Got a call on my cell awhile ago from 913-279-0780 which was identified here in this forum as being from CBE Group, a debt collecting company (Google confirmed) and decided to check out all the unfamiliar numbers that called my cell.

This CBE Group must have several call centers they harass people from because I've 3 calls from this number here - 319-242-7353

As well as


All are from different states but all are identified by other users of the forums here as CBE Group.

Been getting weird calls, calls from unfamiliar numbers & just plain annoying calls like the CBE ones ever since I got my present cell phone number. I don't know who had it before me but I do know it's time to demand a new, hopefully, trouble free one from my carrier.
 Feb 07th, 2014
Got a call on my cell.

Ever since I got this number a couple years ago when switching carriers (piggy backing on a family member's account because $10 + my part of all those obnoxious taxes & fees/month beats the hell out of having my own account & paying 7x that)I've gotten calls from numbers totally unknown to me.

Given the nature of some of the calls, I can understand why the person who previously had this number turned it for a new one. I'm about ready to do the same.

I don't owe any bills other than the usual recurring monthly ones like electricity.

No point in answering 'cause I know enough from reading here & elsewhere that these vultures calling for, debts real or imagined, don't care if they've got the right person or not; they've got someone & that's all they care about
 Feb 07th, 2014
They left a Voice Mail message saying they are CBE Group Collections, to please call them at 866-910-3185, but did NOT give the name of whom they are looking for. I have no debt, so I block their number. They have also called from 319-242-7353
 Jul 01st, 2013
 May 01st, 2013