They just called me , trying to get information about my credit cards number -- scam --
keep calling me and harassing me. what a world we live in
New York
they said its inquirey abt my credit car / credit score..i disconnected the call
 May 21st, 2019
have fun with it! tell them your credit card number us 4676 8464 3558 4433....when it doesn't work tell them you always have to remember using a phrase that matches with the numbers on your phone.....then tell them to spell out GO ROT IN HELL THIEF. they hate it when you do that.
 May 20th, 2019
Came here and read the posts WHILE this number was calling...didn't even bother picking up.
 May 15th, 2019
Indian dude called and told me I could get 0% APR I asked a lot of questions to waste his time. This is sears number but it’s a guy using it for a scam.
 May 01st, 2019
Got a call from them...I pressed 2...but then I got someone from India and I just yelled at him to "shut up"...I was already in a bad mood at that point because some solicitor from 216-906-8488 called me and that was a scam too!
 Mar 15th, 2019
 Mar 08th, 2019
Sears sent a letter stating that they were upgrading my Sears card to a Master Card, and unless I called to decline the offer, it would be done automatically. The number to call to cancel the upgrade is (800) 669-8488. I called this number and cancelled the upgrade, but did it without having to speak to anyone. Someone must also be using this same phone number to cover their real caller ID. From overseas, no doubt.
 Jan 07th, 2019
Received this call on Christmas Eve, claiming they are from 92 different banks and need to verify information so that I can get 0% interest rate on my credit card. I said I don’t have a credit card and asked how he got past the DNC list. He sais F*** You and hung up.
 Dec 24th, 2018
Credit card scam. Every time they call, we blow a whistle in their ears. When they say "How are you doing?" I then say "Better than you will be" and then blow the whistle! Actually, it's fun!
 Dec 21st, 2018
for sure a scam they want my credit card # or social security.....I DON'T HAVE A SEARS ACCOUNT
 Nov 29th, 2018
hi my name is jeff
 Oct 19th, 2018
Block call, Do not answer! They act like they are from your credit card company, but in fact are not. They claim to be from Card member Services representing all major Visa & Mastercard companies to discuss lowering your credit card interest rates. However they can not tell me my name or what credit card they are calling about. They are overseas and say they already have your information in their system, but need to verify the credit card balance and other information in order to offer you better rates. When repeatedly instructed to place the number on their do not call list and never call back, they do not agree and say they will call back tomorrow. Only way to stop is to block number.
 Jun 22nd, 2018
Calling our business with Sears credit card issues....when told calling a business get an earful of filthy language and they hang up...
 Oct 31st, 2017
Credit card scam.
 Oct 30th, 2017
Scam. They also use 800-669-8488,Sear credit card. Same recording. Wanting you to enter your card or ss#.They use so many numbers I quit blocking them and answer if I'm driving or have nothing to do. The call center must be in pakistan. Just my guess.I like to insult them in a low voice while they are delivering their rip off spiel. Lol they yell and scream so that you can hear them spitting. Then I hang up. If I have to waste my time answering their call I should at least have a little fun.
 Jul 06th, 2017
caller appears to be a scammer trying to collect credit card numbers and personal information, claiming to offer lower interest rates on existing cards
 Feb 28th, 2009