800-456-6070 is a predictive dialer from Sprint Nextel Credit & Collections. If you call nack to that number, you hit an IVR. Get to a rep and they'll ensure you get removed if this is not a valid call.
 Feb 25th, 2009
They never leave a msg on the machine-it seems like it is computer dialed because if you say "yes" or anything other than "hello" when you answer the system gets confused and hangs up.
 Oct 01st, 2007
these people don't get it, they've been calling for months since i got this new # looking for someone that doesn't even live here! told them so and they keep calling.
 Sep 09th, 2007
If it is Nextel I don't have them because their service is spotty out here.
 Aug 29th, 2007
Answred phone and was out on hold. Waited for caller who said I was two months passed due. I do not have Nextel or Sprint. Verified that last four digits of SS was not mine neither was the address given.Called Nextel they do not recognize this number.
 Aug 01st, 2007
Called several times. Always hangs up as soon as I pick up the phone.
 Jul 21st, 2007
after 3 attempts, spammer finally left vm saying i should call right away to take advantage of a special offer from Nextel.
 Mar 14th, 2007
Got it. After getting up to 4 phone calls a day for Betty Bar**** (garbled name), I think I'm finally off the list.

Here's how:
Call Sprint at 1-800-456-6070 and press 4 (customer service)then don't enter anything when prompted to enter phone number; press 6 (service representative)[you will have to do this step twice]. Ask to be transfered to a "lead representative in the finance department." They can send an email to the correct department to get your number removed from the "automatic dialer" to take effect within "72 business hours."

After being on the phone for about two hours over the past two days trying to get off the list, I made it through the above sequence (to test it for y'all) in under 5 minutes. Well worth the effort if you've also been receiving up to 4 phone calls every day! Good luck!
 Feb 16th, 2007