Dec 27th, 2013
Kept insisting I was someone named Carlos and that I drove a Chevy Cruze, would not accept that he had the wrong number. My car does not have XM and I wasn't interested in it, they still keep calling my cell phone despite requests to stop.
 Oct 02nd, 2013
Stay away from these people.......Unwanted Sirius XM phone calls after my 3 month trial expired....hope this helps - I copied it from their website - these jerks have to be stopped... If you do not wish to receive sales calls from SiriusXM, you may ask us to place your telephone number on SiriusXM's Do Not Call ("DNC") List. Please allow up to 30 days for us to remove your information from active telemarketing and telephone solicitation lists. You may make your request in writing or by telephone. Call SiriusXM's Listener Care Center at 1-866-303-5603 or Write to: SiriusXM Radio Inc., "Do Not Call" Compliance Manager, P.O. Box 33174, Detroit, MI 48232. When you make a request be sure to include your name, your account number(s), and all telephone numbers you want to be included on our DNC list. If your information changes, please notify us as soon as possible. You will remain on our DNC List indefinitely, until you advise us that you wish to be removed from our DNC List.
 Sep 17th, 2013
Leaves no message, but has been calling repeatedly.
 Sep 28th, 2012
Call All the time.. Never leaves message.
If you answer & say nothing.....
They say... 'Hello 10 to 20 times' & then hangup.
Would rather be able to by a car w/o XM, I have never used it.
 Sep 24th, 2012
This is XM radio they mail me something weekly and call frequently twice today. I have told them I do not want XM radio no interest in it but still they call. That is what I get for buying a GM product, but GM get harassed by XM and Onstar.
 Aug 22nd, 2012
never leave a message and we have never purchased xm radio and we are on the do not call list. hm
 Jul 18th, 2012
XM Satelite Radio
Wild Foxx
 Mar 13th, 2012
XM Radio trying to get me to subscribe after a free trial period after buying a new car.
 Nov 07th, 2011
Thank you re: the XM info. They have been calling for weeks and it displays 1-800 SERVICE.
 Oct 17th, 2011
Collectors for XM. They didn't cancel service when requested. I prepaid and had another year of service but they wanted more money. I refused to renew. Make sure they turn the radio off and follow-up on it. Check your credit report, bank info and credit card statements very carefully. Getting away from them is like trying to get out of a cult!

Cancellation # 1-800-967-2346
 Apr 29th, 2010
As you can tell from the post by XM (9 Aug 2008), XM radio operates by the same rules as organized crime: "we harrass until you buy."

Legally, they must abide by their own do-not-call policy, which is here: http://www.xmradio.com/about/do_not_call.xmc However, they don't. The calls are fully automated and cost them nothing. Enforcement options are few. As a result, they have no motivation to stop. You have to motivate them. Here's how: 1) Make your legal request by calling 800-967-2346 (help & support). Ignore the automated menu. Press 0 to get a representative. Be polite; it's not that person's fault that XM sucks. If you want legal proof of your request, make it by certified letter as well. 2) When they don't stop calling (and they won't), YOU start calling THEM. Yes, call the 888 number. Be sure to always call from the same number that they called when they harassed you that day. Program it into your auto dialer. Every day that they call you, you call them back as many times as you can. Wait for a person to come on line and answer their hello. Then set the phone down and walk away. Or, play with them a bit, or don't even bother to wait. In fact, the more you mix it up, the better, because it will be harder for them to distinguish between a genuine sales prospect and you fighting back.

Why does this work? Because now it costs them money. Before, they felt they had nothing to lose by calling you daily. But if you keep calling back, it costs them money each time someone answers your call.

Because of their harassment, I will never, ever subscribe to XM. Why would I want a relationship with a company that has a policy of disrespecting, bullying, and harassing me? Thankfully, XM is going bankrupt. Meanwhile, I hope the ideas here help you fight back! This is what finally worked for me. Polite requests did not.
Stop xm calls
 Feb 11th, 2009
Bot car that has XM radio installed.
They keep bugging you trying to get money.
Never have left message and have called dozens of times. What a way to do business!
 Sep 16th, 2007
From a Google search, this is apparently XM Radio.
 Sep 02nd, 2007