3602031828 30
8189344393 25
6184643519 19
2812153106 19
2064600918 17
8009220402 13
8005315000 10
8009452000 10
6235371602 8
8774635346 8
 4hours 59minutes
 7hours 28minutes
 7hours 28minutes
Keeps harassing me
 7hours 29minutes
Robocaller no message, number blocked
 8hours 44minutes
Andhra Pradesh India
 9hours 12minutes
Called multiple times on my senior mother's phone, but left no message. Others saying its the SS reminder of an appointment but we have no appointment. When we call back, it just ends; no ring or anything.

That is sketchy to me!!!
 11hours 2minutes
My caller ID said "Microsoft". They didn't leave a message
 11hours 12minutes
From Phoenix
Starts with elevator music
Caller unknown
 11hours 16minutes
800 288 2020 called twice I declined and a robot left a message saying it was at&t and my account had been blocked and deeds to be verified press 1 Bla Bla bla. Blocked it.. phishes spoofing
 11hours 42minutes
Robo-dial number, reads off it's own phone number then disconnects
 13hours 9minutes
Been receiving multiple daily calls from numbers ending 584*-585*. No messages left, but obviously some company owning multiple lines
 13hours 30minutes
I got a call from +40 68133031. The caller originated from Romania. What's stranger is that the prefix (406) is the prefix for Montana. I live in Montana. The number shows up on your site as (406)813-3031. On my phone, the number caught by caller id shows: +40 68133031 with no hyphens.
Basically; I think it's is an international cold caller or scammer who is making calls to Montana from Romania and is somehow using the + sign and no hyphens to chameleon as a local (406) Montana area code caller. I'd report this to the FCC.
 13hours 49minutes
This is a scam and they pretend to be from Aurora Health Care and want you to pay money but they don't know who you are - do not give them any information. Call Aurora directly. They called in on ph # 414-643-9614 and left a voice message to call back to any representative at 866-244-1022, you can tell it's a telemarketing center as you can hear all the other calls in the background.
 13hours 53minutes
Debt collector
 13hours 55minutes
Here’s how my conversation went today with the caller from this phone number went:

Caller: “ is this the owner of the busines?”

Me: “ The owner isn’t here at the moment but I can take a message?”

Caller: “No message. I hate message.” [hung up]
 15hours 4minutes
Repeated calls in spells, will stop for awhile and then starts back up months later.
 15hours 28minutes
Micro PC Tech they say they're Microsoft but they're not. Under recent activity on my PC were Russia - Malaysia - Taiwan - Vietnam. Scam
 17hours 34minutes
This is a for profit company that sells business information and leads so you will get an avalanche of sales calls if you give them info.
 17hours 51minutes
This is a correct number for Frontier Communications. This number was used to call me today informing me that a technician was enroute for a scheduled service appt.
 18hours 0minute
Auto caller stating 4 severe warrants for tax filings .....not true. Call the number and the call is rejected
 18hours 2minutes
Probably called me half a dozen times already from this same number with same recording as the others are saying. Again the word COPS SHOULD tell you right away it is a scam. Very unprofessional and poor quality recording.
North Carolina
 18hours 18minutes
“Delaware police”
 18hours 20minutes
Visa/mastercard claiming your rates are going up and to hold for a new "better" rate. Phone's been ringing off the hook lately with this one, sometimes up to 4 times a day.
 18hours 47minutes
I have no idea who this is or why they're calling me constantly. When I call this number, agents are busy. Gives you options to be placed on their do not call list or leave a message (neither of which work because they always call back). They leave no message if you don't answer.
 18hours 55minutes
Manchester United Kingdom
 18hours 58minutes
Robo call threatening lawsuit by the US government.Claims "Issue in previous six months but we had never got response from you. So it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government"
New Jersey
 19hours 26minutes
What info?
 20hours 13minutes
they're looking for someone
 20hours 30minutes
New York
 22hours 45minutes
(385) 707-8049 is a Robocaller
Do not answer.
Loida Gotthardt
Doris Rd
Acton, Massachusetts
Calls after 9:30pm.
Leaves no messages.
Debt collectors for medical bills (A1 collection agency).
It called me and it’s a little bit creepy
Techno-anarchy Manifesto

Technology makes laws less enforceable each day. Skimmers, scanners stealing credit and debit card information from 10 feet way, stealing your car, and high-resolution scanners making prosecution for forgery impossible. Your signature and social security number are everywhere. Overseas trust funds and foreign payment processors means governments cannot collect taxes and lawyers cannot collect judgments. Without privatization, all public sector workers lose their jobs and the needy will lose their benefits. Guns are bought on the Internet or manufactured at home, plastic, elusive, and fully automatic, with 3D printers, easy to hide. Activists like Elle Goldman are encouraging more petty theft, knowing you’re more than likely to get away with it, and the increasing homeless and illegal alien population consider jail to be Holiday Inn, knowing they won’t be there for long with all the prison budget cuts. The many ex-cons who can’t find jobs have no other choice but to re-offend and are being recruited as hit men against rival drug cartels and the family members of police and prosecutors. It will get worse before it gets better, because the media works with the authorities to keep 3 years of dozens of manifestos sent to hundreds of thousands of recipients a secret just to abuse power.

But what is the media? It is everyone.

The need to get rid of capitalism is predicated on using technology that produces all goods and services, and the land becomes free. We have had technology for some time now where people and the exploitation of human labor is unnecessary. Gluttony is self-limiting because of better rehab, shaming, boycotts, the profitability of recycling, and reverse social Darwinism giving way to social Darwinism. People will live forever with chip implants to proactively police one another, watch out for one another’s health knowing each others’ vital signs, etc. It will happen sooner than you think as high-tech business people cannot survive without pushing total automation, for those who are in denial or in horror, it only leads to divide and conquer. That’s why I created https://www.PandaBusters.com to perfect independent artificial intelligence.

The authorities are now being exposed for not reporting these manifestos and not protecting the public because of their “take the money and run” attitude. They can run but they can’t hide, with civilian integration of covert cameras and packet sniffers. And they have not reported dead pools for cops, prosecutors, and the same journalists who have been shunned by the FBI and Orange County Sheriff’s Department after placing me on top of the FBI’s most wanted list for 3 years. That is why there is more mass awareness for https://www.DeadPoolForThePolice.fun, and https://www.DeadPoolForTheMedia.fun, with links back to https://www.AnarchyForever.com/lotteries/formmail where those who have received these successful form submissions are known to the others in an increasing campaign of guaranteed universal awareness.

“Those that leadeth into captivity must be lead into captivity. Those that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10.

James Dante Wood
Polly’s Angel Avenger
Thompson Heating and Cooling LLC
HVAC Contractor
Rustburg Virginia 24588
Thompson Heating and Cooling LLC
HVAC Contractor
Rustburg Virginia 24588
Robocaller offering grants