8009452000 38
8009359935 34
7045502894 13
8664048699 13
0000000000 13
8668586729 11
8004212110 9
8007477804 9
8882946804 9
8009770035 8
Fake number send a disturbing text
 1hour 29minutes
Auckland New Zealand
 1hour 46minutes
Lanita Radman -
Peakham Rd
Sudbury, Massachusetts
 3hours 10minutes
Dannen Tyequan 1
011 Gadd Rd 517
Chattanooga Tn 37343
Hamilton Tennessee
 3hours 12minutes
Alonzo Gosson
Chestnut St
Plymouth, Massachusetts
 3hours 16minutes
North Carolina
 3hours 34minutes
random text
New York
 4hours 39minutes
Said I had a balance for an ambulance. When I said I've never been in an ambulance, they asked for my DOB.
 4hours 42minutes
if it calls again i'll pick up to see, but after reading the comments...i've gotten calls similar to this .. i don't use a credit card, so when i get a call about reducing my rates ..or the ones about free trips or renewing my car insurance... i haven't had a car in over a year, maybe 2..when i did i know which company i used for it... and unless its' them i wont do anything but hang up after a recording
 4hours 57minutes
Silent call
 5hours 18minutes
No answer
 6hours 15minutes
Suspicious text message
"My Name" DON't tell anyone I sent this to you http://7rxxhx7.top
Did not open the link.
Probably a virus.
 6hours 19minutes
Called to verify employment for me, for a loan I applied for
 6hours 43minutes
Global technical talent Bangalore
 6hours 46minutes
Drew Helm
Rhode Island
 7hours 3minutes
Calling from a Recorded line
 7hours 22minutes
This Pixley CA VOIP number has attempted multiple unlawful contacts and left pre-recorded messages touting Medicare-funded equipment. Scam artists rip off Medicare for over $60 billion annually, and this caller is a prime example of that crime in action.
 7hours 30minutes
This is a numbers given to me by a known scammer off of facebook. DO NOT CONTACT anyone via this number.
 7hours 36minutes
+1 817-786-3304 , 817-786-3304 , 817-786-3304 Debt collectors , not Kirby vacuums they keep looking for a Maribeth at my number. I guess whoever had my old number got debt?
 8hours 40minutes
Trans world called twice and I asked them what the call was regarding and they kept saying they needed my full name to continue the call, I hung up. You should do the same!
West Virginia
 9hours 1minute
 9hours 22minutes
Sales call stating it was not a sales call, trying to sell a medical grade brace. Scam. Robocall
 9hours 47minutes
He Stole all my info
 10hours 10minutes
000-000-0000 Is a scamer trying to steal Info
 10hours 11minutes
My name is Lindsey ann marra everything I try doing with my social number say info is incorrect I just tried to order a new card and it said incorrect info can't match
 10hours 35minutes
This number is legit. It is a Case Worker for Social Security in Boston. She had all my info already, just asked me to confirm. Calling her number back doesn't work since it's an outgoing number only. You have to call the Social Security central number and input her extension to get her answering machine. The phone line is owned by the United States Government and I have recieved Official Mail from the SSA legitimizing this number.
 11hours 10minutes
The reason why I came to this site was because I received a number I didn't recognize. Why is this site asking me to give information about this number, when it's ME who want's to know who called. SMH
New Hampshire
 12hours 6minutes
Got a text from this number claiming to be BofA sending an authorization code and to call if I hadn’t requested it, well I don’t even have a bank account to begin with...
Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers.
May 21,2011 was the beginning of Judgement Day. Read Revelation 22:11, Genesis 7:11-16. The flood began on the seventeenth day of the second month of the year 4990 BC. If you love Jesus and want to hear current, sincere Bible teaching
(1 Corinthians 2:13) Visit the following web sites or call 701-801-9989
www.bmius.org, www.ebiblefellowship.org, www.ebiblefellowship.com,
www.ebible2.com. www.facebook.com/ebiblefellowship,
Repeatedly receiving calls from this number. When I pick up, caller hangs up. Occasionally, a brief voice message is left..."This is Jenny, call me 574-6290". Upon trying to return call, number is always busy!
called me like 20 times in the past hour
North Carolina
You first get a text from a supposed family member. The "relative" tells you that he or she got money form a grant and is a good thing and you get it for just a small fee. He or she then gives you the number of the Grant contact. Our case was someone named RICHARD EDWARD MILLER (Grant guy). You send thousands and get up to half a million back. Do not fall for it.
(508) 217-4478 is a Robocaller
Do not answer.
Marked as spam by Verizon
(617) 402-5392 is a Utility Scam
Do not answer.

Caller id: Watertown ma.
(439) 253-9757 is a Robocaller
Do not answer.
Marked as spam by Verizon
Guys (ladies and gentlemen), please listen. This number 800.432.1000 is a legit number from BoA but I am telling you there is no "Chinese\Mandarin" Fraud detection department within BoA. Trust me I am an employee with BoA Western IT division for past 15 years and I know we don't have that $$ to invest in foreign language Fraud department. The facts you should know: all customer service center are oversea, at India or Central American. No one should ask for your FULL SSN# and your Acct# in that combination...
Voicemail message left from robo scam claiming to be from the Dept of Social Security Administration saying SS# has been suspended. TOTAL SCAM!!!
Don't fall into these scammers trap!!!
Total scam. Stating they are from Mediation Processing Services trying to collect on an outstanding payday loan. I tried to get full information as to what the debt was and they hung up on me.
its scam thay calling about con Edison collection don't give your account # or your phone # all scammmmmmmm
New York