People, people, people... The truth af the matter is that they indeed are NOT selling anything. In fact, the only reason that they are calling is to invite you to attend a 90 timeshare presentation. The ONLY way that they got your number in the first place is very simple...YOU GAVE IT TO THEM!!! Remember when you saw that brand new car somewhere in the mall or at the movies and you filled out that "entry form" to try to win it? Well, companies like Pacific Monarch call all of those "entry forms" and invite you to attend their timeshare presentations. I really hope that you guys STOP filling out those forms WITHOUT reading the back, because it CLEARLY states on the back of those forms that you may be called by a telemarketing firm if you, EVEN IF you are on the "do not call" list!!! So please be careful as far as what you fill out!!!
 Aug 05th, 2009
They call my place of business every day, several times a day asking to speak with the person in charge of our 401k. They are NOT the company we even have our 401k through, so I put them directly into my boss' voicemail. Obviously they are not leaving a message, as they continue to call throughout the day. I finally told them today to stop calling and remove our number from their list immediately. Hopefully they do it!! :)
 Feb 13th, 2009
they been calling me for days i dont pick up and when i call back nobody answers its always an operator
 May 17th, 2007
I called back, no answer.
 May 16th, 2007
Got Call from 800-427-9428, I did not pickup, no message left.
Not sure who the caller is.
 May 10th, 2007
Called at least 8 times in the last two weeks. They said there weren't selling anything, but isnt that what they all say?
 May 08th, 2007
Network World Magazine--my free subscription is expired and they are calling to renew
 May 07th, 2007
They called me tonight, but I missed it and they didn't leavea voicemail. I called it back, but all circuits are busy, blah blah blah.
 May 01st, 2007
They call about 3 times a day for the past 4 days and I have not answer. It looks like I should pick up when they call next and tell them to stop calling, I'm tired of them being my alarm clock in the am
 Mar 23rd, 2007
I get called atleast 3 times a day and they never leave a message
 Jan 26th, 2007
Who are these @ssh*les! They've called me 9 times in the last 3 days. First time was for a free gift. Second time, I answered with a lispy-gay voice and they hung up immediately.
oakland, ca 94609
1.23.07 4:54pm
1.23.07 3:50pm
these were todays. its 5:12pm now
 Jan 23rd, 2007
Getting calls from this daily, sometimes twice a day.

I haven't answered yet-- but I do have a Network World free sub off their website... probably same as another poster.
 Jan 15th, 2007
Called late last night, almost 9:00PM and did not leave a message.
 Jan 12th, 2007
keep calling me, no message WTF?
 Jan 10th, 2007
Called my PBX phone, left an annoying 3 second, accidental voicemail.
Big Steve
 Jan 10th, 2007
Get 1-3 calls from this number daily with no voice mails left. And they're calling a business number.
 Jan 04th, 2007
Received a call at 10:45AM CST from 1-800-507-1250. There was no caller ID, non name. 63118 is the zip code.
Ben Edmond
 Jan 03rd, 2007
Called 1/02/07 and 1/03/07 left no message. No Call ID
Rob Jr
 Jan 03rd, 2007
Network World magazine renewal. special URL
 Jan 02nd, 2007
I asked to be put on their do not call list. She said, "I give myou my word, this is not a sales call," but she did not say what it was or who was calling.
 Dec 26th, 2006
Rob JR
 Dec 21st, 2006
Called the office and asked for a mortage broker or loan officer. I hung up because it sounded like a telemarketer. They immediately called back and I didn't answer. The caller id said toll free call.
 Dec 13th, 2006
Called the office and asked for a mortage broker or loan officer. I hung up because it sounded like a telemarketer. They immediately called back and I didn't answer. The caller id said toll free number
 Dec 13th, 2006
Called my office phone. My phone is behind a PBX, caller ID only shows number. No message.
 Dec 13th, 2006
They keep calling my cell phone offering a "special free gift"! I told them to stop calling my number.
 Dec 05th, 2006
these fools have called 5 times tonight and never leave a message.
 Dec 05th, 2006
They have been calling me minimum once a day for the last 2 weeks and when I pick up, they don't say anything. They just hang up. They have called up to 6 times in one day!
 Dec 04th, 2006
have called me several times in the last 3 or 4 days. Today, 12/3 they called twice. No voice message, no text message,nothing. They seem really eager to talk to me but don't say anything when they get the chance.
 Dec 04th, 2006
Called three times and I had hang up messages on my voice mail.
 Nov 28th, 2006
didn't answer. didn't leave voice mail, tried calling the number back and didnt give any options -didnt answer.
 Nov 27th, 2006
Called and asked for Kim....
 Nov 22nd, 2006
I talked with some lady today and she said she was from the "Solastic Student Loan Consolidating Firm". She said they got my number from the Credit Bureau. I asked her for a number in which I can call her and she gave me 1-800-507-1250 (which she says is in New Jersey). I hung up on her and she calls back from a different number 646-405-0233. Anyone that finds anything else out, PLEASE POST HERE. Thanks.
 Jul 19th, 2006