Received call from 360-322-6708 but don't answer my home phone any more due to junk calls but I now have Comcast service that allows:
- Blocking all without caller ID
- Forwarding all calls to a given #
- Forwarding up to 12 individual #s to one #
- Blocking up to 12 individual #s

I just started a new approach, forwarding all calls (including those without caller ID) to firms that litter my porch with flyers. Since I have official decals displayed that prohibit this, all of these firms are in violation. My current target is Arce Garage Doors & Construction, a firm that pasted their flyer to my garage. I'd appreciate others forwarding junk calls to them @ 773-953-7318. This type of action should waste time & effort for both guilty parties.
 Dec 01st, 2013