Do not call me again!
Diane Rinne
 Jan 23rd, 2009
ipscard.com/123 for a work at home position
J.R. Stewart
 Jun 09th, 2008
I am so glad that I decided to read the scam links for this company before calling. I am disabled and can only work from home. After being ripped off for the so called background check fees, and not getting a position or being forced to download the "free" software required for a position that has to have your credit card info for payment after the "trial period" is over and then not getting the position...I am very cautious. The caller ID name is now Merchant Servic and the number is 763-231-8150, but the message from "virtual" Julie who is with First Financial is the same as the other messages/
 May 23rd, 2008