Left automated mesg to call 800-761-5394. united collection bureau
 Jul 06th, 2009
Received call looking to get a message to my brother & his wife. They left this number as a call back. I have no business with them. Their business is with my brother not with me. How legal is this?
 Nov 08th, 2008
They (Sue Mina) called our neighbor's house and told them our phone was disconnected,not true.Asked neighbor to take a message and gave a reference #,phone # and extension #63690. I called and told Sue Mina never to call our neighbors again or I'll report them to the FTC and she said "I'll call whoever I want" and hung up on me.She also called our daughter on the same day.
 Oct 16th, 2008
Left automated mesage on machine. I know who they are, and am already dealing with them.
If they are harrassing you with no just cause, then report them to your state's attorney general. The attorney general sends them a letter saying that they aren't to call you anymore. Detail as much information as you can as to what they say and when they call, and what you have done to get them to stop.
 Jan 17th, 2008
This company calls my # looking for someone else. They do not have legitimate business with myself & I am on the Do Not Call registry. How do I get them to stop calling me?
Lynn Zukauskas
 Jul 23rd, 2007
this nuber is calling my neibors looking for me hen they have my # I thought it was a breach of privice act to contact other beside the person involed
 Jun 11th, 2007
They do collections for Citibank
Jacque Dunn
 Jun 04th, 2007