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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(956) 608-7780 14 minutes ago

FBI warning home security scammer

(800) 927-7046 17 minutes ago

This is visa Total Card. Sometimes you will get a please hold while we connect you and then it goes dead! Or a fast busy. This call normally comes if you are late on your payment.

(215) 391-1925 18 minutes ago


(862) 204-5504 21 minutes ago

RoboCall on my cell phone wanting to reduce my credit card rate.

(720) 502-0870 31 minutes ago

Very belligerent looking for a person not affiliated with this number. It's a wifi number not registered to anyone.

(518) 478-2354 48 minutes ago

When I answered there was call center noise in the background. The caller asked me if I was covered by Medicare. I asked who was calling. The caller asked again if I was covered by Medicare. I asked again who was calling. The caller replied that, "I do not want to talk to you, Sir", and hung up. This was clearly an illegal call since I am on the caller ID list and the caller refused to identify themselves.

(888) 502-0757 57 minutes ago

called and hung up with no message

(469) 712-7425 1 hour ago

Pay Day loan scam as I have never filed for a loan from these scam artists nor any other place as such either as that goes.
Says from McKinney, TX, but this is not so.

(315) 675-7767 1 hour ago

recording saying urgent final notice that the IRS was going to file suit against me. Since the IRS licenses me, I know that this is a scam.

Also reported it to TIGTA

(417) 893-2251 2 hours ago

similar to others, female asking for business owner, said was calling from the office of something that sounded like Greise Graeber -- I did not ask for clarification. Told her no callback without disclosing the nature of call. We're too busy actually doing business than to deal with yet another of these crap mystery marketing calls