pay attention to what she is not saying in the voicemail she leaves. I actually also was selling something on Craigslist, so there may be a link there. Be wary of this number!
New York
 3hours 36minutes
lead, scam call
 3hours 38minutes
Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, i.e., another scam.
 4hours 24minutes
who calls at 8:30 am? no message left! If it was just a wrong number not a robocall, why not just apologize?
 5hours 8minutes
.... the COPS are going to take you into custody.
 6hours 49minutes
 6hours 52minutes
Off format unsure who this is. Didn't answer but likely scam/telemarketer
 13hours 16minutes
Never answered. Been calling burner cel M-F for 3 months. Credit score is 826, so barking up wrong tree if ur a collection agency.
 13hours 54minutes
Calls my burner cel. Never answered.
 14hours 5minutes
Today at 1:51PM Pacific Time Ron Miller states he is from AT&T Business line. He knew quite a bit about my plan, address and our cell phone numbers, etc,... seemed legit. He wanted to give us a deal on our existing plan, plus as a valued customer an iPad 9.7 32GB for $100. Sadly I bought into it, I should have known better, I can't believe I fell for it!. My first clue was no email confirmation. I tried to call him back, with AT&T music playing in the background... to no avail. Then I called AT&T directly and they have no info on this phone number. I canceled my credit card before any charges were made...Thank God! Ron Miller says he is from Colorado so those post you read above or in this conplaint from Colorado stating good service... FAKE and a SCAM Postings!!! This is a COMPLAINT Board not a Kudos Board. PLEASE BEWARE!!! He said he was from COLORADO
 14hours 34minutes
calls, no message
 16hours 56minutes
Tom Warner realtor in West Chester PA area
 16hours 56minutes
Just called I have gotten the same message from 325- 307-0027; 724-302-5640 and 330-269-9081 who do we turn these over to? I would love to have the IRS contacted to get them in on the scam
 17hours 24minutes
I received an anonymous number in my caller id and a message was left in my vm by someone claiming to be Rebecca Davis. She said she was calling regarding my electric bill and asked for a call back on this number, leaving a claim# and also requesting that i have my current electric bill ready when i returned the call. as all of my utilities are included in my rent, i do not have a utility bill and haven't had one in many years. i believe these people are energy brokers who will try to get you to switch your electric company to the company they are selling for or worse, will ask for your account number and personal info and then switch you themselves. about 20 minutes before i received this call, i had an email exchange on craigslist regarding an item i am selling. only part of the name came up in the sender box. first it was michael barnett and the second time it was michaelcorpthug. since he said he wanted to by the item, i sent him my cell phone number and about 20 minutes later robecca called and i never heard from micheal again. i guess they answer adverts on cl to procure phone numbers. what better way to get someone to answer the phone alter they trick the person into believing they are going to buy something from them. fortunately, i never answer numbers i do not recognize and never anonymous numbers. i call the numbers i do not recognize after they appear in my caller id, even if i am trying to sell something and just had an email exchange with the person. if they are serious buyer they will answer when i call them right back.
 17hours 40minutes
Ha ha ha. What a joke. Do people still fall for this IRS scam? here is what they said "The notification regarding your tax filing from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are 4 serious allegation pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 325-3000 7027. I repeat 325-3000 7. Thousand 27. Thank you."
 18hours 0minute
They have called my number 13 times in 2 weeks. Saying they saw property I have for sale and he has questions about it. States his name is Ian. We do not own any property.
New York
 18hours 39minutes
THIS IS A SCAM. Not dish network! I. Allied Dish and they said THEY NEVER CALL THEIR CUSTOMERS! These people should be prosecuted!!
 18hours 39minutes
Sounds like a phone sex operator calling you. Not a US number so don't call back.
 18hours 43minutes
scam robocall about lowering credit card interest rates
 18hours 46minutes
Some kind of computer scam, don't answer
 18hours 47minutes