I get multiple calls from this number. Spoke to a rep named Dan (who confirmed the company was Auto Solutions), and after giving him a hard time, I finally gave him some false car info and their own phone number. That got me through to a "Senior Warranty Representative" who seemed legit. Without hesitation, he gave me their website ( and phone number 800-930-2791). I explained the harrassing calls from Auto Solutions, and he said they're a third party telemarketing company. He said he'd pass the information about their behavior along to a supervisor, but who really knows.
 May 21st, 2008
The call I receive says:
"We recently mailed you a postcard to activate your extended warranty coverage. This courtesy call is your final notice that your vehicle will be removed..."

The call comes from a telemarketing company who I found to be working with Auto One (they claim to be based in Irvine, CA)
Their number is 1-800-930-2791.
They will tell you something different each time you call - just call back if you don't like what one person tells you.
-I'd recommend speaking authoritatively and letting them know you have called before, putting your number on the national do not call registry, and setting up an autodialer to call their 800 number every 20 seconds
 Jan 20th, 2008