This is a Credit Card Phishing expedition. They tell you need to have at least $3500 in debt, and that they want to lower you interest rates to 6%. Then they ask for the credit card that has the most debt -- and they want the credit card number. I asked them for their number and they gave me 877-283-8065 x251. When I told them I would look them up and call them back, the guy hung up on me. Googling the number reveals that it is a credit card scam operation. Be careful, and never give out CC information to a company you haven't initiated the call with!!
Caller ID: (253) 363-9001
Caller: "Finanacial Consulting Services" FRAUD
M. P.
 Jan 21st, 2010
Same as the rest! A B...shit call that is part of a scam as I see it. They want you to call back 877-283-8065 that is also B.S. I would not fall for this crap.I am on the Do not call list as well. Why is this getting through?
 Sep 29th, 2009