I get calls on my cell from this company and it somehow immediately goes to my voicemail. Like, the number (or better yet No Caller ID) pops up and then immediately hangs up but somehow goes through to voicemail. It’s “Sam” calling about student loans I’ve never had and never co-signed on. I called back and asked to be removed from their call list and Sam got rude and groaned audibly and then hung up on me.
Called my work phone and said that the number was attached to a loan. Also same message from "Sam". I don't have and never had a student loan nor have I cosigned for a loan with my work number.
Says she is calling about Student Loan Repayments but she is has super thick India accent. Ask to her back and she hung up.
Woman's voice, call's herself Sam. Says it is something about student loans and asks to call back. Have not called the number back, was informed that it was a scam number.
Recd call on my cell, message said, This is Sam, woman's voice, sorry I missed you, I'm calling to let you know your student loan servicer fell out of compliance by not telling you about the forgiveness program so for eligibility can you please give me a call back at 949 408 0890 so I can let you know what the Department of Education is offering for your loan.

When you call the operator wants your FSID immediately an is loath to answer question. They say they are the National Student Loan Center associated with the Department of Education. This is false, they are loan brokers, and have NO affiliation what so ever, they get your info, then try to match with new servicer who has NOTHING to do with the Dept of Ed. If you need help with your loan go to their, Dept of Eduction website, there are deferments and lower rates, write them, call them, but don't deal with dishonest, misleading folks like this. They don't even have an address, they are simply a boiler room operation. Good Luck. If you are reading this, please post elsewhere, so other students know!
 Apr 13th, 2018