Just like the other person, I got a call from a sweet elderly lady telling me they were taking a poll about violence in the entertainment media. I was also informed that I would be getting a call from a "family friendly" film group as a follow up. Got the follow-up call today from 857-444-5682. The young man told me he was following up and then started pitching me on two of their movies - all mine for the low price of $26 and some change. I told him that I was sure they were great movies for kids, but my son is grown and well beyond the "Princess and the Pea" and "Franklin" days. He repeated same pitch. I said no - again. He asked about grandchildren and I told him not yet. He repeated pitch. Again - no. At this point, I was annoyed and said, "Son - are you listening to a word I'm saying?" He started in on the pitch again. Annoyed just turned into angry. "SON - ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME???? You can try to talk over me all day long, but it's not going to make my kids younger or poof grandchildren out of thin air!" He apologized if he offended me and then actually asked me if they could call back in a few days. Like a few days time is going to make my kids young again or produce grandchildren. I hope, for the company's sake, that they don't call back.
Kim J
 Jan 10th, 2013