yesterday I received a call from a man identifying himself as Michael John from Microsoft saying I had many errors in my computer for which I had and that he was going to help me to delete all programs not needed and install Protect your PC

Get Microsoft Security Essentials

Get Microsoft Security Essentials he did work on my computer after receiving 159.00 in US funds
Then when it came time to uninstall mc gaffe he left the chat so silly me I finished the uninstall and when I went to install Protect your PC

Get Microsoft Security Essentials I have an error code ox80070643
So have I have been scammed ?
Mary Brosseau
 Feb 28th, 2014
This is a scam and they are relentless at calling. They called 12 times in 2 hours on one day and then 4 times the next until I told them my internet connection was down. They are trying to get people to either give remote access to their computer or to download anti-virus software which is actually a virus from their website so you need to pay them to take it off. I have reported them to the FTC and the FCC. If they call you please file a report and have this business?? shut down.

By the way during these calls here are some of the fun things that happened:
1) my husband was on a business trip for 3 days yet they said they talked him 2 hours before me and he said to call back.

2) they denied calling before

3) Switched the name of the company they were working for in the middle of the conversation

4) Told me I was just messing with them and they didn't have time for it

5) Hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor and then called back the next (without admitting to previous conversations) and transferred me to a supervisor.

6) Said "Miss you think you are smarter than you are, you are not"

7) Told me they needed to speak to the man of the house because as a women I was unreasonable.

I'm sure there are more funny moments but I can't remember them now.
 Jul 10th, 2013
This guy calls and tells me he is from technical services and they are calling ALL Windows users to help them with technical issues. He had me pull up and run "prefetch" and "msconfig" to see which programs have stopped. When asked who is funding this "technical support," he claimed the company is calling all Windows users... I pulled the plug when he asked me to allow his supervisor to get remote access to my PC. He told me the name of his company is Calls2Geek, which I could not find until I got a number from him and googled it. The supervisor, with the very ethnic Indian name of John Carter, got steadily more irritated when I questioned him about who hired them to do this, why they would call me out of the blue and expect me to do what theyu want, etc. I was falling asleep too and the call woke me out of that numb daze you get before sleep. BASTARDS!! And I have to be up late tonight as well! PLEASE FRY THIS COMPANY!!!!!
Rahgjnit alias
 Jul 06th, 2013
Some Indian-sounding guy has been calling me claiming to represent some kind of computer company with a connection to Windows software. I'm not sure what kind of fraud he's pushing because I don't let him get that far. He was kind enough to give me the number of his company (above.
 May 01st, 2013