Caller Type: Telemarketer
Phone Number Owner: Warranty Help Desk
Phone Number Report: T Mobile prepaid owner - never again! Service is good but they must have sold my cell phone number and that just not acceptable! Last few months have been really bad. No problem at 1st but now my phone doesn't stop. Last few days I received calls from: 443-461-1097 Car Max 847-232-3321 - Teleeurope bv Illinois 770-843-8406 Extended warranty 973-751-0835 Unknown 801-410-1098 Utah collection agency 310-361-7110 Car warranty 877-728-9891 Problem with me warranty The FCC or other reps need to do something about this fast. Cellphone companies better start to realize that this nonsense will lead to many cancellations & they can't afford to lose any business. T Mobile, AT & T, etc. fix this problem. Thanks.
Vicky D
 Feb 23rd, 2009