Caller Type: Telemarketer
Phone Number Owner: AutoOneWarranty
Phone Number Report: If you want to get off the calling list from WarrantyOne, at 310 Commerce, Ste: 150, Irvine CA, 82602, call 1-888-978-7709, and talk to BRAD COLEMAN. I finally got thru to him, after calling 15 times, and told him, that if I receive one more call from their company, I would file a lawsuit against HIM and their company. He said they are a broker, not the warranty company. It sounds like a SCAM to me The website is, and they wanted $2200 for a warranty on my '96 LEXUS ES300. The call starts out telling me that "My warranty is about to expire on my car". Well I bought this car used, and there never was a warranty that I had on this car. I have filed a complaint with the FCC, so hopefully we will not be hearing anymore from this company.
 Feb 22nd, 2009
This is a third-party telemarketing company generating leads for Auto One Warranty Specialists who can be reached at 888-978-7709. One of the insurance packages Auto One offers is called the Duralube Protection Plan. Duralube can be reached at 888-771-5656.

Call that first number and they will reluctantly admit to you that it is them. They will also claim to take you off of their call list, but they'll probably keep calling anyway.
 Dec 06th, 2008