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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

34 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
unknownSECURITY INFO2012-11-29
UnknownBurlington, VT2012-11-16
unknownSECURITY INFO2012-11-14
unknownSECURITY INFO2012-11-10
unknownSECURITY INFO2012-11-10
UnKnownSecurity Info2012-11-09
unknownSecurity Info2012-11-08
telemarketerSecurity Info |2012-11-17
Security InfoSecurity Info2012-11-09
No ideaSecurity Info2012-11-09
home security solutions2012-11-27
Burlington, VT2012-12-19
Security Info2012-11-29
security info2012-11-29
security info2012-11-29
Security Info2012-11-20
Security Info2012-11-19
Security Info2012-11-16
security info2012-11-15
burlington vt2012-11-14
security info2012-11-13
security info2012-11-09
Security Info2012-11-08

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January 17th, 2013 Rick TN

If you REALLY don't want any more calls, ignore the rest of the so-called advice in these comments and do the following: Don’t bother to call the FTC or fill out the complaint forms. They’re a bunch of jackoffs and they won’t do one damned thing to help you. If you are willing to pay the price, you can stop these calls. Call blocking, as it is currently available from service providers, is not useful since they only allow you to block about 5-10 numbers. At least that's all AT&T will do. I decided this wasn't good enough and did some research. If you want to spend the money, you can buy a device that will block up to 80 numbers from calling you. It is called a DIGITONE call blocker and it runs about one hundred dollars, and can be purchased from DIGITONE COMMUNICATIONS at 6501 E. Greenway Parkway. Ste. 103-622, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 They can be reached by phone during business hours at: 1-877-610-5693 or visit their website at This device saved my peace and quiet and will do the same for you. If you don't want to spend the hundred dollars, then there's not a whole lot you can do, but there is one thing that might help. Some of these bozos still haven't set their autodialer programs to take care of this particular tactic. Go on the internet and download a WAV file of the Special Information Tone. This is that annoying series of 3 notes that you hear if a number has been disconnected. Set your answering machine to answer after two rings(this is very important) and then record that tone as your answering message. If you are lucky they will still have their autodialer set up to delete disconnected numbers. This only works about 1/3 of the time but it's worth a try if you don't want to spend any money.

December 17th, 2012 Kevin PA

I actually contacted MONITRONICS. They got back to me!!!! They tell me they don't do telemarketing and it is possibly a rogue telemarketing company that sells MONITRONICS' services. They tell me that are looking into it to find the bad apple and rectify the situation. If you have any other phone numbers from these people, post them so MONITRONICS can investigate. The three numbers that have called me are:

December 14th, 2012 Kevin PA

I get calls from this company ALL THE TIME. Even though I am on the Do Not Call Registry and I have elected to be placed on their internal do not call list. If you speak to someone to be placed on the do not call list, they simply hang up on you. It wasn't until I sat through a presentation as if I was going to purchase their alarm monitoring service (with a free GE alarm system for $49.99/month - expensive - for a 36 month commitment).
The company is MONITRONICS ( They claim the company that installs the system is

December 1st, 2012 Betty NC

"Every 15 seconds the FBI reports home a break in ....." This company wants to install a Security System for free if you agree to put a sign in your front yard. The recording said to press 9 to be removed from their list. (That doesn’t work) We have received repeated calls from this group using various originating telephone numbers.

November 20th, 2012 Michael AZ

One of the top scam calls. I've received five of them in the last two days. You're given a chance to 'opt out' of their call list, but nothing will happen. The company knows that, when they're questioned, if they have given the consumer the option, they've satisfied part of the FCC law. What really happens is that the company logs the 'opt out' as a valid phone number, so they keep calling it. Also, if they're allied with other robo call companies or do robo calls for another reason, they'll distribute the number as a valid phone number.

The FCC and the FTC are looking into how to pull the plug.

November 19th, 2012 Tom IN

This is a typical robo call. Most of these original outside the US so the Do Not Call List means nothing. In fact I really believe that these scam artists are getting the phone numbers that they program to call from the Do Not Call List. By the way the number you see on your caller ID when they call is most likely fake.

November 17th, 2012 ed AR

caller hung up when my recorder answered.
another failure of the do-not-call list.

November 16th, 2012 W.E. in SC SC

The usual "you're eligible for a free home security system [equipment and installation] if you'll allow us to put a small sign in your yard"
robocall, despire the called number being on the Federal Do Not Call list.

November 15th, 2012 xx FL


November 15th, 2012 Bob CO

Robo call, no message left.

November 14th, 2012 parker NC

FBI said breakin were in our area

November 13th, 2012 Mike GA

Robo-call with nothing but silence on their end.