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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(631) 776-6010 17 minutes ago

Supposed Canadian Pharmacy people have a strong East Indian accent. Called at 8:15 PM

(954) 424-9037 2 hours ago

2015-08-29 - 954-424-9037 FLORIDA - to Zip code 80220 - my ISP acceleration Proxy is in PA

2 calls this morning
5 calls in two minutes an hour and a half ago.

(210) 627-8613 6 hours ago

POS Parasite who has no talent and bothers people's property for an existence!

It is time people regain the right to their property they pay for and not allow it to be used by others to self-enrich off of at our expense and to the degradation of our quality of life!

No Caller List is a joke! Not enforced and I have to do all the work to stop being bothered by scum, cheats and ripoffs...

This is my fricken number, I pay for it and it is for my associates to use as I see fit and not some parasites. This is a 24x7 society that most people can not put phones on silence or ignore calls. Tired of my sleep, peace, meetings, movies etc being brothered by theses scumbags and really tired of pulling over to take a call from some scammer who is not even there when you answer the call and keeps their line busy so they do not have to deal with upset people. This has to stop!!!!

(256) 880-2181 7 hours ago

Caller ID says name is Evonne Burns , no message left on answering machine and I question the prefix 880

(859) 283-8071 7 hours ago

Asked for bogus name then asked for the number they just called.l

(800) 622-1361 8 hours ago

We don't have a home phone, but do have a landline number (part of a package). I receive any messages left on this number through e-mail. Most of the messages we receive are for the person who had this number previously, and I wasn't sure anyone we deal with actually has this number. I had two e-mails (yesterday and this morning) saying they were calling on behalf of my credit union (actually gave their name, which was correct). After reading this thread, I decided to call the number just to see what was up. The first question was "what number did we leave the message on"? When I gave him the landline number, he proceeded to ask if I attempted to use my card for the same amount 3 different times. I had, in fact, tried booking a hotel room online yesterday. Twice it said "refused", so I called my bank and did it again with them on the phone. Again, it was refused. She said she couldn't see it trying to hit our account, so it must have been something with their website. According to the fraud department guy, the processing company that this hotel uses on their website is located in Europe, which is why my card was declined. Luckily, I booked at a different hotel last night with no problems. Again, this IS legit and no personal information, other than my name, was asked for.

(855) 356-8346 8 hours ago

DOA, student loan

(855) 319-4808 9 hours ago

called my land line but left no message.

(800) 845-6565 10 hours ago

Hung up as I answered, I didn't even say hello

(417) 396-5892 11 hours ago

We were trying to recover stolen property and this person using this number called telling me he had it and had purchased for $250 and wanted me to wire money to him and he would send back items to me. When I pushed him to give to Police in his area he hung up. Based on voice I would assume black male. Says he was a truck driver for JB Hunt.