8:18AM CST called my cell phone again. The last time it was from 850-257-7722 so my blocking calls won't work so they are set up on some type of rotary. I have to get a new cell phone and this time not give it out to anyone. They just said to give them a call didn't ask for me by name so obviously they weren't calling for me. I listened to the full message 888-356-8021 is their callback number. Checked my credit report 2 weeks ago everything perfect so they got my cell phone number from somewhere.
 Jan 28th, 2014
received call 12:28 PM CST on my prepaid cell phone which I only share with my family and professional offices only. Don't answer unknown numbers but they left a voice mail stating they were Dynamic Recovery Solutions calling to collect a debt. Of course they didn't leave any information for whom they were calling for nor who they were collecting for. I blocked any further calls to my cell phone from this number. Since we have a land line we get our neighbors calls for people that haven't lived in our apartment complex for over 10 years so no name no answer for me. Lately a lot of calls has been showing with local calling numbers which are obviously out of state. These and even legitimate companies has taken the joy out of having a home telephone. It is a shame that I'm afraid to answer my home phone because of all the scams. Caller ID is a must.
 Jan 23rd, 2014