Received text on cell phone telling me to log into my Regions acct. For very important message. Never heard of Regions Bank, do not use cell phone to log into any account and hardly ever give cell number to anyone... a few friends & family...that's it! Feel like this may be a scam or some sort.
 Jan 12th, 2013
searched the web about this number and this is what i found....

so aparently it is a scam... do not give out informaition!!! (i kow first # is not it, but read on, this # is in there :)
Were you called from phone number: 702-520-1154 and asked to visit is a FRAUDULENT SCAM SITE designed to steal your identity and bank account information.
If you have entered ANY of your information on the "" site, IMMEDIATELY contact Regions Bank at: 1-800-734-4667 and inform them. The sooner you contact Regions, the better off you will be. Please visit this page for further instructions from Regions Bank.
This is a very common scam called a "phishing attack". In most cases, this particular scam is initiated by a telephone call from phone number: 702-520-1154 (sometime accompanied with caller-id such as: "THIS IS A SCAM" or "SCAM" or "GIFT.COM"), advising that your bank account needs to be renewed and to visit Other phone numbers associated with this scam (but not limited to) include: (702) 520-1147 and 702-520-1148. Apparently, these scammers are also involved in fraudulent Bank of America solicitations, as well as fraudulent motor-vehivle warranties.
The domain "" is registered through and hosted by in the USA. The Domain registrant information is:
thomas justino
120 hillside dr
hamburg, nj 07419
Phone: +1.401-789-4785
 Dec 31st, 2007