called 3 times, no msg
Former Olympic Swimmer from Bulgaria Denis Kalchev(Denislav Kalchev, Denis Kaltchev) AND Diana Kaltcheva(Diana Kalcheva, Diana Kalpcheva, Diana M Kaltcheva), daughter Mary Kaltchev engage in FACE-TO-FACE and INTER...NET Con-Artist activities including embezzlement , cyber snooping & stalking, Spam Calls & Texts, Hacking , Romance scam (419 Nigerian). Skipped the USA in Sep......t /2012 to live at 6 Broomsfield Palmers Green, London, N13 4NL UNITED KINGDOM. Divorced legally in Pinellas County ,FL public records as of 2005 . Diana married their friend Krassimir Stoykov in 2009 to obtain a green card. Denis & Diana REMAIN together AND actually live together TO DATE but claim to be single. Krassimir claims to be single as well. Denis CANNOT read/write English - uses software or Diana to translate.

CASH LOAN /GIFTS requested IN PERSON w/CRISIS: $25,000.00 to leave mafia; $ 14,000.00 for mother's knee surgery; $5,000.00 for sister's undetailed emergency; $7,252.00 for an Omega Olympic Seamaster Planet Ocean watch ; $ 5,000.00 for his car; Money for HIS car; IPAD; 2 x Prada sunglasses; Armani sunglasses; Bose home theatre system; Addidas clothing ; Panasonic flat screen TV; and a car; Brown Leather Harley-Davidson Jacket, wanted Diana to manage swim team’s bank account

HEALTH: Claims to have stomach cancer

WORK: Claims to be mafia boss
ah mary can
 Apr 02nd, 2012
Vietnamese lady calling to ask f I have a moment to talk (in Vietnamese ).
It was 3am, so I just hung up.
 Dec 06th, 2011