This is a collection agency. They called and I explained to them that I paid the so called final bill of a well known long distance company at the time I transferred to another if they want me to pay more then provide an itemized bill. Their response is to offer me a "discount" on the disputed amount then scream at me and hang up when I say I will gladly pay the bill if it is valid and they can tell me what exactly it is for. Apparently they cant so instead of calling me on 1 866-294-1752 they try to hide behind 1888-326-1011. What I will do is call the phone company directly to confirm my balance is 0. If it is not and by chance I do owe the money Ill pay the company and ignore the agency since I have no intention of tolerating any further calls from them. If it is 0 Ill send the company a registered letter confirming the balance is indeed 0 and directing them to desist or confine all communication to writing (YOU CAN DO THAT AND THEY HAVE TO COMPLY)
This has happened to me before and I was being billed for a home phone by a company I have never had an account with. I got that resolved and didnt pay because I didnt owe. If you have a common name watch out for these kind of mistakes.
 Jan 13th, 2009