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 Apr 01st, 2019
That arrogance from your collections rep and the convoluted canned ''Foti'' calls are both sadly common tactics across the debt collection industry. You just can't reason with crazy.

To a ''not me'' case I always recommend putting the agency on notice, just as you would if you were the target and the debt claim was invalid. Send a ''cease-communication'' notice via USPS Certified with return card. This is the method promoted by the FTC and many consumer watchdogs, and the only way to set a legal landmine, as such a notice is ignored at their risk of a lawsuit from you. You may already be due some payback if you can prove you've endured abusive or misleading treatment in an effort to collect debt.

You can get the whole thing done in one one curt paragraph. Some variant of this will do: ''These are the affected phone numbers, I cannot help you with your problem, stop calling about this matter.'' In my ''shut-ups'' I also like to briefly review when I was called and what I was told by live reps and/or canned messages. This is done in a calm ''inside voice'' without making threats or citing rules. I also print the relevant USPS tracking number someplace near the page footer. My little parts and accessories establish the background for an escalated dispute, particularly if I encountered resistance or frustration during past calls.

Whether you are called a debtor or some collector thinks you can flush one out, you have rights and options. Most are simple to exercise if you only learn how. The FTC and the CFPB can start you on your homework. See also if your state laws grant additional or stronger rights.

official FTC guidance and staff opinions on the FDCPA, PDF copy of the Act

CFPB reiteration of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
 Aug 29th, 2012
These people are assholes. They've called my phone on a nearly regular basis for the past few weeks now. Finally, today they leave a voicemail stating who they are and who the message pertains to. I am not the person they are trying to reach. I call back the number and extension left in the voicemail and demand that my phone # be removed since I am not the person they are attempting to contact. The ass on the other end has the nerve to tell me that if I wanted my number removed that badly I simply should have called earlier. Excuse me?! They've called me nearly every single day for the past three weeks and have never left a voicemail until today. WHY THE HELL would I call back a number that continuously refused to leave me a message as to what the call is regarding.

Not only that, but your voicemail states: "If you are not the person that this message is regarding, please disregard this message". Oh, so I'm supposed to simply disregard the message and allow you to continue calling my number looking for the wrong person? Really?

You IDIOT collectors, how dare you try to make me feel like the incompetent ass when you've been calling the wrong # for weeks on end.

If you are getting calls from 605-277-9215, feel free to call 1-877-305-2082 ext. 6355 and give the ass on the other end of the line a piece of your mind.

The company is called Global Credit and Collections and the person who left me a voicemail today was someone who's name sounded something like (it was barely audible in the voicemail): Mr. Mathem Maligem
 Aug 23rd, 2012