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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(202) 657-4773 21 minutes ago

Same here. SCAM!! Left voice mail that said IRS is filing a lawsuit against us.

(631) 518-6040 6 hours ago

No caller ID. Indian accent. Claimed to be a Canadian Pharmacy. He told me he could call a do-not-call number because "I am a customer". Have had about 30 calls from this number over a couple months.

(206) 201-2495 7 hours ago

I got the same thing. Hilarious. Its like getting a call from the CIA say 'This is the CIA. We've been trying to reach you. We have evidence you are a terrorist. Please call us back at XXX-XXX-XXXX.'

(516) 453-6886 9 hours ago

These folks call on 543-543-1234 as well. Microsoft scam. They may also be using 25-665-5665. That number is correct, 25-665-5665. This is probably their actual number in India, (or wherever), and they did not spoof a US number corectly when they called.

(543) 543-1234 9 hours ago

No message, but probably the same crowd that calls on 516-453-6886. A little research shows that these are the Microsoft scam folks too.

(516) 453-6886 9 hours ago

Answering machine caught a few seconds of a guy with a heavy accent, probably Indian, saying "hello, hello." Could hear another guy in background doing same thing. Sounded like he was in a metal drum and connection was very bad. I was going to send them a Green Dot card with $100,000.00 on it if they called back. Oh well, guess I will give my money to next scammer that calls!

256655665 10 hours ago

I believe this is a scam from a call center in India. No message left, but this number comes up on an Indian whocalled web site.

(213) 622-9999 10 hours ago

turd burglars spoofing the number of a legit business

(661) 426-2914 11 hours ago

very stern message stating" you are being sued by the IRS. Call this number to make arrangements".... Yeah...right

(310) 589-3723 11 hours ago

This Company calls themselves REI short for Renewable Energy Inc. They are based out of Malibu, CA and run a phone bank soliciting information about your residence to see if you will/can qualify for a Federal Govt program for solar energy at no cost to you out of your pocket. They call everyday, sometimes twice a day. I've requested to be removed from their list three times now. Plus all of my phones are registered on the do not call list......