They called again today. They are offering debt consolidation services, which I am not interested in. The rep said their web site is www.affsus.com. According to http://affsus.com/contact-us.html, their contact info is American Financial Freedom Services (AFFS)
231 Market Place, Suite 315
San Ramon, CA 94583
If they keep calling, I'll try calling their 800 number to ask them to stop.
 Mar 04th, 2008
They called me today for the first time. I said, "Hello, this is Josh." Nothing. "Hello?" I said. Nothing. So I hung up.
 Mar 03rd, 2008
These idiots keep calling me, they either do no say anything and just hangup or they speak in very poor english with a thick accent telling me that we owe over $10,000 in credit card debt. This is not true. Our credit card limit is under $1000.
 Feb 19th, 2008
I just received a call from this number so I did a google search to see if anyone else gets calls from them. It is unbelievable how many people are getting harrassing calls from this number. It seems that the Do not call list people are any help either. So the thought occurred to me that everyone who gets a call from this number or any other number call the telephone company from that city or state and file a complaint. Tell them to do a google search on the number to see what is happening. Surely the phone company must have records of who these people are because they need to send them a phone bill monthly. Let's put the ball back in the lap of the phone companies to resolve this problem and if they do not, we can all get together and file a class action law suit against the phone company. That will take care of the problem and the phone companies will start looking into these problems and stopping the constant harrassment.
 Feb 19th, 2008
This number calls me at least twice a day every day. Including Sundays AFTER 8pm. They also call my cell phone, and when I dont answer they call right back with a number that shows up as 000-000-0000. They never leave a message. And when I DO get to answer they do not speak!!
 Jan 24th, 2008
oh you stoop to new low! Those of you using 914-579-8159 and 914-579-8157 are a bunch of low lifes to do the things you did tonight and say the thing you did to children. You set your phone up so you can even get a call back...if you are even a business you are a illegitiment fraudulent one at best. You dont have the fortitude to talk to those you call (unless it is to harassment and make inappropriate remarks to minors), you hide behind your little auto dialers and call call call. With the way you behaved tonight I think thee to be nothing less than perverts, molesters,frauds,predators! Maybe some day you will get the nerve (because certainly dignity and respect is something I seriously doubt you will ever possess)to actually talk. But I doubt it!!!!!
 Dec 19th, 2007
This called came in, when I said Hello it began calling soemone else. In our state this type of calling is illegal and punishable under law. The caller really needs to knock this off. If this is Lenders Bank calling you need to knock it off post haste. Also simply by calling and getting through to me you violated a number of telecommunciations policies, laws and business practices by by-passing my caller ID, prompts and state laws. Obviously you are extremly unethical and have no respect for other people. Add to this I am up to date on my national do not call list. So knock it off, immediately. I am so sick of telemarketing calls and computer generated calls that I have no problem reporting these to our Attorney General! You are next!
 Dec 18th, 2007
Some one called from this number (914)579-8187 and said they are calling from Debt Settlement Co. He had Indian accent. I understood that this was a marketing call and hungup. Again, I got call within 2 seconds. I pickedup phone a phone and asked "Is it a marketting call?" He introduced himself as Ashok and he is not marketing person. When I asked him Ashok who? He went on saying we met in New York in a party and started saying many Indian names in that party (Vivek Malhotra, Manoj etc.all unknown people to me) and he said he got my number from Vivek Malhotra. Heasked me that did I forget him . He said he will send me his picture so that I can indentify. I asked him how long ago he met me in the party. He said, it was 2 years. When I said I never attended any party in NY and I am in VA since 2000, he was nervous and he said Okay, I am coming to VA and meet you soon. When I wanted to ask more questions about him, he hungup the phone. Immediately I called this number back and always I got a message that "the verizon customer you called is not available. Try some time later."
Sanjay Shilpi
 Dec 18th, 2007
It is VOIP # registered to Broadwing communications. I called and they admitted that it was one of thier numbers but wouldnt give me any information on the company they rented it too.
The # for broadwing is 1-877-453-8353. Call and complain, I did.
 Jul 12th, 2007
This number keep calling me I already told them to stop calling me I dont know these people and also my phone is brand new company phone Theres gotta be a law against harrasment like this,if not the congress need to pass one
Vic Flores
 Jun 01st, 2007
I have received this hangup call before
James M. Gorman
 Feb 22nd, 2007
This number keeps calling my cell phone. 3-4 times a day. Once when I answered there was someone there and I told them I was on a do not call list and not to call me again. Whatever it was, I wasn't interested. They stopped calling for a couple of days, but now the calls have started up AGAIN.
 Feb 14th, 2007
Annoying, no one speaks
 Feb 14th, 2007
I just got a call from these guys for the 1st time on my cell phone. When I googled their number, it took me to this page. I hope this not the beginning of a nightmare of silly phone calls like everyone else is reporting.
 Jan 24th, 2007
I receive calls on my cell phone from this number. When I answer there isn't anyone there. It only comes up with the phone number and no caller id.
 Jan 04th, 2007
they called and hung up . I see I'm not alone .
digi d
 Dec 14th, 2006
they keep calling and iam on the no call list.they call at 9pm and 7am
 Dec 08th, 2006
These fools keep calling me. Very annoying, considering i don't even own a house to mortage.
 Dec 07th, 2006
Suddenly calls from this number are starting to show up on my phone with no message. I am on the DO-NOT-CALL Registry.
 Dec 06th, 2006
914-579-8157 keeps calling me all day and night. When i answer they hang up.
 Dec 02nd, 2006
They also call from 914-579-8187
 Nov 15th, 2006
I dont have any idea how this company got my number. And if it is so important to them to get in touch with "possible" "customers" then why dont they leave a message when you dont answer. I wish they would quit calling, I am sick of seeing their phone number come up!
 Nov 01st, 2006
Message on my voice mail prompting connection to an agent by pressing 1. Quality sucked, so I could not make out if they said SDM or FDM Financial as their name. Filed complaint at www.donotcall.gov
 Nov 01st, 2006
I get 2 to 3 calls a day from this number. In the morning, afternoon and evening, every day 7 days a week. They never leave a message when the answering machine picks up. The calls are annoying but I won't give them the satisfaction of answering.
Frank R
 Oct 30th, 2006
Have this number on my caller id..not sure who they are...they have only called once
 Oct 30th, 2006
Calls at least 4-5 times
a week.
Says no name on caller I.D.
and when I answer they hang
Call this morning at 8:30am
Barbara Parker
 Oct 28th, 2006
call WorldWide Telco, Inc
1-888-268-7600 and complain. this is the phone company of the clients phone number and it took me 2 hours to play detective to find this info
Jim K.
 Oct 27th, 2006
Who are these people? called at 3am
 Oct 27th, 2006
these guys bite. Guy had a very heavy Huinu accent, and said he lived in San Diego, Ca. so I asked him if he had walked to San Francisco to enjoy the snow. A Call bank for sure..
 Oct 26th, 2006
Hey guys here's some help.
their telecom carrier is Allegiance Telecomm. Inc from Fairfaz VA. Here's all the poop. I'de suggest everyone call their carrier and suggest leagal action against them for the Harasment. I did.
Corporate Headquarters
XO Communications
11111 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA 20190-5339
Tel: 703.547.2000
Fax: 703.547.2881
 Oct 18th, 2006
They are some credit card company offering their platinum card. I live in Arizona. They're calling me at 6-7AM for 3 days in a row. I'm very ill from Cancer. I don't need this harrasment.
 Oct 18th, 2006
 Oct 17th, 2006
Anyone interested in a class action law suit against these people. They call me everyday and hang up. This is harassment for real. I am so pissed. If I ever get anyone on the phone, they are going to be sorry
Vicky Pope
 Oct 17th, 2006
Ok people, let no be so upset. It's only your cell phone service provider making a living by having this number call your cell to use up your minutes. If I find out who is doing it, I'll choke the living shit out of them.. Thank you..
 Oct 16th, 2006
We receive calls 1-2 times daily. Most of the time there is no one on the other end. A few times it was Lenders Bank. We have caller id and am on the national no call list, but I did fill out a on-line request for a mortgate quote once and I suspect this is how I got on their call list.
April A
 Oct 15th, 2006
I am getting 5 calls a day from this company. My machien answers the phone and they just laugh into it,or call out my name asking me to answer.
I have been entering the number into the do not call list and tonight filed a complaint with the phone company. They said they would investigate. May be every one here should do the same so this company can be shut down.
 Oct 14th, 2006
It is obviously a phone pool. Multiple phones in building will ring at once, all with the same number, and no one answers. It has been going on multiple times a day for weeks.
 Oct 13th, 2006
This number has been ringing at my house for the past 3 days I hate these PEOPLE
 Oct 13th, 2006
(914) 579-8187 is a land line based in Pleasantville, NY
The registered service provider is Allegiance Telecom, Inc**.
Detailed listing information is not available.
mike lasouris
 Oct 13th, 2006
just like email spoofing, they spoof their phone number, hiding their real number. telemarketers verifying the number is good. after this call you will be inondated with follow up calls wanting to sell you something. EDN magazine wants to give you free magazine, this bank wanting to give you excellent rate on your mortgage. well! have fun with them in return: don't let them irritate you, they are paying someone for that call then make them pay, control the conversation make them pay for calling you
mike lasouris
 Oct 13th, 2006
4 calls today from this number. No answer when I pick up. On 3rd call their automatic dialer accidently called them back. A woman answered and said "hello?"
and did not identify herself as though she was calling from an office. I receive about 100 calls a year from a variety of numbers. Apparently I am on some list of "leads" for mortgage brokers.
I don't need one and live in Canada. These clowns are not authorized to do credit checks & mortgages here. I've taken to telling them the person they are calling is deceased. Some apologize, most hang up.
 Oct 12th, 2006
Tired of companys such as this (914) 579-8187 calling and hanging up!!!
 Oct 12th, 2006
I got a calll today from this number. It started with a recording saying that my application for a Visa card has been approved. Then following that an Indian sounding guy tells me that I have been approved for a Platinum Visa card with a $10,000 limit. I will also receive two airline tickets anywhere in the U.S. or Mexico. He had my address and name on file. He also had the nerve to ask me for my bank account number to activate the card. What nerve!
 Oct 10th, 2006
This number keeps ringing my phone and then when I answer it hangs up.
Rev Patrick
 Oct 05th, 2006
I get at least 2 calls a day from this company. It is an automated machine saying "Congratulations! You have been preapproved for a $10,000 credit card" It goes on to say press 1 to recieve this offer and then after she stops talking it says press 9 to be placed on the do not call list..so I pressed that and the whole message repeated itself. They just called again a few minutes ago. I pressed 1 and this guy answered and hung up on me. WTF!!
 Sep 26th, 2006
Caller with East Indian accent identified business as Linderos / Lenderos (no spelling given). He said they are a mortgage lender. When I asked him how he got my telephone number, he hung up. I filed a complaint with the national do not call registry..We shall see, shan't we!
 Sep 25th, 2006
I have been getting calls from this number on my cell for days and days. They just hang up. It is driving me crazy!!!!! I just registered the number with national do not call registry -- You all might want to consider doing that also. maybe stregnth in numbers.
 Sep 22nd, 2006
I have asked them not to call me but they do not heed my request. Apparently they feel that I'll give in to their great deals on back ended mortgage traps.
Guy Hays
 Sep 22nd, 2006
They call once a day, when i answer, they hang up, when i call the number back, it fails.
 Sep 21st, 2006
Get the fukc out of here and stop calling you turd bastards.
 Sep 21st, 2006
Glad I am not alone! These losers call every day 6-8 times, same story as everyone else - hang ups, nobody there. I *67'd and dialled back it sounds like a busy signal - they are probably calling one of you back!
 Sep 21st, 2006
I am getting NUMEROUS, calls, from this number, and I finally got someone to answer, today it is a company called Lenders Associates
Carol Rose
 Sep 20th, 2006
This number calls almost every day and hangs up. I am on the do not call list to stop this knd of action from happening.
Norna Carveiro
 Sep 20th, 2006
I get several calls a day from this number. When I call back it goes to a busy signal. Tried calling my phone company, they recommended calling the annoyance phone call bureau at 800-348-8727 to report the phone number.
 Sep 20th, 2006
I have been getting at least two calls per day from this number for the last month. They ask for someone who is not me, and when I tell them they have a wrong number and to take me off of the their calling list, they hang up. Caller never identifies originating company. OR the call drops when I pick up and I don't speak with anyone.
 Sep 20th, 2006
7:am call. Idiots! I listed them on my cell as XXXBADXXX. I know not to answer that.
 Sep 19th, 2006
 Sep 19th, 2006
I do NOT answer if there is no caller ID information. My phone, MY rules! PLUS - I'm on the "do not call" registry ... what's up with that?
 Sep 19th, 2006
Filed a complaint with donotcall.gov.
 Sep 18th, 2006
This number has been calling me twice daily for the past two weeks, and yet they hang up every time.
 Sep 18th, 2006
They called at 9 PM. I don't even answer my phone anymore, let the machine do the work, how sad.

Ask them for thier home phone number, they refuse to give it to me, are they afraid I'll call them?
 Sep 16th, 2006
Caller Id said New York Call 1-914-579-8187. They have called me everyday for a week now. Today they have called three times. Urrr.
 Sep 15th, 2006
They keep calling my house around 8-9pm when I am getting my baby to sleep. I hate them. Please stop
Norma Hyman
 Sep 15th, 2006
Always calls around dinner or early in the morning.Why doesn't anyone know who this is... if it is reported?
 Sep 14th, 2006
They keep calling....please make it stop.
 Sep 14th, 2006
Tried to call the number back from my landline only to get a recording stating that all lines are temporarily busy.
 Sep 11th, 2006
I picked up the phone with only the number on the caller ID, and there was no one there. I said, "Hello?" three times, and no response.
 Sep 11th, 2006
I'm on the do not call list and they've called my home office number I never answer because I don't recognize the name.
Kathy Waite
 Sep 11th, 2006
Phone call on a Saturday afternoon at 4:50. ID said unknown caller. And I am signed up for the "do not call list" under our state law!
 Sep 09th, 2006
They called our house twice yesterday. The latter call was after midnight! 12:12 a.m. to be exact.
 Sep 09th, 2006
Got a call at 11:30 PM 09-08-06, No one there. Called number back on caller ID, got busy signal about 6 times over about 5 minutes.
 Sep 09th, 2006
Got a call at 11:30 PM Friday night 09-08-06, just got into bed, no one there when I answered. Called number back about 5 times and got busy signal.
 Sep 09th, 2006
These people have been calling me AT LEAST twice a day for a month now. The call came up 'New York call" today, but has come up as Lenders Bank and also as 000-000-0000. I have just stopped answering the other calls, but I have friends in New York, so I answered this time, unfortunately. I let this guy have it tonight when they called at 10:25pm. I would not let him speak. I cut him off everytime he tried to and told him to shut up. Doubt it will do any good, but I felt better anyway. They have called my home as early as 7:15 am and this is the latest they have called was 10:50pm on last Sunday night. It is always a person with an accent- from India, perhaps. They DO NOTtake no for an answer. I have told them repeatedly that I just refinanced and the rate I have is lower than they are offering. I have also told them every day to remove my name and number from their list, which they obviously have not done. It is past the point of irritating to almost harrassing.
 Sep 09th, 2006
Caller ID says Pleasntvl ny
I did not pick up and they left no message on my answering machine
 Sep 08th, 2006
It is Lenders Bank trying to change my morgage. Keep calling and won't stop.
 Sep 08th, 2006
This phone number has been calling for 2 weeks and the computer that calls just hangs up when I pick up the phone. Morning, day and night. Can't even call them back. Extremely frustrating.
 Sep 07th, 2006
These PEOPLE have been calling everyday. I have told them to take me off the list and they claim they have none. I have also told them to stop calling. I will sue if it contiues.And when you call the number, it just rings, I guess they don't want to be bother either.
 Sep 07th, 2006
Has anyone else noticed that the number self deletes from my caller i.d. log after a while. How does that happen??!!
 Sep 07th, 2006
Non stop calls from this number.. weekdays, weekends, day and night! Glad to see I'm not the only one...
Barbara Diaz
 Sep 06th, 2006
Keep getting hang ups
 Sep 06th, 2006
These people call me EVERY DAY! Usually, there isn
 Sep 05th, 2006
I too have this # on the do not call list of MO. I called back that # repeatetly, and come up a phone error 12 i t..hmmm
 Sep 05th, 2006
When I did a reverse number lookup this is the name of the company that came up: CARRIER: ALLEGIANCE TELECOM, INC. - NY. You can file a complaint at https://www.donotcall.gov. Do this especially if you asked them to not call and are on a do not call phone list.
 Sep 05th, 2006
Let's hang the bastards!
 Sep 05th, 2006
I filled out a form on LendingTree.com over a year ago...I think this is where they got my number. I never give out my cell number for this reason. Lending Tree is the only site I have given it to. However, the name of the company is First American. At least that is what the person told me when they called. I have asked them to take my name off of their list multiple times and have my name on a do not call list. However, they feel if they keep harassing me I will eventually want to trust them with my business...I don't think so!!! From what I know it's illegal to call; after someone asks you to stop, when you are on a do not call list, after the hours of 8-9pm, on Sundays, etc... This company feels that these rules do not apply to them. I will eventually find a way to make it know that they need to change the way they do business.
 Sep 05th, 2006
These people call me constantly - today, twice within an hour. Noone is on the line. I keep reporting them to the Do Not Call complaint department, but I'd like to know who, if anyone, reads these complaints. I continue to get calls from the same scum bags I report.
 Sep 04th, 2006
They have been calling everyday 2 x's a day...and at 8 am in the morning yesterday..to boot!!
 Sep 02nd, 2006
I'm filing a complaint with donotcall.gov EVERY TIME these turkeys call! Hope they end up costing these %(&%&$ a lot of money!
 Sep 02nd, 2006
search lenders bank at yellowpages.com
 Sep 02nd, 2006
called twice at 8 and 9 a.m. on 9-2-06. question did anybody here order books online
 Sep 02nd, 2006
They keep calling us too. Go to donotcall.gov and file a complaint. The more that do it the better!!!!
 Sep 01st, 2006
Received a call this morning-didn't answer as I didn't recognize the #. Caller ID indicated 'New York Call'. Tried to return the call but was told (via recording) "your call did not go through" - this after auto-dialing twice.
 Sep 01st, 2006
This number has been calling me for a week now. There's no name on the caller id and no one on the phone when i answer. This last time when i answered, it started ringing on the other end - as if i had made the phone call! That's when i went searching for some info on who the hell this is!
 Sep 01st, 2006
These guys have been calling me for awhile. They must be some kind of scam artists. No legitimate business would operate this way. I logged a complaint with the donotcall registry and called the operator (who was no help except to suggest that I block their phone number). Where is law enforcement in this matter?
 Sep 01st, 2006
these peaople are so stupide they call and when you answer and say hello they hang up next time they call i'm screaming into the phone i have had enough
 Sep 01st, 2006
I get at least one call a day from this number. After I answer they hang up. If I don't answer it goes into my voice mail and they hang up.
 Aug 31st, 2006
The cell phone rings. I answer. No response. I hand up.

A few days latter--- it repeats itself.
 Aug 31st, 2006
Someone keeps calling me daily, but when I pick up, there is no answer. Today, these pricks called again and this time a guy with an accent from India called.When I asked for his name and the company he worked for, he hung up.

If anyone has their address, please post it. If you can get me their home phone number, that would be great too.
 Aug 31st, 2006
Constant calls throughout the day and do not leave a message. when i do pick ask for owner of home and if not home asks for 2nd owner than she hangs up. can barely understand on the other end
 Aug 31st, 2006
i do not know who this is
 Aug 30th, 2006