interesting how an alleged legitimate 'charity' needs too keep changing callerID much less use 'Anonymous"
New Jersey
 Jul 07th, 2015
all I know is that for all the calls they've made to my house I have never once seen them in this town and it's only a mile square.
New Jersey
 May 20th, 2015
I've read that this is 'supposed' to be the United War Veterans pickup Service - IT'S A SCAM! The 'real' number for this service is 1-800-775-VETS (8387) and they have a website! Google it!
New Jersey
 Jul 14th, 2014
Maybe if the caller ID said United Veterans.....
I'm skeptical of numbers that don't show a name.
Besides they call my fax line, so they loose.
New Jersey
 Mar 18th, 2014
got phone call at 1:06am. are they kidding me!
New Jersey
 Feb 14th, 2014
Called several times lately. Caller ID is Unavailable. Never leave message. I don't answer.
New Jersey
 Feb 09th, 2014
These shitheads call at dinner time.Never answer,going on for months.That do not call list is a FARCE!
New Jersey
 Dec 19th, 2013
# 973-589-6684 , I am on a "no calls" list. Stop calling or I will tke further actions
New Jersey
 Mar 15th, 2013
No 'legitimate charity' calls at almost 9pm on a Sunday night. Shitbags.
New Jersey
 Oct 08th, 2012
Please Disregard message below - wrong number associated with message.
New Jersey
 Nov 17th, 2011
They have called 151 times, yes, that's 151 times in 4 months, luckily I can and do block selective incoming numbers. I am sympathetic towards charities, but not this one. I refuse to be harassed into giving. Charities are exempt from the do-not-call-list restrictions, which to this one means anything goes.
New Jersey
 Nov 16th, 2011
Finally answered the call & it's for United War Veterans Council, a legitimate charity. They wanted to collect clothing or used household items, not money. The call is actually from a company that runs these pick-ups for various charities & splits the money they get for these items with the charity.
 Nov 02nd, 2011
Called 3 times in one night!
New Jersey
 Sep 13th, 2010
They did not leave a message.
 Sep 05th, 2010
display on called id showed "Unavailable".
did not answer call.
 May 04th, 2010
United War Veterans - a charity
New Jersey
 Feb 08th, 2010