May 03rd, 2019
I got a voice message from a woman who claimed to be from "Professional Bureau of Collectors, Maryland". She said she was calling for a tax collector and to call her back at extension 2202. I don't owe any taxes. I've have no debt. I haven't been late in paying any debt. This is a SCAM.
 Apr 11th, 2019
‭+1 (800) 866-2528‬
 Apr 06th, 2019
 Feb 01st, 2019
this company called and said they were looking for a person named Joshua hunter when I told her the phone number did not belong to that person she argued with me and then hung up on me.
 Jan 21st, 2019
Keeps calling and doesn’t leave voice message.
 Oct 31st, 2018
Got a call on my cell from this number from a lady saying she was a debt collector. No further information. Blocked the number.
 Sep 28th, 2018
They called and said I owe money on an insufficient check. I asked for the account number on the check she gave 3 different numbers none were right. I called my bank they said its a scam
 Aug 09th, 2018
I got a call from this number today . Good to know it is a scam company. They demanded payment today immediately by phone/check. They also couldn’t confirm they sent anything to me by mail. They also lied about giving me notice of a payment due date
New Jersey
 Jul 31st, 2018
This is the 2nd time they've called me and when I finally called they said they're based in Maryland and is a collection agency. Idk who they are but I don't owe nobody in Maryland especially since I live in Texas. This number has been blocked. If they call again I'll let em know I'll presue legal action against them
 May 26th, 2018
this number keep on calling me for my son and my son checked his credit card and all paid off . OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A SCAM!!
 Dec 12th, 2017
I asked why are you calling and who are you?
District of Columbia
 Oct 27th, 2017
This crazy lady called my number looking for someone else. She would not tell me the company she was calling from and begin to speak in a threatening voice as if she was calling me. When I called back the person answered the phone said it was a national debt collection agency.
 Jan 19th, 2017
who are you
 Dec 09th, 2016
calling a company and demanding to know where an ex employee is!
 Nov 18th, 2015
called this number back and never an answer. believe they are a debt collector for fitness evolution.
 Nov 09th, 2013
The caller asked to speak to a person. I told them they were not there. They proceeded to ask if I knew that person. What gives them the right to just call anyone and ask for info about a certain person? There should be a way to keep them from making these calls. Thank you.
Judy Tice
 Dec 27th, 2012
Need to speak about personal information. When the call is returned, reference PBC.
Laura Bolden
 Apr 23rd, 2012
Got a call from them two days ago at 3:17 PM and of course I didn't answer. They left a voice mail immediately after the missed call though. It was a woman's voice saying something along the lines of, "Call to connect-" then there's a short pause and it cuts off. I laughed and deleted the message. Upon returning home from school today,they call again at 3:12 PM. I let it go to voice mail as always and once I check my inbox. It was the same exact message as the other day! So I definitely tried to stifle my giggles. I always seem to get calls from collection agencies despite being too young to obtain any type of credit. These calls are humorous to me since this company OBVIOUSLY isn't doing their job.
 Apr 12th, 2012
If it was a collection company then they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It does not matter if you owe them money or not, if a debt collector has violated your rights, you may recover up to $1,000 under federal law. You can stop harassing calls and get immediate assistance from an FDCPA attorney without any out-of-pocket cost to you because the law allows attorney's fees to be recovered from the offending debt collection agency. For more information visit

Below just a few of possible violations under the Act for which a debtor or alleged debtor may obtain up to $1,000 as a victim:

-A debt collector has called you without meaningful disclosure of the caller's identity. (Such may be the case when they demand your name or social security number, etc. before they tell you who they are).
-A debt collector has failed to identify themselves when calling you or a third party concerning you.
-You have experienced repeated calls (including computerized automated calls) from a debt collector.
-A debt collector has caused your phone to ring excessively, the natural result being to harass.
 Sep 11th, 2010
I received a call from this numer 800-866-2528 4 times in the last few days. I decided to call back and ask for their company's name. A female answered the call. I asked for their name..she said hold on, then transferred my call to another rep. Then, a lady answered the phone. I asked, "what is the name of your company? She said "TBZ" I asked what is it stands for? She didn't answer. She continues to ask for my phone number. Again, I asked for the name of their comapany..she insisted I give her my number. No reason why they can't give me their company name. I hung up!!
 Sep 11th, 2010
Received a call from this garbage again, they can kiss you know what. I owe no one,and when I find their address they may have some serious problems.
 Apr 28th, 2010
Some scumball calls my number, and wants me to return their call, They say this is not a sales cal, and when you return thier call they leave you on hold.
 Mar 26th, 2010
I have been getting these annoying calls as well. I need a return call today this is Mrs Meredith. Now they have began to call my job. im sending them a cease and desist letter so they can't call my job. she is very rude and annoying. and they call me from 5 different numbers and no im not going to stop answering my phone but she will stop calling and harrassing me. Everyday she is calling. She tell you one amount then when you disagree the amount goes higher and higher. Idiots
 Jan 15th, 2010
file a complaint under the fair debt collection practices act against this company. it could cost them there license and they could have to pay you $1,000.00 for this violation
atty at law
 Dec 23rd, 2009
called left message, sounded friendly saying this is Michael Phelps, and please call back. DID NOT SAY HE WAS A COLLECTION AGENCY. Made it sound like a personal friend. NOT!!!
 Sep 28th, 2009
This caller said her name was "Melissa" wouldnt tell me what company she was from, asked me alot of questions but when ever I asked her she got defensive and rude! Has called several times this week. When I called the number back off the caller id someone picked up and said "PBC" so I asked what company is this and she stated Professional Bureau of Collections. so I googled the compnay name and several fraud alerts came up. Do Not give these people the info. they want, they will rip you off!
 Sep 18th, 2009
Called me, left message, said this is Michael Phelps, returning my call, call him back at 916-866-2528.
I NEVER called him, now I see that the 800-866-2528 # that he called me on is from a collection agency. Pretty sneaky!!
 Sep 08th, 2009
Caller left message and said to call 800-866-2528 which is a professional bureau of collection company.
 Jul 20th, 2009
These people do not identify themselves-just demand a call back as in: "I need a call back immediately-within the next thirty minutes!" Come to find out-they had the wrong number!
M Coulombe
 Feb 25th, 2009
these people called my work. a Mrs. Bundy at extension 2236. Saying I owed money for a car that should have been paid off through GAP insurance months ago. She had an old address and I gave her my updated one. Said if I could not pay today that she would report me to the "client" i owed money to. I looked online about this company PBC, Professional Bureau of Collection. Some guy said he was scammed by them so I am going to contact the company with I originally took out the loan with. It seemed funny because I never received anything written from them and my mail is being forwarded. She said sometimes it doesn't forward correctly. When I asked for copies of what was sent, she skated around the question. I called back and got an answering machine with a different business name. I called back 30 seconds later and someone answered. They told me the call was being recorded. I could go on and on about these people but something does not feel right.
 Sep 17th, 2008
OK, do what? they do what with dialer technology??snips and bits...Technology...PBC uses the AdvantEdge
TECH Idiot
 May 02nd, 2008
Repeated calls to prepaid cellphone emergency service for the disabled. Recorded messages for Michael Byrd from Diane Jones stating not a sales call to return call to 1-800-866-2528. When I phoned back to request a company name, PVC or PBC not clarivied when asked, I was hungup on and when I called back for mailing address I was placed on hold twice before transferred to a man who did not give name and hung up on me when I asked for the address.

And so they are at liberty to waste state supported pre paid phone minutes for the disabled and impoverished with recorded messages for unknown persons and hang up when attempted to clarify. What government law is protecting this type of behavior?

and thank you Topaz, address duly noted for a report to the FCC best wishes.
So tired of It.
 May 02nd, 2008
They called and had to ask someone in the background what my name was, Diane Jones left the messege and said this is urgent.
 Jan 18th, 2008
California Call Center
9675 Elk Grove-Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA 95624

They also use toll free # 1-800-866-2528
 Oct 29th, 2007
Donald Tillery
Professional Bureau of Collections
5295 DTC Parkway
Englewood, CO 80111
A Friend
 Oct 18th, 2007
recieved call today for a "beverly foster", from Diane Jones. Says very urgent return call at 800-866-2528 ext 2231. How do these bottom dwellers keep ending up with my phone for all these differrent people?
 Aug 17th, 2007
From PBC. Message says to return call to 800-866-2528. Phone company lists call originating from 916-714-3613.
 May 22nd, 2007
Received these annoting phone messages left on my answering machine:

"Hi this is Alexis
I have some information for you at my office. You need to call me 1-800-866-2528 x2223"

"Hi this is Alexis give
me a call back 800-866-2528 direct extension 2223 it's a matter in my office we need to address to receive the information. This is not solicitation. Please call me back
1-800-866-2528 direct extension 2223".

"Hi this is Alexis give me a call back at 800-866-2528 direct extension 2223. You need to call me back today before it gets too late."

They are:
Professional Bureau Of Collections
Justus Travis - Registered Agent
5295 DTC Parkway
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
720-529-1949 FAX
800-866-2528 Toll Free

I am going to make sure that they are held accountable for their behavior and that they suffer the consequences.
 Feb 16th, 2007