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Damned if you don’t, saved if you do…

Laws are no longer enforceable because of technology. Theft is out of control. Prosecutors have not prosecuted forgery theft in well over a decade because of high resolution scanners. ID thieves, usually illegal aliens with Spanish names, steal everything, including your tax money and the IRS will come after you for the stolen money. Life-lock is not enough protection, because the banks then steal your money. Skimmers can steal credit/debit card information from 10 feet away, the same decoders that can steal your car without impunity. Gun laws are less enforceable, as people go from buying guns in bad neighborhoods, newspapers, to the Internet, to printing them with 3D printers. Common to misconception, there was always a way to get around the ban on semi-automatic-assault weapons based on definition, by buying the sub-receiver separate from the attachments. Guns can be hidden behind drywall, under Velcro in couches, under tile, or in a safe with a quick turn of the knob.

This is war…

The good news is tax revenues will continue to go down. International law dictates you don’t have to pay taxes, and people will quickly find out you can win the lottery at https://www.LegalTaxRevolt.com if audited with penalties and/or interest. The Bible says three empires will quickly collapse. This leads to privatization, self-governance, a much better economy, combined with fear of vigilante retaliation, where people will be on much better behavior. Much of this will be enforced by https://www.ScamAlert.world, and a better encrypted larger chip required to do commerce everywhere in the world, also mentioned in Revelation Chapter 13, that will read vital signs to extend your life span cheaper and better than being in the hospital, so insurance companies will gladly pay for it, help find missing people, and because, like the Bible says, you’re required to have it to do commerce, parolees, including thieves based on convictions and accusations, will have to have them and your smartphone will detonate if close to them right before making a purchase, if your kid is too close to a pedophile, etc. Combined with my work at https://www.SpaceHose.com, there is a need to launch a lot more satellites, and eventually the people and animal/planet DNA in a major Noah’s ark mission as the Sun is producing too many neutrinos and should have exploded already. The people will all police each other, look out for one another’s health symptoms, man-machine symbiotic duality, potentially live forever, and because there is already technology where you don’t need people, you will get rid of capitalism. Products, services, and the land become free, and gluttony is self-limiting because of benevolent social Darwinism.

It’s already happening, and I am speeding up the rate of the inevitable. These messages are transmitted with Website Submitter of https://www.GSA-online.de, as form mail mass unsolicited advertising is non-competitive, and successful transmissions (URL’s) are listed at https://www.anarchyforever.com/lotteries/formmail (see if your URL for contact form is there) so I can remind the recipients of evidence of how I’m changing the news, how to do what I do to remain in good standing, as many will not be able or should not keep it a secret, those that do are seriously chastised, and if keeping it a secret, which will only be for nefarious purposes, actions will speak louder than words as their “take the money and run” attitude means they can run but they can’t hide, with integrated covert cameras, packet sniffers, and semalt spam as legal ways to spy on them.

Education and proactive high-tech non-violent vigilance will keep you alive longer, otherwise a repeat of the fall of the Roman Empire, where the mafia, as a violent vigilante organization, ran western Europe for an 1,100-year Dark Age, will ensue. Your own FBI encouraged Al Capone tactics against MS-13, which means the mafia will do the same to cops and prosecutors, starting with legal dead pools, as you can’t privatize more than a tiny percentage of the prisons, and everyone will have to have a gun.

James Dante Wood
Scam artist all they do is threaten to have you put in jail and wants 500 dollars
Chinese language robo girl, constant talking, no idea what she says. Really strange coming from a Houston TX area code.
Same as other posters.
Scammer calling "from the Computer Maintenance Department of..."
SCAM Do not Call Back
Received a call with a message saying that the IRS is looking for me on 4 counts, the cops would be around to arrest me in 24 hours of this message. To further discuss the charges, I'd need to call 618 464 3519.
 1hour 0minute
Received call from IRS & if I didn’t call back within 24 hours I would be arrested.
 1hour 7minutes
Repeated calls, never leaves message.
South Carolina
 1hour 9minutes
They called and left message to call back because of charges from IRS and I will be arrested within 24 hrs if I don't resond. Scammers!
 1hour 12minutes
Claimed to be "Shirley from Microsoft". Called as many as 9 times in a single day. I have not found a way to completely block this scamm caller. They have begun to use "Kim Camarilla" as Id name.
 1hour 42minutes
An unwanted call from this Camarillo VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This predator has been flagged as a fake charity -- one of many. Avoid this shyster!
 1hour 44minutes
They called me to said from it's 4 charges against me
 2hours 2minutes
Received phone call from 618-464-3519 saying that the IRS has 4 charges against me and I was to call this number to keep from being arrested.
South Carolina
 2hours 23minutes
Received text saying they were having trouble processing payment for my health coverage. I don’t have any health coverage that requires automated payment. SCAMMERS!
 2hours 46minutes
Scam alert. called me in the middle of the night
 2hours 50minutes
This is Danielle.....
 3hours 2minutes
Spoofed caller-id that says Cargill Inc (a local food processor manufacturer) in Dayton Ohio.
Spoofed local area code & phone number 937-236-1588.
Credit card interest rate scam.
 3hours 10minutes
same shit With this company I tried to get them to quit do not call list does not help this last time today 08/15/2018 he would not shut up when I said do not call gain that's when the profanity came
 3hours 32minutes
 3hours 49minutes
Received a call with a message saying that the IRS is looking for me on 4 counts, the cops would be around to arrest me in 24 hours of this message. To further discuss the charges, I would need to call 618 464 3519.
 3hours 57minutes
This is from Kingston Jamaica. Caller claimed they're from PCH and that I won the grand prize. They claimed that I won the grand prize!
After playing along, I asked them a simple question. "What's my name?"

Suddenly, crickets....

My only regret is that I didn't keep them on line longer.

Be careful with these scumbags!
 4hours 2minutes
No message. Caller ID shows Duke Energy. Not a Duke Energy number
North Carolina
 4hours 23minutes
 14hours 20minutes
Who's this
 14hours 29minutes
This number is most likely spoofed, and most likely a scam, therefore if you call this number back after getting a "Hello this is Jason from american solar" you may be contacting someone whos number has been compromised.
 15hours 52minutes
I had a phone call coming from this number today. It is a SCAM. They want me to buy a product called PERAGLOW. It is a beauty product pretended to be one created by Kate and Dr. Oz . This product is a gift (TRIAL)and you only pay the delivery charge. OH But they want all your your info to steel from you. Be aware it is showned on the internet. You see a magazine with Kate and the queen supposed to be mad at each other and bla bla bla
Quebec Canada
 15hours 59minutes
Another neighbor spoof call. Traces phone number to someone named Daniel Shamooelian. Filed a complaint with FCC and FTC.
 17hours 33minutes
Didn’t leave message. Robocaller.
 18hours 44minutes
Strange caller continues to call and leave strange messages. It might be someone probing to burglarize my home.
 19hours 37minutes
 19hours 38minutes
Kathryn L. Encinas 
959 Poplar St
Ramona, CA. 92065
 19hours 57minutes
(760) 789-6077 is a Robocaller
Do not answer.
 20hours 2minutes
I missed a call from 202-897-0989. I redialed the number only to reach an individual that identified himself as Officer Jason Brown Bdg. # 77842. Stated there was a criminal law suite launch by the IRS in Washington DC. against me for money owed as the result of an audit Case #01S3987. I asked what Court House he stated 11 Constitution Ave. Washington DC. Be very careful of your answers. He attempted to get me to say weather I wanted to fight the case or resolve. When I stated that if I owed the IRS I would be happy to pay. He kept telling me the IRS wasn't interested in my money but rather my intent. I contuined to answer only that if I owed, I would pay. He became angry and told me not to wasted his time. He kept saying for me to state...fight or resolve. I told him I needed to see this audit and he stated that if I would tell him I wanted to resolve, there would be a officer that would provide me with the documentation. My phone died so we didn't complete the call. When I had a charge back on my phone I went to my VM and there was a message from yesterday stating this was the second attempt and that I needed to call 914-410-8221. Of course that number rings busy. I then googled the number and there are several reports of this being a IRS scam.
 20hours 35minutes
Keeps calling my home and doesn't say anything when I answer.
 20hours 35minutes
Howard Williams fake vehicle warranty garbage
 20hours 45minutes
Multiple calls, never leaves a message
 22hours 5minutes
Like to get slammed in the ass, too?
 22hours 41minutes
Called. Left no message. Suspected spam
 23hours 11minutes
sigh ... Shows up as this number in a text with the message: "It is that time.You need to recertify your repayment plan, a federal requirement. Otherwise you will loose that payment you have currently. Call 877-686-2126."
 23hours 18minutes