This is not Verizon Wireless. This is a scam. This is most likely someone who works / use to work at Verizon Wireless.
If you call the number back you will notice that the on hold music is an old ad.
If you wait long enough, someone from “Assumed Verizon Wireless” will answer.
If you ask for their name, they will say the name of person on the Verizon Wireless account.
Do not pay these people.
If you do, your Verizon Wireless bill wont get paid.
If you do get a call from 971-244-8247. you need to call Verizon Wireless and let them know about the issue.
By calling / contacting Verizon Wireless, this will make Verizon Wireless know about these people.
Below are the only numbers/ways you should call to contact Verizon Wireless.

Contact Verizon Wireless by one of the way below, make arrangements / pay your bill and the calls will stop.

Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

or dial *611 from your mobile phone
View the *611 On-Screen App. for Android Video
6:00am - 11:00pm Monday - Sunday

Verizon Wireless
Emergency Service Hours
11:00pm - 6am Monday - Sunday

Verizon Wireless
Customer Service - Prepaid
or dial *611 from your mobile phone
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 Feb 12th, 2014