I received a call stating that we were being over charged by our merchant account and that the government had contracted this review board to contact local businesses whose merchant accounts with Visa & Mastercard were flagged as being overcharged. This foreign man named "Dave" (without a last name) asked me for information on the September and October Credit Card Merchant Billing Statements. He said we had been overcharged by more than 1% on our transactions. He asked me to fax him the statements so that he could forward them to the merchant account holder on our behalf so that in the future we are not overcharged. As the conversation continued I noticed that the name of the business he was calling from kept changing, even the group he was contracted by. He originally said he was contracted by the government on behalf of Visa and Mastercard. Then he said he worked for Visa and Mastercard. When I asked the actual name of the company he said Corporate Statement Review. When I told him that I was unable to locate them on Google and asked what city he was located in, he said Dallas. I looked that up while still on the line with him. I asked if they were a company contracted by the government on behalf of Visa and Mastercard, why were they not verifiable. He said he was unsure. I asked for the number he was calling from and Google searched that. I informed him that the only thing coming up with his number was complaints about this scam surrounding the number he had called from. He then hung up in my face.
I called the company back and simply got--Please enter your extension. I entered extension 1014, Dave's extension. He answered. I told him that we had gotten disconnected and asked him again what the name of the company was that he was with, not who he was contracted by, but the name of the company that I could get business license information for and a BBB review on. He said he was Corporate Payment Review. I asked why the name of the business had changed since we spoke approximately 30 minutes earlier. He stated it was the same company with two different names so that they would not be identifiable by the Merchant Account Processing Centers when they called to get accounts straight for company's such as mine.
I asked him where he got the information from about our company and he said he had been contracted by Visa and Mastercard and that they had provided him with the information. I asked what information they provided him with and he said the name of the company and the telephone number. I stated that that information could be located on any Google search because we are a legitimate business but unfortunately for him his business could not be located. Therefore because he could not give me any of the information of the company we process our Visa and Mastercard transactions through that he needed to gather more information from company or government that contracted him before he rang our phones in our offices again disturbing our daily work with a scam opportunity that some may fall for but not us.
I informed him that I would be posting this information on Google and other blog's to inform other consumers of his fraudulent attempts at gaining access to our company financials and he hung up "got disconnected" from me again.

This is a scam--do not give out your company's information. If they truly are who they say they are, they wouldn't need you to give them the information, they would already have it.
Office Manager
 Dec 04th, 2012
Another unsolicited call offering Google Search Engine services on my BUSINESS CELL PHONE LINE. I get 2-3 calls with this same offer every single day from different numbers across the United States. The more I requested to be removed from their caller list, the more calls I recieved. I hope they all burn in a slow death. We can't even operate our businesses due to these herassment calls. The FCC should really start doing something about telemerketers. These people do not need fined, they need OFFERED TIME IN JAIL as consequence instead. All of these reports on here of unsolicited telemarketer calls to cell phones registered on the DO NOT CALL list should be investigated by the FCC. It is nearly impossible to run my service business with these constant multiple daily calls!
 Nov 26th, 2012