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 Nov 20th, 2011
beware of calls from 813-454-0110. harrassing voicemails from an ALAN MARTIN and BRIAN LINCOLN was very rude. glad i didn't give any information and found this site first. still scary that they have all of my information.
 Jan 28th, 2011
Merchant account ... wish I'd thought of that, ARH. Probably the offshore crooks have, and can mask or change accounts quickly much like the Russian spam gangs. But it's a fine idea for investigation.

The FDCPA defines "debt collector" somewhat loosely, but holds in general that it has to be more than a hobby or occasional activity. If the agency's home state does not demand a license or bond, they really only need desks and phones. Once they call interstate it can be a different story, of course. I think if these offshore thugs are ever linked back to American entities, the Fair Debt case load would be massive. It would be up to the courts to decide if the charges would stick.
 Dec 11th, 2010
My experience is much like the others on this page. They called my work and threatened every single employee and my boss! I called a lawyer and was informed that legal action could be taken only if this company was registered as a law office or collection company. They could not find information about them at all. Somehow, we need to find out if they are tied to the US at all. If they are collecting money from people through credit or debit cards, then they have a merchant account. This means they would have had to provide company information and should be traceable. If any of you have actually "paid" this company you can track the transaction through your bank and get real information about them. Then the fun begins! I will go to the end of my sanity to win against people like this. I do not give up or get intimidated.
Angry RedHead
 Dec 10th, 2010
Since these creeps work outside U.S. borders, "Not Happy", I'm not sure direct legal confrontation would reach them, not unless someone proves the theory that the payday loan scammers are being bankrolled by domestic organized criminals.

It would not hurt to study the FDCPA and other laws regarding collection and credit reporting, just to see how these thugs would otherwise be begging for punishment by each of us through the private right of action we are granted. I might also suggest complaints to FTC, attorneys general, and any other authority which collects data accessed by law enforcement and litigators, so that at least awareness of the threat to our sanity is very clear.

See also discussions for these numbers: 704-200-9909, 559-823-5337, 443-451-3816
 Dec 03rd, 2010
I am so glad that I found this information that everyone has posted on this website. I have been receiving the same scary phone calls threatening me with lawsuits and I was even told that "if I don't return their phone call then all he can do is wish me luck". I really wish there was a way that these scammers could get caught. It sounds to me like there are a lot of phone calls they are making. What are we suppose to do? The number I was given was 1-813-703-1590 with the returning call to a John Bennett. I hope that more people are smart enough to look into this so that they are not sending money or more personal information to these horrible people.
Not Happy
 Dec 03rd, 2010
11-10-10 in 91360 area code.
 Nov 11th, 2010
my family, friend and myself have been receiving calls from this number as well, from "ACS" a man by "john smith" and "arnold watson" both with thick accents middle eastern in nature saying i owe them money and i need a lawyer, after checking with my bank there were no deposits made by any party other than my employer and i called it back to ask for a fax number they gave me 646-768-4401 i attempted to have my bank fax the information and the message prompted for a fax but it would never answer or send conformation, i called them back asking for more information they quoted my ssn, DLN, DOB, and address and bank information, i had never had given anyone from this or any other internet organization information to this detail. I asked them to provide me with information about their company and they hung up, i call back and the same person answers changing his voice and tells me to call the company directly at 561-548-3837, i did and the phone rings and then goes quiet, i attempted several times.
 Sep 08th, 2010
You want to know how to really screw with these goofs and help relieve some anxiety on your part? BLOCK YOUR NUMBER, call them back at the number they leave on your voice mail after a little while, and have fun. Keep calling them back over and over. Tonight I got one guy so mad he last answered his phone with just “hello” and now won’t answer at all and his voice mail box mysteriously will not accept any more messages…..Gee, I wonder why??
Since these creeps darn near cost me my job, I decided nothing was off-limits. I told him his ancestors were mud eating pigs, that I did his sister and she loved every minute of it, that I’d do him if he didn’t like it, that his mother had been in more laps than a napkin, that his girl had been around more times than a carousel, and on and on. I asked him about his female plumbing…..oh man I laughed so hard by the time I was done I had tears in my eyes…and these smileballs deserve every bit of it.
It seems they can dish the crap out but can’t take it very well.
Don’t put up with them……..get yours back!!
Scammer Slammer
 Aug 22nd, 2010
They called my ex-boss, my best friend and my mother! They all called me with total fear! I am a sweet and innocent person and they made me feel like an f-ing criminal! The words JAIL and CRIMINAL are not words in my vocabulary so when someone calls the people I care about talking about me like this I get PISSED! I called my local police dept. they called the # 813-756-4724 that was calling me and they had the balls to tell the officer he owed money too!!!! They are rude, relentless and totally a SCAM!!!!
 Aug 07th, 2010
I was getting these calls for almost a year from National Affidavit Processing Department>>when i finally answered one of their calls(by accident I might add)>.was told that I was going to be arrested and have a debt of $721. I needed to make a down payment of 500.00 today. When I asked for some paperwork to verify this in formation, the caller stated that they were unable to provide me with a bill or anything. I told the motherfucker that I would NOT pay until I saw some kind of documentation. That was 2 years ago>>i still get called and it is from a variety of phone numbers>>most of them are from Florida or New York, some of them do not check out. I regret ever answering that phone>>the names of the callers are foreign and they use American sounding names. This has been a fucking nightmare.
 Jun 24th, 2010
06/02/2010 - I have been receiving these calls since January! At least 2 times a week, sometimes more! From what I have figured out they got my information from an online job application, I dont know which one. I know this because they have reffered to my refferences names when they were arguing with me tring to "prove" they know my all my info and "I was in big trouble". I dont answer the phone anymore but they wont stop calling! You would think they would get the point that Im not falling for it!
 Jun 02nd, 2010
Many of us have had our personal information obtained by these scam organizations and asking yourself how this happened, is a moot issue.

First, in order to insure your identities are not used in the future, here are are some suggestions:

1. If you have used payday loans in the past, you must stop doing this, as I have been informed by law enforcement agencies, that many of these payday programs are fronts for oganized crime, no matter how professional they come across.

2. Write a letter to the Social Security Administration informing them you are a victim a identity fraud, and are requesting that you would like to have your name added to the database for dentity fraud.

3. Do not answer the phone with these people and get into a conversation with them, you will only heighten your anxiety and fears. I spoke to an official here in Albany New York from the Homeland Security office who told me these scams originate out of India and it is difficult to track them.
 May 21st, 2010
 Mar 28th, 2010
ALL the messages on this page are EXACTLY the same and mine is no different!! I won't waste any time spilling my story because it seems you've heard it all before!! I will say this...please add the name Jimmy Carter and Sheila ??? to your list of names and also add the phone number 772-934-8008 to the listings of #'s to check out for!!!!
 Mar 26th, 2010
this man has called me 8 times today!!!! 10 times yesterday and every 3 motnhs harasses me for about 3 weeks stragiht! Tells me to have my retained attorney of record call them, or i am going to jail. He told me i owed him 450.00 for an on line loan, that i never finished filling out! I asked for him to send me something showing what i supposedly owed, he told me to just pay it first and them he would send me a reciept, i told him i would see him in court then and he yelled at me and hung up. that was 6 months ago...still not been called to court!!!originally was getting an 813 i get all 0's as a number!
 Feb 12th, 2010
They called my brother all the way in Japan...don't give them any information about yourself, please don't give them your SSN, hang up....
 Jan 28th, 2010
They people are just plain crazy... They don't give up. I have notified every authority that i know of. I have even told them I know they are fraud and they just continue. I am so glad I am not alone in this.
 Dec 23rd, 2009
I began receiving calls from "ACS" on 12/4/09 stating that I have 3 pending legal suits against me regarding an outstanding loan in the amount of $320.00. They advised me that I would be arrested either at my home or my place of employement, of which they do have all my information even my social security number.Of course I was terrified, I called Cash Net USA which was who they said they were representing, I was told that this is FRAUD and of I already knew I did not owe anything.When they called again, I advised them that I knew this was fraud and the female rep told me that all she could do was " Wish me Well"... whatever! It quited down for about a week and yesterday the calls started again, only now they are claiming to be with Cash Advance USA and contact person is Nick Thomas. I have notified all credit agency, Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General and my local authorities, only because they have all my personal information that identify theft could play a role in all this bullshit. I was so glad to find this site and know that I am not alone.
 Dec 16th, 2009
ACS has been calling me forever, they threaten that I will be sued and I must call back or have my attorney of record call them asap because this is a time sensitive issue....What a piece of shit, all they do is make empty threats. They started calling and threatening me back in March of 2009 and I got another voicemail yesterday, same old crap, some deadbeat ahole reading a script or attempting to read a script. They've called me about 30 times and I only talked to them once, and the I told the guyto send me the paperwork on whom was supposedly suing me and what for and he replied that I was a dum American and should know the facts. I told him, the fact was that I was up to date on all my business and no one could possibly be suing me and he started to get nasty and irrational, cussed me, and called me names, and then I hung up. I will not answer again or listen to their voice mails. I am not afraid of these thieves, because no one is suing me, its a lie and a scam to try and scare me into sending them money.
Becky Florida
 Dec 10th, 2009
I agree with the Shepard Post. Don't ever do business with payday loan companies, they are thieves. They ruined my life.
 Dec 09th, 2009
A guy calling himself John Smith, Indian Accent called me 4 times, and on the 5th I answered, he told me there was a lawsuit filed against me in the state of New York, I said, by whom and what for, he said, you should know and I said, I don't know and he started screaming telling me I should know my business and then all of a sudden this Stupid Jerk calms down and says, ok I will help you, lets settle this now, and I said settle what, the idiot started screaming again, (keep in mind I never got upset because I thought it was a friend pulling a joke), well the stupid Idiot went on to say, he could keep me out of court and from being arrested and interrogated if I would send $800 immediately. I said no, and he started yelling again and hung up, then this psychopath calls again 10 minutes later and says, are you ready to settle, I said, ok and then he proceeds to tell me my bank information and that's when I knew it was not a joke from a friend. I told him to call back in 5 days when I would have the money, he said, I didn't have 5 days but he could give me 2days, I said ok. After I hung up I went to the bank and closed my account, then I called my sister who works for a attorney and he helped me peice this crap together. We conclude that my information was either stolen or sold by an online predatory lender that I considered doing business with back in May when I lost my job. So now my entire identity has been compromised.

I am writing a letter and getting a petition together to the State Congress and Attorney General to hold Lenders accountable for private information, being that this is almost impossible, I URGE everyone to NEVER put your social, or banking information online. Do not trust payday loan companies or credit card companies. They are shiftless and rougish.

Now this guy was a SCAM but he had my information, since I have change my banking info and put a freeze on my credit. If you encounter this same crap with them, I suggest you protect yourself and do the same. They cannot sue you or have you arrested as they will try to scare you into sending them money but having your information is dangerous. These are terrorist and pshychopaths.
 Dec 09th, 2009
I am so happy to find your site. The number I was left was 813-319-2662. I called it and reached no one. I received some stupid message about my social secruity nubmer and 3 serious allegations. I was told to call Mile Johnson at what I thought was "Abbadabit Consolidation Services." The person with a heavy accent said they received my case file and they are a legal department. I did a reverse look up and found that the 813 area code is in Florida. Sounds like my info was sold to them from some a#@hole. I will not return their call and if I pick up the phone when they call I'm going to say that I just got the phone number that they called and I don't know any one by that name to try to get them to quit bugging me. Don't call them back. What a bunch of jerks.
No Cal victim
 Dec 01st, 2009
These people called my phone and my situation was the exact same and I got really smart with them because I knew that they wasn'tprofessional at all and plus they left on my voicemail that they were going to send the police to my job and I would be terminated. The people are some BASTARDS! They need to find some other way to make some money, they got me pissed off and want to jack them and their mommas up because they had me freakin out until I tried to look up information on them and found this webpage. Thanks! The new number is 813-319-2653, but when you call back it's a freakin cell phone after it picks up it'll say you have reached that ext. and whatever but if you stay on the phone you will hear that the voicemail box is full, HELLO dumbasses this is a cell phone. Don't fall for these fuck faces, they are SCAMMERS!
 Nov 14th, 2009
I Received a call from my mother at 8am yesterday, telling me that some man named "Keith McNulty" Called and said there was fradulant information in an online account I held and that this is a legal matter I need to get back with him about. My best friend also called and said that this "keith" guy called him and said "it would be wise, if you have your friend call us ASAP" So I called 411 and did a reverse look-up, and they said the number is either a cell phone number or it is unlisted, But they did say the number is listed in "Coral Springs Florida", Which I have never lived in in my life. So I called my cell company and had them block my number and I proceeded to call this "keith" person. I called and an indian man named "Victor" answered the phone. I asked to speak with "keith" and he got very rude, aggressive, and I said I was simply returning his phone call. He put me on hold, which i listened to someone play a keyboard of twinkle twinkle little star, and then keith answered. He asked for my SSN, Phone Number and I refused to give him any of these, so he told me to "NEVER CALL THIS NUMBER BACK".

After This I contacted a lawyer I knew and He called this number and asked to speak with the Legal Department. This truly upset the Hell out of these indian guys. They told him they cannot give out this information, and that they needed my information in order to find out what he was calling for. He refused to give my name to "keith" and they hung up. We called back and the person decided to blow into the phone piece and create "static". We called back again and asked for the legal department and the guys pretended to act as an answering machine, and it was a joke!

But the best part was when my lawyer gave me the phone to speak with the guy, and the guy told me that he thought it was funny that my "mom" was playing my lawyer! WTF> and then when i refused to give him my information he said he was going to "Download" some serious charges against us.

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM! These people are nothing. I have checked with the BBB in FLorida and they are FRAUD!!!
So Cal Victim
 Nov 13th, 2009
I've been called repeatedly by American Legal Processing Division. Messages were threatening. I finally called back and they were very vague with the name of the company that they represented. like "Cash Advance" or "Payday Loan". I kept asking for something in writing and they tried to dance around that. I told them to talk to my attorney. His name is "Go Fuck Yourself" and hung up. Today I received a call at work. Let it go to voicemail. The message was similar. I called back on a line that has 000-000-0000 as called id. I asked about having them do some work for me. I told them that I was trying to sue someone and needed documents served. They said that they were a law firm called Affidavit Consolidation Services. I asked him if he got his law degree in the U.S. and he said "yes, in New York". I asked what school, and he replied "the city was Middlebury". What lawyer does not know what the name of the school was that they attended???? THIS IS A SCAM FOLKS!!!!!!
do not scam me
 Nov 04th, 2009
NBC 4 called the number left avoicemail. The man who answered would not take any questions and hung up the phone. VICTOR SMITH IS A TERRORIST, A THIEF AND LIER. I hope this pig burns in hell.

If they call you file a report against the company, called National Affidavit Processing Services, with your Cities police department and called the Federal Trade Commission, along with three credit bureaus to protect herself.

The Attorney General’s Office says to never give out personal information over the phone.

You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in your area if you think you are being scammed.
US Citizen
 Nov 01st, 2009
Affidavit Consolidation Services has this Victor Smith calling me every day about a loan I never received. I usually hang up on him as he yells and screams at me. He says charges are being filed against my social security number and I could resolve the issue by paying him and settling out of court. He never says who is saying I owe them, never agrees to send me the paper work, just constantly badgers me to send him money. This has got to stop. I have cancer and don't need this extra aggravation. I would change my number but I have to many contacts, doctors, family, etc. to do this. I even asked this guy to meet me and my lawyer at the county sheriff's office and he refused becoming irate and crazy. It's ridiculous that people are to lazy to work for money and sit behind a telephone trying to pull scams over on honest people.
 Oct 31st, 2009
A guy from Affadavit Consolidation Services has been calling me for the past few months, threatening that I would be arrested and jailed for 2 months if I didn't pay a loan I got from Cashco. or some company, he want really say who the loan was from or who is filing charges. If I ask any questions he becomes tempermental and starts telling me how I will be raped and beaten in jail. He said I could avoid being raped in jail if I would just pay my bill then when I say what bill-he says he's downloading my file to the sheriff and they will come pick me up and then he says, I can be helped only by God. Hangs up and calls a few days later and tells me he took pity and stopped the download and wants my credit card number so he can pay the company for me and I will not have to give up body to the jail. He sounds threatening and vulgar and I shake for at least 30 minutes after receiving his calls. If I don't answer he continues to call and call. This person is a dog and a lowlife to accuse me of something I'm not guilty of. If I owed money I would pay it but how can I pay someone when I don't know whom I am suppose to pay. I have checked and I can't find anyone I owe any money except the one visa card I have and it is current. I called visa to see if they were doing this and they said no. Help, someone help.
 Oct 24th, 2009

These people are scammers. They try to scare you into sending them money, by using words like arrested, sued, investigated. Do not send them money because it happened to me. First of all, I didn't repay the right company. I sent these thieves $800 which was my rent money for the month of June, then in August they harassed me for another $1,000 and I lost my car and my girl. Now On October 4, they called and started harassing me again and want $500 more. I finally confided in a friend and he found them and their scams on ABC News and all over the internet. Don't be a fool like I was.
No car No girl
 Oct 23rd, 2009
These people are fake, phonies, thieves. Don't listen to them. Hang up, tell them your own to their scams. They will stop calling you and move on to someone else. Stop being so afraid of someone hiding behind a phone, they are scammers and they use scare tactics to try and break you. They call your jobs in hope that you will get tired and send them money and when you do send them money, they will not stop they will keep trying to get more money out of you....So don't send them a dime, if you owe money be sure your paying the right company. Don't pay these ACS dudes, they are not even a company they are scammers. They will nickel and dime you to death. Report these thieves, hang up on them. Let them know your own to their scam.
Irish Dan
 Oct 20th, 2009
 Oct 20th, 2009
i have been called several times in the past month or so. from a man named neil johnson at 813-436-8927 and 412-360-8420. they say i owe a loan with cash net usa for the amount of 340.00 plus charges which equal to 839.00
and if i do not pay then i will be picked up by the police and maybe cost me an additional 5000.00 if fees if i do not go to jail. i call back and ask for information on this and all i get is you took it out on line and there is no signature. when asked to send me these records i get nothing. also today i was notified by a neil johnson and a arnold watson at 813-436-8927. this man told me to call this no. to talk to cash advance usa-516-833-3191. when i call this no. they just say hello and when i ask them who they are. then they start to say oh i am with cash advance usa can i help you. i looked cash advance usa to see if there is such acompany and when i call them they said you do not have a loan with us. please watch these no.s and contact your local police dept. please how do we get these people to stop harrassing us.
 Sep 22nd, 2009
I received a call from 317.238.3084 this morning asking me to call a David Hall in regard to legal matters. I will possibly be sued and legal action against my social security number will be taken. Then he said if I don't call him he doesn't know what will happen to me. I was asked to call 314.602.4541 to resolve this matter. This all took place on my work number which I found a little disturbing. I called them and said to take my number off their call list and he confirmed the number and said he would. Funny thing, if they were legit he would have tried to confirm more info. We'll see if the calls continue. BEWARE!!!
 Sep 18th, 2009
I also have received a call from these guys a lot of times. I was also told that i had taken out a cash advance and that I owed $5000 in late fees. I knew that was crap because Im in the military and we arent authorized pay day loans. So I found this site and found out that everyone else on here are also gettig harassed so I printed the blogs and took it to my local criminal investigations department. They also told me it was a scam althought they could do nothing because it wasnt their jurisdiction. Some way or another they got our cell phone numbers and read me back one of my old mailing addresses. I don't know how they got it but if they read you back your info deny it. Also call the 3 big credit bureaus and tell them that you are a possible victim of identitiy theft and you can have a fraud watch put on you for 90 days.
 Sep 14th, 2009
Add names;Nick Thomas, Mike Wilson, and Neal Johnson.They hazve called me about 30 times in the past 2 weeks. THe numbers is:817-231-7416,818-450-5620, I have been called"STUPID" and have been told to "GO TO HELL" when I asked any questions about why they were calling. Always the thick Indian accent but different names. SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER
 Sep 09th, 2009
Please add phone# 347-602-4541 to the ACS list, Joe ??? Nick Thomas and Curtis Jackson,
All of these guys are very nasty and I cannot get an honest answer or e-mail from these calls to get this harrassment stopped!
 Sep 08th, 2009
I rec'd a phone call today from "Sebastian Taylor" who had a deep Indian accent also telling me that I owed money from a payday loan owned by Advance Cash. He told me not to hang up that 7 lawyers were listening to the call. I told him that I didn't owe money and he continued to tell me that there was an affidavit against me for $492 and he wanted me to give him a flat out answer if I was going to resolve this or not. I had a difficult time understanding him and I told him that I needed to check my banking records and get back with him. He said something along the lines of that he would forward this to his senior and didn't know what would happen to me!! He gave me his number as 347-602-4541 and his senior (Robert Williams) is 347-602-4540. I did a search on these numbers and they both register as cell phone numbers.
 Sep 08th, 2009
These guys are scammers. They have called my job,home,friends and family and will not stop. This has been going on for over a year.I filed a complaint with the attorney generals office but the numbers of these jerks change so fast that it is hard to get a handle on them. Don't let that stop you though. File a complaint and let the caller know you will file. This stops them for awhile anyway.
 Sep 02nd, 2009
I received a phone call today from ACS and was instructed to call back 817-231-7416 concerning a legal matter. Called the number back and was told that I owed a debt for cash advance loans, the date I took it out, my bank account number, SSN, and home address. They told me I had to option I can pay now or go to court. I told him to contact my lawyer and he replied NO. The guy on the phone talked with a heavy accent and became extremely rude when I asked for some paperwork, addresses and name of the company. The guy just hung up on me, but continues to call me throughout the day...Don't even know where to start to get him to stop.
 Aug 26th, 2009
I also received a call from ACS and they had all of my information and told me that I took a loan out at which I did not. The guys name was Paul Thomas and he was rude and threatening me, his number is
817-231-7414. I dont know how they got my work number and information but its all very creepy. These people are crazy and Paul had a thick Indian accent. I also called the company and the person that answered had a thick accent so I am going to file a fraud report with the social security administration.
 Aug 22nd, 2009
They called me today. The number I called back was 817-231-7415. The guys name was Alex Parker. He stated the same information!!! He had information on me so that made me worried right away!!!!!! thanks for posting this site----I now know that this is indeed fake. Still worried though how he knew some of my information and phone number--
 Aug 22nd, 2009
I got a call from ACS the other day and they told my son that I had a payday loan that I had not paid. The man had a heavy Indian accent and his name was Paul Thomas. I returned the call and told him that I did not have a loan with Cash Advance USA. He said that they had my banking information and social security number and that I owed $300.00 plus $267.00 in restitution payment or face legal action and a possible $5000.00 fine for fraud. I called the "real Cash Advance USA" and I indeed did not have a payday loan. When I called Paul Thomas back he said that it was my choice if I did not pay, but that he wished me good luck if I went to court. I told him that this was all bogus and he hung up on me and then he called my place of employment and spoke with my boss to let him know that I was committing an act of fraud. My boss just humored him and I have contacted the Attorney General in my state to fill out paper work against them. We do need to stop these people. Some poor souls may be unduly frightened and just give these scum the money out of fear.
 Aug 21st, 2009
I am getting the same phone calls. It starts off as a Omaha, NE number and then return the call to a TX number. A little wierd for me. He wants all of my bank account info. I do not want to giveim that. Has anyone received any paper work yet? Should I worry about it? I was told I was rude on the phone when it was them being rude and interupting me. Not sure what to think.
 Aug 21st, 2009
A guy name Nick Thomas called my cellphone stating that i owed money on a payloan sometimes back. He said that he was going to press charges against my name and social security number send my info to the local court in my area and i would hear a phone call from the the local police/ county sheriff on the following monday morning. He left me a number to call him back. It had a 347 area code and the rest was inclear to me, due to his accent. Anyway, It made me worry at first until I saw this web page and realized it was a scam. What do I do now??
 Aug 18th, 2009
OMG! The same thing happened to me today! I recieved a call from Affidavit Consolidation Services earlier today from this guy who had a thick, heavy Indian accent named, John Smith (yeah right!). He stated, with a threat, regarding a cash advance matter if not resolved out of court, I would be taken to court for $585.00. He kept repeating the fact that the call was being recorded and had my personal information and was trying to confirm my SSN and phone number and address. I tried to look up the company over the internet and found this posting, except I was given this number: 817-231-7416. I wonder how they retrieve your personal information? And how can we stop them from calling our work?
 Aug 18th, 2009
This "company" (*SCAM!*) called me today and left a voicemail on my cell phone. The guy stated his name, and then went on to say he had received an affidavit on me and that he needed me to call him back before something "wrong" happened to me! That is a threat! Where I live it's illegal to even mention that you are calling regarding a debt unless the person named on that debt is who you are talking to. There was an extreme amount of background noise, and the man spoke with an Indian accent. I do not have any payday loans out, and have not for years. I don't work, so I don't qualify to get them! This company is a fraud and needs to be stopped!
 Aug 12th, 2009
A person by the name of victor has called my office and left voicemail or a message with someone in the office a few times this week saying he needed to speak to me regarding a legal matter. Did not give his company name or any other information. Not sure if I should call him back.
Paula Brewer
 Aug 11th, 2009
I have received ten telephone calls from several different people. All repeating the same messages: They have important important information about an Advance Cash USA Loan that I took out JUly 08, $630, and now I owe $5000 in Legal fees. I have a file number which they read to me and they want to know my intentions so that they can work with me to make payment arrangements. They call me on my home and cell phones. I explain that I owe nothing and hang up. They call right back. I tell them that this is a scam and they will get no money from em but they just keep calling...different times fo the day and different days of the week. I have reseached the Advance Cash USA - no Company by this name. They gave be Steve Robinson name and his number, when I call the number, of course the person, has my information and tells me the same story, I owe the money...I do not and will not send money.
 Aug 07th, 2009
I have also been threat by this company ACS her name was Nancy would not give me a last name kept calling my office number all the time over and over again, about a payday. help
 Aug 07th, 2009
Mine is the same. The person that I "talked to" is Andy Clark, who indicated they were from Affidavit Consolidation Services. They claimed I had taken out a loan, which I have never in my life. Be aware of these individuals that call.
 Aug 04th, 2009
My daughter and I switched cell phones (good thing- she's young). Same thing with threatening to send an investigator to the home and her work and "tell them what this is all about". Again heavy accent. Said his name was Alex Parker... yeah right!!! I tried calling the # back but no answer 954-678-0562). They represented they are a law firm called Affidavit Consolitation Services. The area code is for Florida so I reported it to the Florida State Bar.
 Jul 31st, 2009
Same story for me. I just received a message from someone with a very heavy accent saying a legal matter is pending against me. He mumbled his name so I have no idea what he said. He said I need to call him back at 347-342-0212 to avoid being confronted at work. I do not owe anyone nor will I be paying for anything. I am debating calling them back but I can't have them calling me at work so it looks like I have to.
 Jul 28th, 2009
Suspicious! They were calling me regarding collection on a loan that I had taken out in December, but they wouldn't send me information about it and when I asked them for their street address and other contact information besides the phone number....they wouldn't give it to me. I've tried looking up this business online and I can't find them anywhere. I seriously doubt this is a legitimate company!
 Jul 27th, 2009
I can almost cut and paste from all the previous comments. My story is exactly the same. Jason with an extreme accent saying that I didn't pay on a loan and was trying to get me to resolve the matter over the phone by giving him my credit card number. I don't think so!
 Jul 25th, 2009
I received a call today from this place. They called me at work & my cell. The foreign man said his name Jason Scott, #813-749-9950. That it was is re: to legal matter. When I called back, the person was again foreign and acted weird when I asked for that name. Then, I was left on hold for several minutes. When they returned, I was told I had several complaints against me from an Internet Loan Company. A supposed loan taken out in Oct 2008. I never took a loan out last year, at all. When I asked for documentation, they could not provide.

I have looked into this matter before. Places cannot contact you threatening arrest or legal action. I stated this to them, the person got nasty and said "Well, someone will be visiting you at work"...I stated again this is not legal. They finally said "well, I guess you are not interested in taking care of this matter", then hung up.

Just to be sure, I called my local State Attorney's office. Their has been something filed, then an investigation before you are even contacted if this is a true legal matter.
 Jul 21st, 2009
Same number called me, these guys are good people so becareful. He called and said his name was Steve Robinson and that he was calling about a advance cash loan that I took out and that it was pass due, basically everyone here has the same story but worded different. Next time he calls you, tell him to fuc off. These people me me sick

Scam Scam Scam!!!!!
 Jul 19th, 2009
Caller states his name is "Nick Thomas" says I took out a cash advance in July 2008, and now I have been referred to ACS because of Affidavit listing 3 "crimes" against me. I asked for a copy of the Affidavit - he can't provide this - his only "job" is to contact me and find out what my intentions are and if I want to go ahead and pay the $712 on a supposed $300 loan - I asked him to send me a copy of the original loan document and he says he cannot provide that, as this loan was taken online and I should know what loans I have taken out.. I asked for his phone number and address. he gave me his phone number as 347-342-0212 pretty automatically, but when he was giving me his address, he had to think about it a bit. When I further investigate the supposed cash advance company as named as Cash in 1, I get the error message "Services for this domain have been discontinued" This is the 2nd call I've received from this company - a couple of months apart! how do we stop these jerks?!!
 Jul 17th, 2009
Caller left a threatening message; said that charges were pending against my social security number. I called them back and notified them that I wanted whatever it is that I supposedly owe in writing and they stated they could not give me that in writing. These people had very heavy accents and used common American names. I have since notified the authorities. Do not give them any information or pay them any money; sounds like a scam to me.
 Jul 14th, 2009
told me a friend commited online fraud and wanted me to pass a message on to him. they said that i was a reference. he (an indian guy) said his name was Neil Thomas and gave me a number to call him back on of 813-441-0108.
 Jul 13th, 2009
they called and said i owed money for a loan i took out and i need to pay the money and to give them a call back
ariel spencer
 Jul 09th, 2009