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6139025709 13
8005315000 12
8152676990 10
8221112222 9
6209531129 8
8777562098 8
8553962992 7
7605929178 7
Claims to be IRS informing me I’m being sued and should call a 202-657-5811number. Third time in over a month.
Who is this
Clear scam. Identified themselves as the "Office of Investigation", and needed "to speak with you before this case is submitted for prosecution."
Same, threatening to take me into custody of I don't call back. Dumb scam waste of time garbage.
cc health scam, just hang up
 1hour 4minutes
Threatened to have me "taken into custody" if I did not contact them.
 2hours 0minute
833-221-0238 just called our business. Caller ID came up as "Unknown Caller". The illegal pre-recorded scam spiel was as follows : Hello, my name is Michael Parker. I'm calling today in regards to a formal complaint that's been filed against Perkins April. If you have any information at about Perkins April, please contact our office immediately at 833-221-0238. Again that number is 833-221-0238. Our next step will be to notify the proper authorities. Thank you." SCAM! There is NO Perkins April or April Perkins at this address, nor has there ever been. We'll be reporting the calls to the FTC and blocking the number immediately.
 2hours 13minutes
This number called and didn't leave a message
 2hours 37minutes
This is the source of a terrible rental scam. Do not do business with these rotten criminals.
District of Columbia
 2hours 43minutes
 2hours 49minutes
New Jersey
 3hours 46minutes
They have been calling me everyday leaving a message. Makes me feel like there is something shady about this school. The proper manner is to call once, leave a message, and wait for a call back...not call me as much as a telemarketer!
 3hours 59minutes
this number is a scammer. They contacted me twice about an item that I have for sale both times acted interested, but never showed up.
 4hours 4minutes
Weird texts with just a web site attached in the body of the message.
 4hours 39minutes
Called my 12 year old son's phone and said "LOCAL" police department and 4 charges against his name. We don't live anywhere near kansas
 5hours 42minutes
Fake-ass scam call about windows license key.
 5hours 48minutes
They are still in action, calling from other phone numbers. I picked up and pressed 1 to see what I could get out of them. Said they were visa card services representing the credit bureau of Experian. I asked for their corporate phone number and they gave me 800-285-8585. When I ask how to get off of their call list they said to call one 800-yo-mama. Gonna call Experian and see if they’ll look into it. I don’t quite understand how this could go on for so long in this day and age.
New Jersey
 5hours 53minutes
 6hours 4minutes
Voice mail left in what sounds like Chinese. I don’t speak it. No one in my house speaks it.
 6hours 9minutes
Crazy robo call which says, and I quote (the horrible English!) "...the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hours. And once it get expired after that, you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so we can discuss about this case, before taking any legal action against you." Of course, when you call back the number it says "call rejected." Guess they don't want me THAT badly...ha ha!
 7hours 18minutes
This number is Florida Department of CORRECTIONS, Classification division.
 7hours 23minutes
Share info
 7hours 53minutes
Bill collector
 8hours 4minutes
The "computer fault" scam has started again! Said he was "Lawrence" calling from Microsoft. Indian accent. Said "How are you today, Ma'am?" I said "Not so good since you rang. Goodbye"
Swansea United Kingdom
 8hours 41minutes
Woman who sirvived violent abuse and got tossed on the street by her husband. He lied and said she abused her. Tim Cummins is a doush
 13hours 25minutes
Rightwing with hidden agendas
 13hours 31minutes
Smelly twats
 22hours 40minutes
Caller ID says Crossings. Called 6 times in an hour.
 23hours 27minutes
Sara is an annoying, nosey, relentless b!+ch that won't stop calling!
860-748-3397 suspect telemarketers spoofing numbers on a Sunday
Rhode Island
Caller ID: “800 Service”.
Never leaves a message.
Very detailed automated message about a lost cat in my area. Ignored.
Fake number
Fake nbey
Robot Blank CID Aurora CO - NIS spoofed
Call from CROSSINGS. Repeated attempts but did not get past my blocker.
Scame scum
Got a call from this number at 2:30 midnight to my mother's phone