Scam artist. This is how they work...they "contract" you for any number of known reasons, services rendered, modeling, etc. They offer to send you a check to secure you for your services. You are to deduct your portion that you've agreed to accept...let's say it's $500.00 out of a $2000.00 check thay they send you and forward the balance to another person for a variety of reasons (their services...just more BS). They want you to hurry and deposit the check and then quickly mail the balance to the next person. Of course, unbeknownst to the victim they will find out days later that the check did not clear, and you've sen the next person in line a check that they will cash with your own money. You'll noy only be out whatever cash you sent, but you'll be hit with a NSF fee of $35.00 or so. See, banks don't even tell you that...even though you are the victim, they will charge YOU the NSF fee even though all you did was try to inncocently deposit a check. The moral NOT accept checks from people you don't know. Even a check drawn on a Chase bank account, if you go to the branch they may not be able to say for sure the funds would be in the account when you deposit the check. So, unless you know the company or individual intimately, do NOT accept checks!! In this case, the check was drawn on Sandia credit union account. A quick call to them revealed the check was fraudulent. I intend to meet up with the individual if there's ever a next time alomg with a group of friends with baseball bats. I'm thinking they might need a different kind of lesson that's not being taught in the the motherland.
 Oct 15th, 2014