It's totally a scam. Don't give out any information and definitely not your credit card info. Whom ever is saying it's legit is probably part of the scam. Definitely block and report ‭(800)483-8314‬.
 18hours 59minutes
This is a real company that manages calls from corrections facilities. Normally when an inmate calls... (continued below)
 Jul 28th, 2019
This is not a scam; it’s the company that manages collect calls from corrections facilities. Normally when an inmate calls collect you have to enter your payment information on the spot to accept their calls. From my experience, sometime after you accept a call from an inmate this number will call you to see if you want to put funds on your number so future calls from inmates are autatically drawn from this account & you don’t have to keep your payment info right next to your phone. This is a real service, not a scam, just a company that provides an extremely useful service in a shoddy way.
 Jul 28th, 2019
They are criminals! That's why they are in jail.
 Jul 21st, 2019
I keep getting calls from this number. I do not kbow anyone incarcerated.
 Jul 21st, 2019
If you answer there are options to block calls to your number I did it today after second call who would have thought someone in jail would try to scam someone
 Jun 10th, 2019
This number calls my business phone looking for someone else repeatedly I have turned them over to the attorney general's office for investigation
 Apr 26th, 2019
Good morning gtl i have an account that i need switched over to my new number old is 330-915-0323. New number 330-327-1643 name on account takeitha crimi and email is
 Mar 25th, 2019
Idk why this number keeps calling me. I don’t know of anyone who’s been incarcerated. And if so, they know I’m the wrong person to contact. Besides I never give my number out.. I’m just going to assume it’s a scammer!
 Feb 04th, 2019
Called me
 Dec 04th, 2018
Who is this
call from
 Sep 18th, 2018
someone who is trying to reach someone and is in jail
 Aug 20th, 2018
The company is legitimate. I have a friend that recently went to prison in NY and this is how he called me. After I set up an account and put in a small amount of money, we were able to talk. It is expensive and the only way he is able to contact me. This doesn’t mean there aren’t inmates calling numbers randomly or a scan of some kind but it is a real company that allows me to speak to my friend.
 Jan 23rd, 2018
** BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !! **
 Nov 08th, 2017
BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!
 Nov 08th, 2017
INMATE SCAM!!! I first received a call from the county jail from an inmate requesting I accept the call. Then a call from ConnectNetwork/GTL AdvancePay automated system. A company that sets up prepaid calling accounts for inmates using credit cards, checks, money orders or Western Union for inmates.
 Oct 27th, 2017
My son receive phone call twice and on his phone tells where it comes from. It from a prison and is scam. Do NOT answer the call. Please Block or have your phone company help block number.
 Jul 26th, 2017
I got an inmate call (they left a voicemail) from the Albany Country Jail in New York from an inmate named "Joe". An hour later this number tries to call me and I Googled it up and found out it's a prison scam.
 Feb 23rd, 2017
North Carolina
 Feb 23rd, 2017
I got a call on my cell on 5/6/16 that sounded like a real call from Global Tele Link from a prison. The caller was someone I'd never heard of 'Nick' and he wanted me to accept a 'collect call' from him. I hung up. Then today, 5/7/16 I got a call from 800-483-8315 which stated they were Global Tele Link and wanted me to give them my credit card information so I could accept collect calls from the prisoner. I then called Global Tele Link and they told me they DO NOT cold call anyone for credit card information. This is just another prison scam!
 May 07th, 2016
It's a service for phone calls from prisons. They want your credit card. (...sorry...)
New York
 Oct 25th, 2014
Rude East Indian accent male asking for Josh, I said he had wrong number, he stated no I have your number and made me repeat it! Then next day received two phone calls from PRISON SCAM. Callers number is Wilkinson county correctional facility
2999 US Highway 61 N, Woodville, MS 39669
601-888-3199 caller id was 1-800-483-8314 at 848pm on Sept 11

713-568-6986 736pm from "josh" from a correctional facility also
 Sep 12th, 2014
This number is with the New Jersey Department of Corrections. It is a scam to get your to accept the collect call so they can charge other calls to your phone number.
 May 06th, 2014
Got a call today from 1-800-483-8314. Did not answer and no message left. Earlier today, got another call from 713-489-7846 - seems that both of these calls/numbers are related to the prison scams. My cell # is new so not sure if these are leftover from the prior owner. I registered on Do Not Call.
 Mar 01st, 2014
This number and global tel link are scammers!someone needs to shut these assholes down!
 Jan 02nd, 2014
Scam call. The jail/prison is different each time, but the gist of the call is that a "free collect call" is being placed to you by a random jail/prison, but when you press 1 to connect the caller suddenly doesn't have enough credit in their account and you are asked to supply a credit card in order to complete the call - your credit card will be maxed out while you sit on hold for the fake call.
 Aug 10th, 2013
Hello I'm just trying to reach someone concerning my prepaid account and noone is returning or answering my call.
Can someone please call me regarding WHY I can't accept calls when I used my account. The call keep saying card decline when I have money in my account too accept the call. PLEASE HELP!!!
 Feb 16th, 2008
I received two calls from 866-478-8892 on my cell phone while I was attending school. When I got out I listened to the following voice message, "For quality customer service, if you would like to discontinue this automated recording, press 1. If you want to accept Collect calls from Lock County Jail throug GlobalTelLinks* advanced pay automated payment service, press 2. Or at your convenience you can call our advanced pay payment service at 800-483-8314 at a later time. To repeat this message, press 3. Thank you."
The message was left at 2:08 January 24, 2008. The calls were made at 9:30 AM and 11:53 AM today January 24, 2008.

I initially paniced, because I have a lot of friends and more than a few who would call me if they got into real trouble. I didn't think you could call cell phones from jail, but I didn't know. I didn't recognize the county so I waited until I got home before I did anything about the message. I spent a good deal of time looking for the county and then I finally entered the number and came up with this. It's good to know I'm no where near the only person this has been happening to.
 Jan 24th, 2008
FACT: Ive never seen this number b4. The number I have for these ppl is 800-483-8314 & 866-230-7166? i think & thats the cust. serv #.
It is a company that allows you to 'create' prepaid accts. for collect calls from INMATES.
If you recieve a 'collect call' IT SHOULDNT BILL YOU BECUSE:
1. Did you accept it?
2. It says @ pick-up "You have a PREPAID call from ____ an inmate in _____ correctional facilities...blah blah" then it proceeds as a regular collect call. Its either you ACCEPT IT OR NOT. But Ive been using it and I havnt been mislead yet or OVER CHARGED by any means.
Lady Capone.
 Dec 14th, 2007
Auto recording from "Global Tel" requesting I press #1 to start accepting something about consumer related collect calls. Said to call 800-483-8314. Definitely a scam.
 Aug 10th, 2007
My brother is in MASAC in Bridgewater, MA. I received a call from him on Thanksgiving and in order to speak with him I had to put $25.00 on my card to set up an "account". The next morning I received a call that sounded exactly like the previous call. Again I got my card and put another $25.00 on it, only this time he was not on the phone. I wasn't sure what that was all about. My father called 800-483-8314 and told me I had a balance of $37.50. My brother will be released in 2 weeks there is no way I will use this money. I believe this is a scam of sorts because Global Tel keeps a set-up fee. There was no need for them to call me the next day when I still had a balance from my original $25.00 payment. They now have $15.00 in set-up fees from me.
 Nov 25th, 2006