Just switched providers from AT&T to Verizon (yesterday) and the telemarketing has already started - no way will I go back to them now, added the number easily to my Verizon call block service (which was much simpler than the AT&T call block too). Goodbye AT&T!
 Jan 27th, 2012
This has been going on for two weeks{AGAIN} !!{many times through the year} I have asked them to STOP calling,I was nice at first. But these people can not speak clear english, they are hateful and pushy. IF I wanted service from AT&T I would go to them. I do not need them invading my phone lines and harrasing me several times a day every day! It has been SO bad that we are in search of OTHER phone service so that we can get them out of our lives!! THANKS AT&T you have pushed another great customer away!!
 Aug 13th, 2011
Caller ID: AT&T Svc Ctr - said was calling from VTech on behalf of AT&T and they were sorry that they missed us, please call them at 1-866-819-5368. Called it, which said that this number has been changed, to call them at 800-288-2020.
 Jul 06th, 2011
they have called me 4 times last 3 days they are trying to sell dsl have told them not interest, not available in my area, do not call again ,they do not know what part of no i mean, they are foreigner will be reporting to AT&T
phil cook
 Jul 02nd, 2011
Yes, it is AT&T because I called it back and sat on hold for about 30 minutes but it said they were busy with calls and to keep on holding. I finally hung up and called it back today b/c they will not stop calling and I am never late on my bill so I was still curious why they were calling. I held for a rep but it said to leave a message then said the agents mailbox was full? Sounded weird to me. It also said you could press '9' to be placed on their "Do Not Call" list so I presumed this a marketing numbers of theirs.
Raeanne Green
 Mar 02nd, 2011
AT&T apparently trying to sell me services that I already have with them.
 Apr 20th, 2010