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3032198726 10
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2137097670 9
2243565866 9
9831476055 8
6305424316 7
5166356532 7
4804780045 7
name location
 4hours 16minutes
Scam! Do not give out ANY info. The real IRS will contact you by certified mail.
 4hours 27minutes
Who is this
 5hours 55minutes
Received a blank text from this number. Area code is Louisiana, but traced, it's coming from Dayton, Ohio.
I got this text & right away 2 others one right after the other......so I'm thinking they're all from the same outfit, just using different numbers.
216-870-8333 Cleveland, Ohio
480-580-4863 Phoenix, AZ.
 7hours 25minutes
Received call saying IRS was filling a lawsuit and we should call for information
 9hours 9minutes
 9hours 13minutes
irs scam
 9hours 16minutes
Caller ID said "Texas". A message was left saying something about my financial future and press 1 to hear the message.
 9hours 29minutes
 9hours 46minutes
 9hours 54minutes
The caller ID said "DPSF".
 9hours 54minutes
IRS # indicating last call being made for lawsuit from US government. They
called at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm this evening 9/29. Scam.....
New York
 10hours 7minutes
Got the same couple calls here. "Windows technical department" BS they give. I told them already to stop calling or i would prosecute. Not that I can do much to freaking india but screw 'em - next call I will hang on and ride the shit out for as long as possible. Maybe F with them a while too. Play stupid, waste their time....
 10hours 32minutes
Canadian number called my cell phone 9 times while I was sleeping. I answered the 10th time and I could hear telemarketers talking in the background but no one spoke to me.
 10hours 44minutes
Bogus - watch out looks like they are trying a new trick to get you to call them: they leave a PARTIAL voice message that sounds like the beginning was cut off and the only part you hear is "...so it is urgent that you call this number..."
 10hours 51minutes
IRS "lawsuit" scam
 11hours 23minutes
Phishing Scam says magazine subscription then says college scholarship
 11hours 46minutes
Auto warranty scammers. They are not using a database of actual car owners, for this call was on the business line where I am a consultant. This number is not linked to any car registration or purchase. It is a total robocall scammer.
 12hours 20minutes
 12hours 43minutes
Who's # is this
 12hours 59minutes
IRS Officer "Steve Parker" has been trying to reach me, and is giving final notice of IRS action, with liens and arrest actions already in process unless I call back immediately to address this problem.

Of course, its a scam, as explained on the IRS.gov webpages.
 13hours 2minutes
The complete robocall was cut off on our voicemail. The only words recorded were to "please call immediately on our department number" and then the ladies voice gave the phone number and repeated it. Two other phone sites said this number is the IRS scam.
 13hours 5minutes
They keep calling the on the call is Local Ranking.
New York
 13hours 36minutes
COX communication call center
 13hours 47minutes
IRS scam call
 13hours 47minutes
Telecom CSTRVC
 13hours 47minutes
If we REPORT these calls on the the Do Not Call Violations web page, the federal government can track them down and fine them thousands of dollars per reported call. But only if we report them. Just google search "do not call list violations". the link comes right up.
No reports, no action.
 14hours 36minutes
This number said that a lawsuit was being filed against me and I should call another number that they gave. Crazy!
 14hours 48minutes
One of those IRS spam calls
 15hours 2minutes
Voice mail from -- Ms Robot Telemarketing Medicare/medi-gap insurance. CID 865-437-5448 Knoxville Tennessee
 15hours 17minutes
very rude and vulgar unknown caller.
 15hours 28minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. Love those Unknown Name, really makes you want to answer.
 15hours 36minutes
"National Enterprise Systems" automated call.
 16hours 7minutes
Frequent calls from this number that I don't answer. Sometimes ends in a hangup and often is a robot voice telling me I owe money to the Internal Revenue Service and will be sued if I don't respond. There is some incorrect use of grammar in the recording, though not so terrible that it would neccessarily be obvious to someone who thought it might be a legit call. Have now blocked the number.
 16hours 25minutes
Another get rich quick scam recording. Ignores do not call list. Gives you the option to leave your name and number. Yeah, I am not that stupid. Just annoyed that you can break the law without getting fined the $1000 it costs for calling me. Go get them president Obama!
 16hours 29minutes
Rang three times. Did not leave a message. Caller ID says "Maryland," but it's a spoofed number that is not in service! Scammer warning!
 16hours 32minutes
SO far on other sites, no one knows who caller is either
 16hours 44minutes
No one on the the line whenever I answer. Blocking this number.
 17hours 20minutes
Same as others reported. Got a call to my cell on 28August 09:44. Scam. They first stated "my loan had been forgiveness program" and offered "student loan forgiveness" ...if I had over $7000 in loans. (I have no such loan). When I pressed 1 to speak to an operator to have my phone # removed from my list, they immediately hung up.
 17hours 20minutes
 17hours 41minutes