Ditto. Don't expect them to stop.
 Dec 06th, 2018
Sam experience here as below. been getting faxes for years on a daily basis. nothing works to stop them.
 Apr 03rd, 2018
I just received a fax from Fly Wheel Autos that had this number to opt out of future faxes. It also includes a fax option of 888-864-2009 or an email option of deletemyfaxnumber@gmail dot com. It is the first that I know of, but I will keep my eyes open for future contacts. If it becomes a problem I will act on it an submit a new report.
 Feb 21st, 2018
800-510-0783 is sending out SPAM FAXES. They're an advertising/marketing company that is sending faxes for a local roofing company. I called the "if you rec'd this fax in error, please call 1-855-842-2322 to be removed" - and it's an automated system where you enter in your fax number. However, we are a 30000 people company/location, and have over 100 fax numbers that are rec'ing this fax. I called the company (Paradise Roofing, 407-770-7459) who the ad it for, and the owner (the number is his cell phone) was very unhelpful. I said that this was Lockheed Martin (it is), and that they're faxing to a number of our faxes daily, and it must stop. He said they just started using this company. He wouldn't provide their information for me to contact, and he is away on business in Ohio. Essentially, he was unhelpful. I see the fax came from 800-510-0783. I cannot find anything on this fax number - the advertising company the owner said they're using.
 Dec 04th, 2017