Called for my son, who hasn't lived here in 6 months. I gave them his address and cell phone number.
 Jan 11th, 2010
They collect debts for Duke energy which I why they call me, although I am not arrears in my acct but someone with nearly the same SSN as me(off by one digit) is that I have never even met. When I tell them this, they tell me that I am lying. I hung up and haven't returned their calls since then
Tired of this
 Sep 04th, 2008
Helvey & Associates, Inc.
1029 E. Center Street
Warsaw, IN 46580
Fax 574-267-8040
Caller ID: 800-299-8842
Caller: Helvey & Associates, Inc.
Caller Type: Collection Agency

Well this company will be in a world of hurt once I get done with them. They called yesterday and actually discuss the debt with my daughter, altho did not say exactly who I owed the money to. They then mispresented themselves as "an attorney". Big no no under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
 May 10th, 2008
gave a client number and said it was important to call back before 9:00 PM.

I called the number on a different line and the lady who answered wouldn't say the name of the company.
Michigan Guy
 Aug 10th, 2007