This is the telephone number of the Direct TV appointment confirmation caller. It is totally legitimate.
 Apr 06th, 2018
DIRECT TV is a scam and posing as DirecTV a legit business. It seems Direct TV has access to DirecTV dispatch data! Funny how saying NO is not accepted, this is one of those you said yes scams!
New York
 Mar 09th, 2018
They called my Google voice # twice yesterday, blocked them. Today they called the # that Google forwards to that I have never given out. They leave messages about an appointment for tomorrow. I do not have DirecTV. Never contacted them. Yesterday they called from 800-531-5000.
 Jan 10th, 2017
I Don't answer a number that i don't reconize. Turned out to be Directv confiming my installation appt.
 Jan 03rd, 2014
I think it is DIRECT TV (confirming installation appt.)
 Aug 05th, 2013
It's an automated call from DirecTV confirming an installation appointment.
 Jun 08th, 2013
It's an automated phone call to confirm appointment for installation of DirecTV. If you don't say keep it, they won't show up, and you'll be mad the installation didn't get done...
 Sep 05th, 2012
Not only that, but for them to call to "confirm" an appt for installation would mean that you would have made that appt previously, right? Which I did not do. So when they say if you need to call to change your appt or to cancel it, is their way to get you to call them back.
 Jul 05th, 2012
1-800-519-1823 called my cell phone 3 times at 8:00 am, 11:52 am, and 3:42 pm on July,4th, 2012. The first 2 times they called they didn`t leave a message but the 3rd time they did leave a message claiming they were DirectTV and they were calling to confirm a date for a technician to come out for an installation on July 7th, between 8 and 12 pm and that it would take approximately 1 1/2 hrs., that if this time works for you, you don`t need to do anything but if you need to change or cancel your appt. you can call 1-800-519-1823. To make a long story short we ended up getting a seperate account downstairs but didn`t need to have a technician come out cause the seperate acct we have downstairs already has a receiver. So, per VALID directtv, a technician would NOT need to come out. I just called the VALID DirecTV 1-800directv and first of all the only time DirecTV calls a customer is either when they are not paying their bill, or sometimes they`ll call to offer like a sport that will be on DirecTV. Second of all, when you get DirecTV installed they have never used automated calls to confirm an installation, a live person will call you. I don`t know who these people are but they are NOT DirecTV.
I just now called that number 800-519-1823 and it just further confirms that they are NOT DirecTV because the first thing they ask is that you verify if this is the phone number that is on the acct you are calling about. And if you don`t confirm that,you can`t go any further. Period. If you call the VALID DirecTV you can use their prompts to get to a live person. Which I have done more than once.
I hate crap like this. Don`t people have anything better to do? Get a real job losers.
 Jul 05th, 2012
It's DirectTV, yes they call at 7:30am and no they don't leave a message. DirectTV sucks.
DirecTV sucks
 Mar 19th, 2012
CALLED ME IN SUNDAY AM WTF. I'AM NOT 24/7 !!! What BS. Called and then hung up !
 Jun 26th, 2011
This is absolutely DirecTV. I was still on the phone with the order verification people when the installation number called me. I could not answer because I could not put the other representative on hold. But it is not a scam, it is the company calling to verify your installation appointment.
 Jun 24th, 2011
This is an automated system from directv to confirm a service appt. That's all-no bill collector people!
 Nov 24th, 2010
Isn't it unfortunate that companies with whom you have a relationship with and do business with choose to make their numbers "Unavailable?" Had I known this was the DirectTV subcontractor installer - and not a political solicitation, I would have answered to confirm my appointment on Monday. Since I didn't know who they were, I didn't answer. Why can't they make themselves known to their customers??? It makes no sense.
 Oct 30th, 2010
All it was was Directv confirming my appointment for upgrade service in the next few days. I ordered new boxes, etc so this was fine. I called the number back an it identified me by the phone number it had just called. No problems, no issues, no solicitations. Directv is awesome.
 Oct 12th, 2010
It's DirecTV setting up an installation appointment.
 Sep 15th, 2010
Again, nightly calls, despite being registered on the registry. Any idea who this is.....I can only assume it is a solicitation.
 Sep 15th, 2010
direct tv
 Aug 22nd, 2010
Directv is the best...I have been with them for years and have never had any issues....
 Aug 09th, 2010
Its DirecTV to confirm Installation ( automated )
 Jun 24th, 2010
There was no message left in my voicemail but I called the number back and it was simply DirecTV's automated call system calling to confirm my upgrade appointment.
Sorry folks, no conspiracy here! ;-)
 Jun 05th, 2010
This is supposedly Driectv and I want them to stop calling me.
Artie Massie
 Feb 13th, 2010
they better not even try to begin to screw with me. my lawfirm is 24-7 readly available!
 Feb 04th, 2010
"not provided", I never answer this type call --- but I do have a Tues morning appointment with Direct TV for free upgrade to HD receivers. I read JD's problems and am astounded - as one of their very 1st subscribers I have always found their customer service to be outstanding. Talk to that rep's boss immediately, go right up the ladder letting them know you will and if need be - do challenge any charges on your credit card. (this THE major advantage of using a credit card instead of a debit card) They won't be gaining any $113, they'll be losing $220!
 Oct 17th, 2009
Oh! And if you think I am the only one this has happened to... GOOGLE "DIRECT TV COMPLAINTS" and read them! My story is just ONE of MANY TEN'S of THOUSANDS that they have STOLEN money from! One day this is all going to catch up to them! Wish I would have Googled them before I was put through all of this! Never would have lost any money! Oh well, you live and you learn. RIGHT?

Thanks again
 Oct 05th, 2009
It was Direct TV confirming appt to conect services. BUT NOW THAT I HAVE THE CHANCE TO COMMENT ON DIRECT TV... sit back have a cup of coffee and read!

First let me say, DIRECT TV has the WORST customer service that I have EVER delt with!

Second I contacted them to get their service on 9-24-09 and they told me they would be here on 9-29-09 to install the service between 12pm & 4pm they even sent me a e-mail to confirm this! I paid them $220.00 on my card for EXTRA services the day that I called for their service. (Wait it gets better)
Well 9-29-09 comes and I wait till 4pm and NOBODY shows up. So then I CALLED THEM BACK to find out why no service tech ever showed up. They told me my order had been CANCELLED because of a PAST DUE bill of $113.00 from my address from 2003. WHAT??? I told them I just moved into this house 2 months ago and had NEVER EVEN HAD DIRECT TV BEFORE. They told me it was under a name of someone I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE! (I guess prior tenants)
So then I told them... "Thats fine, If you are not going to give me your service that I paid for under MY NAME & SS# then just refund my money and I will get service from Dish network or ever my local cable company!" They said WERE SORRY the $220.00 is NO REFUNDABLE!!! WHAT????? And the only way we can connect service is if you pay the past due amount for that address of $113.00. "YOU HAVE GO TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!" I have to pay someone elses BILL before you connect MY SERVICE!!! SOMEONE I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

To make a long LONG story short... I talked to a Lawyer about this and he said, "THEY DO THIS ALL THE TIME" and like he said they know your not going to spend thousands to get back a few hundred dollars. And in the long run they get back the $113.00 + some that was owed to them from SOMEONE else! He also said they CHARGE early cancellation fee's of $300 to $400 to peoples cards ALL THE TIME without telling them about it. Even when people cancel in the first 30days like their contract SAYS they can do!

SO PLEASE... Don't put yourself through the HELL I was put through by DIRECT TV... GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

Thanks for listening!
JD Thomas
 Oct 05th, 2009
direct tv confiming my appt
 Sep 22nd, 2009
It was a service call from Directv.
 Sep 15th, 2009
This call sounds like it is outsourced to a middle Eastern country therefore I am suspicious of answering this call.My number is unlisted. Aren't these companies required to identify themselves? I called the number back after checking this site and confirmed that it is a directv install confirmation.
G and S
 Jan 20th, 2009
Directv confirming appt
 Oct 22nd, 2008
Direct TV- installation
 Oct 09th, 2008
I don't have direct tv and I get calls on more than one occasion confirming installation. I don't have an appt so I don't call back.
 Aug 30th, 2008
Automated call to confirm Direct TV installation.
Mike McAllister
 Aug 27th, 2008
They called the day before we had a scheduled Direct TV Service call!!
 May 23rd, 2008
DirecTV , automated appointment confirmation
 Apr 11th, 2008
I do have a Directv appt scheduled as well as the others who have posted before this. They never left a message either.
 Apr 03rd, 2008
I called it back and it was dirct tv.
Direct TV
 Jan 28th, 2008
It is Directv calling to confirm a scheduled service call. I called the number and reached Directv.
D. Flood
 Jan 24th, 2008
Directv install confirmation-- automated so won't leave msg.
 Jan 23rd, 2008
Oh, just read the previous comment...I have directv service visit scheduled. Perhaps this mystery is solved?
 Jan 09th, 2008
I do have a scheduled Direct TV install, so perhaps it was confirming that. No message was left on my voicemail.
 Jan 04th, 2008