I got a call numbered "+861791100"this morning , and i can't understand what they said. so i just hung up.
If it is SCAM, i was surprised a litte bit.
From Korea
 Jun 12th, 2009
Here are somethings that I wanna share and rant about.

Firstly, I've received calls from CHINA. Confirm is China. IT'S SCAM OBVIOUSLY.

Their number that appeared on my caller ID was either long numbers starting with 8 or just appear a ' call ' on your screen. No 'private no.' nor 'withheld' appear. Just a 'call'.

They will act as a surveyer, asking you for some spare time because they wants to do survey. It's always a lady who called. Obviously is a lady from China as their chinese slang is slanger than mine 50x. -.-

I knew they're scams already because my monkey brother told me he'd received such calls before. So I wanted to play around and waste their money for calling overseas too.

They will ask for your name that's all. Next time they call you, they will inform you that there will be an activity holding at somewhere and there's lucky draw. Give you your lucky draw number.

On that day of the activity, they will call you and say you've won wad wad wad.

Here are the details.

Okay, First lady called and said that they are from don't know what TV station saying that they wanna do survey on Mobile phones.

Ask you what model you're using and so on. Asked for my name.

Another time I received another call from them. It's another person, again saying they wanna do survey. This time is asking me do I know that there will be a phone having what what what special functions all this. Asked me what kind of price range will I suggest for such phone. Again asked for my name.

Next day they called, telling me that there will be an activity this coming few days. One is at Johor. One is at 不老广场 (Bu Lao Guang Chang) where I don't even know whether it exist in Singapore or not ( they told me is Singapore ). Told me my lucky draw number.

Day after next when it's the day of the activity, they called again (this time with background sounded noisy) asking me where am I because my lucky draw number was being called but I didn't appear. I said I'm at home la... Then they told me that I've won don't know what fuck (which I'm really not interested to know) etc. After which, they told me they will keep the prize for me and will call back telling me on how to claim it.

I'm bored with playing around with them already so, I just told her in quite a rude tone, ' Eh, why not like that I give you the prize you go take. I give you la you take it." and I hang her phone. She called back but I rejected.

Siao one this kind. But not bad la, CLAP CLAP CLAP for them for acting it till SO REAL seh. Still got what background noise ah. Not bad not bad.

But what exactly I wanted to tell everyone of you is that THESE ARE SCAMS! I just found out right, if you answer the phone, they will somehow tap your line through some 3rd party service provider and you get charged for it as you would if you made a 1900 call yourself !!!

Someone had gone to the service provider and this is what he/she had said " If u have a voice mail & they leave message, u will be charge. Like 20cts/airtime. They advise if we do not need the voice mail, terminate it. They can't do anything to stop or scan the call. "

Oh my fucking shit. I don't know all these are true or not. Just wait till I get my phone bills. Lucky I don't have voicemails.

Hey people. Yeap as I've stated, ALOT of people are receiving such calls from CHINA.

The numbers I've received from them are 861-791-1020000 and +861791100. The rest of the numbers were only displayed a 'call' on the screen.

I did asked them before how did they get my number and they said that it was computer generated. *Bullshit.

From what I've know, they just pick up the phone and dial Singapore handphone 8 digits number anyhow. Of course they will have a list to record the numbers they've dialled and so on. It goes something like 91234567 , 91234566, 91234565 and so on. Got what I mean?

And if you answer their questions and play along with them, they will be very polite to you and give stupid compliments like ' Your voice are very sweet' , ' Your name very nice', ' You sounded so polite and courteous' (That's what they've said to me though). -.-

Now what if you don't answer their questions or you speaks English? They will just be rude and hang up the phone without any hesitation. They're busy you know? They don't wanna waste their time on clever people like you and then continue to dial other numbers one by one.

Awww, reminded me of the time when I work as telemarketer. But of course! I'm way not at all as rude as them. I don't hang up people's phone just like that you see. They hung my phone. LOL.

Ok back to topic, from what I've researched now, they call you and they were the one who will be charged and NOT US. But I don't know whether these are reliable or not la, you can choose to believe it or not.

I will wait till my bill comes and see whether I have overshot it or not. I've always maintain my bills around $33 per month! =)) Have 1000 free sms to ANY operator, free incoming call and 3 M1 number lines to dial free outgoing ALL time. It's more than enough for me.
 Mar 02nd, 2009
Caller said something indecipherable on voice mail
 Dec 19th, 2008
I got the call to my cell phone. I pick it up but it was silent over there, so I hang up.
 Sep 20th, 2008
I got this call twice in 5 minutes; 1st user unknown, second +861791100.
From Japan
 Oct 04th, 2007