They said because Direct TV service has been so bad lately that DirectTV/AT&T are giving me a 2 year special for 79.99 if I prepay for 4 months up front with an EBay gift card. EBay card because EBay is helping them with this promotion. The promotion includes all the premium channels plus sports packages blah blah. I must purchase the EBay gift cards and call 888-405-3158 with the promotion code and the gift card numbers by 9 tonight for this great deal. They tried this with me a year ago but with an Amazon gift card. When I called Amazon and Direct TV to tell them, no one cared. This is why these people get away with this! SCAM SCAM SCAM.....Direct TV should give me a discount for the aggravation. They called me 5 times today.
New York
 Jun 20th, 2018