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Just got this same call. Total fraud.
automatic voice message system that calls itself IRA and that threatens for lawsuits.
Called and hung up--left no message. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize.
Called and ask way too many questions. Weird. I just hung up.
 1hour 39minutes
 1hour 55minutes
I keep getting calls on my cell from this number in Manley Iowa. They don't leave a message. Very annoying!
 2hours 29minutes
Morristown, NJ - Resorts Rewards Center - sales pitch
New Jersey
 2hours 37minutes
Car dealer
 3hours 26minutes
Scam number - they state that there is pending legal action and you must call a toll free number. They never ID themselves as law enforcement or anything.
 3hours 38minutes
I did an online inquiry in response to an ad about refinancing mortgages for a lower rate & payment. After completing all the questions they tell you that they will send your info to three lenders who will contact you by phone to discuss refinancing. After you read this you hit a 'submit' button agreeing to this and submitting your information. I made the inquiry but the caller was not identified, so I "Googled" it. For me it's a legitimate call. Thank you very much.
 3hours 45minutes
This number and email is scam.
 3hours 50minutes
looked it up. No info except landline phone. Answered and heard voices but no one came on the line. Sounded like a call center.
North Carolina
 4hours 31minutes
514-903-8370 just called our business. Caller ID came up as "Daigneault A". It was a Canadian female caller (the "OK 'eh?" kinda gave it away) calling from "American Business Guide". We are not familiar with this supposed guide, nor have we ever had a listing within it that we know of. She went into her little spiel about calling to verify our business info (there are legit companies who call us for this info every so often, so it's not really a weird call to receive), then she rambled a bit about when it's coming out, how soon to expect it, when we can expect the invoice... Whoa wait! What invoice? She said the invoice for our listing. Told her "NO, we did not agree to any prices or invoices." She said "Fine. Then we'll just remove your listing. Goodbye." and then she hung up. This phone number belongs to - Andre Daigneault, 2835 Rue Goyer, Montreal, QC H3S 1H2, Canada. We'll be contacting the - http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/contact/telemarketing/q7.htm - to file a formal complaint. Unlike here in the USA, the Canadians actually seem to take action against spammers and scammers.
 4hours 33minutes
Says "informed elec". The message on the machine always says "if you'd like to make a call please hang up and try again". Excuse me?!!! You called me. What a bunch of a- holes.
 5hours 25minutes
Tustin MI, asks "can you hear me now"? Heard o TV news this is a scam, after you say "yes" that you can hear them they have recorded you. Then say they have your permission or authorization.
 5hours 51minutes
Microsoft loss threat
New Jersey
 6hours 5minutes
 6hours 14minutes
This no. Is all about a fraud person who make his Facebook fake account vd my fiancee pics...
Due to these things m afraid alot cz now a days my fiancee is hospitalized that's y we can't able to do f.I.R in police...
Somebody plz help me..
Uttarakhand India
 13hours 28minutes
 13hours 30minutes
Same as the others.. same story wants money to help fix glass door his wife broke and wants it now.
 15hours 27minutes
Claimed to be a call from IRS. Threaten to issue arrest warrant because of alleged debt to IRS. Clearly a scam call.
 16hours 29minutes
I received a similar call, around 8:45 pm, stating that they were collecting donations for women that can't afford treatment for breast cancer any longer. When I told her I would look into the cause before I made any promises for a donation she said "okay, thank you for your time and hung up" so....I guess they didn't need my donation too badly
 17hours 23minutes
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 19hours 55minutes
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 19hours 56minutes
Just won't stop
 21hours 3minutes
609-736-2197. Has been calling for at least 1 year at least 1-5 times a day. Phone troll. Report this fool to the police.
New Jersey
 21hours 17minutes
caller male says he is the manager of Western Union Agency Benin Republic but the area code does not come up to the scam capital of the world. Benin. Says his name is Andrew SPECK
Alberta Canada
Ghost caller. Caller ID shows number. When called back it belongs to a disconnected line. Shows Richard W. Neeves 191 Peeks Crossing Dr
Senoia, GA 30276-1768 as owner.
Calls me frequently. Never responds when I answer the phone. Someone below says they don't respond for 10 sec due to some tech issue. I'm not going to wait through 10 sec of dead air and non-response for a call I probably don't want. If they really want to speak to someone, they would use human beings on the other end of the line who can actually talk to you.
Hey, man, fuck me.
New York
I have received this call more than once from different numbers (I had blocked the first one) asking for info on Avila Winbush. I don't know anyone by this name.
This number belongs to a Tina Turner of Oloh Ms. She makes prank calls to total strangers using a spoofing app and blocked numbers. Do not answer any number that you do not recognize.
They have been calling about expired windows license. How to block this kind of calls?
they call, fake static on line, ask if they can hear me OK, they try to get you to say YES, then open credit cards in your name.
It has called and left automated vmail 4 times today ... even after I blocked the number ... don't know how!?!?
Yep, robot voice says an Arrest Warrant out on me, yet don't state my name. Total SCAMMERS
It's a scam! IRS will never call you!
Same here in Pa. It's a scam.