Yes there harrassing me Al so.
 Sep 09th, 2018
 Oct 28th, 2013
Rec'd too calls on my caller ID to count. Finally answered the phone and the woman on the other end claimed to be representing Macy's asking me if I would be paying the minimum amount due on my current bill due in 7 days. Will be canceling my Macy's account tomorrow.
 Sep 08th, 2013
Margareth We are filing a complaint against this department from the corporate office
 Jun 23rd, 2013
Bill collectors can only leave 2 msgs a day so if they don't leave a msg and you don't answer that's the same as "no contact" so then they can call you as many times as they want.Also if they have all your info to sue you for whatever debt, and you do answer they can use that as conformation that you are you and sue you faster without even trying to collect. also if you have hour first and last name on your voicemail that too can be used to confirm identity. My advice never answer and use the automated voicemail.
 Jun 16th, 2013
Bloomingdales/Macys credit
 Nov 28th, 2012
Dont get irate just faxulate with a faxulator. See www.faxulator.com
 Sep 03rd, 2012
They call my house constantly. Weekends, sometimes 6 times a day and at night even after 9pm I refuse to answer my phone unless I know who it is..... Maybe I should answer it the next time. If it is Macy's they would have no reason to call me. I guess being on a "no call" list means nothing!
 Sep 03rd, 2012
False Claims – Credit Dunning for not our account
MCCS - Macy's Credit and Customer Service
Macy's & Bloomingdales [credit accounts factored to Citicard] - They fail to take appropriate actions in verifying credit card application data so that you can have them call you claiming that you owe them - Macy's, Bloomingdale's - money on a card which may be in $1000s but it is not your card - just your phone number for an account that was opened in a totally different state from your number/home - They are terrible - absolute failure to verify data! ABYSMAL -
Call from New Delhi Indian Call Center
Mccs - MACYS India New Delhi Joe Berg re wrong acct
Associate 295257 HCL Technologies 800-545-1256x56700
MCCS POB 8118 Mason OH 45040
EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Follow-up Lisa Durbin 513-398-5221 x32634
MCCS POB 8220 Mason OH 45040

I have received numerous calls over the past months all calling to dun my wife on large outstanding amounts on either her Macy's or Bloomingdale's cards. Yet, the address of record for the cards MCCS is calling about is in Rhode Island and our telephone number clearly is not. We have wasted nearly hours with Indian and Filipino call center employees attempting to explain that we are not who they want. Every time they have claimed they will remove our number from their data base but we keep getting calls.
 Jan 22nd, 2010
I receive as many as five calls a day starting at 8:00 a.m.
All efforts to terminate this nuisance have not been successful.
I will now contact my Congressman, Chamber of Commerce and anyone else to resolve this.
I am 89 years old and it is very difficiult for me to get up to answer the phone.
robin buxton
 Jul 28th, 2009
Have gotten calls (several a day) from this #. They will not leave msge. Have never had a Macy's account and don't shop there either. Simple solution, just don't answer the phone. We don't!
Not Happy
 Feb 28th, 2009
A man with a foreign accent called my grandmother's phone number from this phone. I do not even live with her. He asked to speak to me so I asked him to identify himself. He refused to do so. Then, he asked to speak to me again. I asked what company he was called for. He ignored my question and asked to speak to me again. So, I asked one more time what company he was calling from and he again ignored my question. So, I hung up.
 Feb 21st, 2009
I answered my cell phone and the call instantly disconnected. I have never gotten a call from this number before. (?)
 Feb 18th, 2009
Macy's collection. Actually decent people if you talk to them. They understand the fact you can't pay your bill and its not a personal choice
 Feb 13th, 2009
Have been getting calls from this # for about 10 days. Rings twice and disconnects. I feel uncomfortable to answer? Any clues??!!
 Feb 10th, 2009
This company is Macy's Customer Service. My father passed away in April of 2008. After telling them over a dozen times that my father is dead they still continue to call and harass us. Ban Macy's from your Shopping list. My mother is ill and they have the ignorance to continue their exceedingly poor practices. They disgust me and everyone will know it.
Caller ID: MCCS - 727-556-5772
Caller: Macy's Customer Service
Caller Type: Telemarketer

Call the BBB of Clearwater, Fl. Report your harassing calls!!! THis is where the call center is located.
 Feb 08th, 2009
Yeap! Its macy's payment was TWO DAYS LATE! Payment due was $14.00 AMAZING!!! WHAT IDIOTS... called them and and closed the account.
 Feb 02nd, 2009
They called. I said I just got the number and I had no idea who they were looking for.
 Jan 29th, 2009
Caller idea said MCCS. called me on my work phone. They asked for somone who doesnt work at my company and then told me it was "Dwanye Cross" Then said it was a wrong number and hung up.
 Jan 27th, 2009
Called this number back. Man answered and said he was from 'Equipment Services'. When I asked what that was, he asked if we have a Macy's or Bloomingdale's account and asked me to provide the account number. I said that I wouldn't provide the number and ended the call.
A. S.
 Jan 18th, 2009
never leaves a message but calls 10 times a day.
 Jan 15th, 2009
They never leave messages. I called them back and a guy answered and he said they are a company contracted by Macys and Bloomingdales. They do not leave messages the guy told me. They call when there is a problem with your credit cards. I missed a payment by accident so they are a credit collection agency.
 Dec 09th, 2008
Definitely Macys/Bloomingdales Credit Services
Just Me
 Dec 04th, 2008
It's Macy's, don't feel bad, they even harrass their own employees at work!
 Nov 11th, 2008
Answering machine picked up after the 4th ring. My message was "please hold for an important message, all of our representatives are busy", and then the call ended
Mr. J
 Oct 31st, 2008
the call was very strange, starting with a pre-recorded message stating "please wait for an important call." Then the wait was several seconds and a guy with a very thick foreign accent came on asking for someone but I couldn't understand who. I told him he had the wrong number and he hung up.
 Oct 07th, 2008
 Oct 07th, 2008
Apparently it's cust. service from a cred card company (Macy's Bloomingdales. . . ) reminding of a missed payment.
 Oct 01st, 2008
6 - 7 calls per day to my cell. Answered 1st and said something about Macy's. Do not answer anymore but calls keep coming. Tried to call Macy's eastern office 1-212-494-4181 no one answered.
 Sep 29th, 2008
Macy's collections.
 Sep 02nd, 2008
It is Macy's (or another Dept. Store). They can be pesty, even if a few days late.
 Aug 26th, 2008
Ok I have a new twist for everyone on this number. They have been leaving messages on our machine, now comes the good part. The message they are leaving is for a person that lives 4 houses down the street from us that we do not even know. I have not been home to get these calls, and have tried calling back the 800 number they leave, but they will not talk to me because it is not my account. I have asked them not to call my number yet it continues. Any suggestions on how I can get this to stop. How can they get away with harassing someone that is not even a customer of theirs? They also show up on the ID under 513-573-8739 & 800-545-1256, that I know of right now
 Aug 02nd, 2008
I got calls on my cell phone from this number two to four times a day for just over a month. I only answered the first call, at which time I refused to confirm my name and the last four digits of my credit card (and asked to be removed from their list). During the last week of these annoying calls they tricked me into answering a couple times by calling from different numbers 727-556-5772, 513-573-8739, 513-573-8028, and 928-819-9988). During this final week they also left a message for the first time, asking Carolyn Kirby (not my name!) to call back regarding an "important business matter." Sooooooooooooooooooo annoyingly aggravating!!!

(Just for reference, since it comes up in so many of your messages here, I do not, nor have I ever, had a Macy's or Bloomingdales account.)
 Jul 26th, 2008
Called twice today and yesterday on my wireless number; I did not answer since I didn't recognize number. Left a blank voice mail. Must be some call center.
 Jul 24th, 2008
I was away and missed my Macy's payment last week. I paid it yesterday online - along with the $30.00 late fee!!! They started calling me twice yesterday, last night and twice today so far. I'm sure it's a call center and they don't know that I have paid my late payment. A-holes! First time late with a payment. I will NOT be using my Macy's card again that's for sure.
 Jul 16th, 2008
Says they are from Macy's. Asked for account # and SS# to look up account. I would not give this inrofmation, gave my phone # that they've been calling and confirmed my name and then they were gone, like she put me on hold or something so I waited a couple of minutes asked if anyone was still there and then I hung up. my account if fully paid off so there's no reaosn they shoul dbe calling me. This is very annoying. Someone stop them!
 Jul 15th, 2008
 Jul 14th, 2008
It is an outside agency hired by Macy's to call you if you are late on payments. From another company inexpensive labor. They will leave a message for you to call the toll free number to Macy's. Very annoying voice
 Feb 14th, 2008
Male with foreign accent asked for a certain name a few times, I said I could not understand. Then is asked for Mrs. (my last name), I said which one, then the phone went blank.
 Feb 07th, 2008
Not sure who it is, but I've received 4 calls in the last hour from them. Finally a very static, faint, message was left, but I could barely hear it or make out what they were saying. I deleted the message.
 Feb 07th, 2008
Omg, here they go again. I thought they would stop calling. These people called our house several times a day on Oct. Here they go again, they called our house 9x today... I want this to stop!!!!! It's getting way out of hand!
 Feb 06th, 2008
These people called my house 9x today. I don't know who they are. They might be the same ones calling a few months ago using a different #. Here they go again! pls. put a stop to these people!!!!!!
 Feb 06th, 2008
Cell phone rings with 727-556-5772; so far, NINE calls in a four hour period. Have begun to leave messages now on voicemail: "This is Macy's regarding a personal matter... please call 1-800-872-9669. I don't even HAVE a Macy's card...
 Feb 06th, 2008
it's macy's. theyv'e called 5 times in the last hor
 Feb 04th, 2008
Called once yesterday - today they have called at 9:43am and 12:19pm. You'll get your money, don't have a frigging fit! UGH!
 Feb 04th, 2008
I've received a couple of calls about the same time each morning, 2 calls last week and 2 calls this Monday and Tuesday. When I answer there isn't a quick response to my hello, and a recorded message begins.
 Jan 22nd, 2008
This number must be a fraud! Don't answer! They have been calling me from 1/8-1/19 everyday! even at 9 in the morning! everyday for almost two weeks several times a day! THE NUMBER WAS 727-556-5772!! leaving no messages and when i called them back there was an automated message saying it was the credit center!
 Jan 20th, 2008
MACY's - They left a message on Jan 11 to call them. I had just made my payment via their web site the day before. I owed them $225 total, and an $8 min pay was due on Jan 8. I had paid them $75 on Jan 10, they called on Jan 11. I called they're regular customer service line and let them have it good. I told them that if they EVER dare to call me regarding an EIGHT dollar payment (on a $225 balance)that is THREE days late again, that I will pay off the card, cut in up and never shop there again. I have had that card for 11 years, never once been more than a day or so late.
 Jan 17th, 2008
This is an automated collection phone dialer employed by companies such as Macys.
 Dec 12th, 2007
didn't answer - no message
 Dec 08th, 2007
FACS Calls several times per day. When I answer, there is nothing. I won't answer now and they keep calling (every day).. Wish these people would burn in hell.....
 Nov 29th, 2007
Have called many times... No one says anything!
 Nov 27th, 2007
never shopped at Macys and came up this site when google the number. Called me 3 times already. wth?
 Nov 27th, 2007
may be macys not late on any payments here!
 Nov 27th, 2007
calls 2-3xday, no message. redail says it's a credit center, area code says florida
 Nov 27th, 2007
Said the were from Macy's asked me to make a payment. I decided to go in the store and not make a payment by phone. Please beware, it's a scam!
 Nov 26th, 2007
I, too, am getting calls from FACS (caller id) and the number is 727-556-5772. We have a Macy's acct., but it should be fine. I'm guessing if they are truly a fraud deal, then they must have somehow tapped Macy's acct holder's information.
 Nov 25th, 2007
Caller ID showed the above, We do not answer calls from people or companies we do not know. Oddly enough, about 20 minutes after this call which - again - we did not answer, there was another call from what Caller ID says is "unknown caller" and we did not answer that one, either. Cannot help but wonder if they are related.
 Nov 25th, 2007
These people have called me several times asking for someone who does not have this number. I finally called them back, was told " This called may be monitored". I waited for someone to answer and got her to take my number off their list without a problem. This worked for me, might not work for anyone else.
 Nov 20th, 2007
recorded message stating all reps' are busy please hold, after it was repeated 3 times the recording say's 'all reps' are busy but it is important we talk to you, we will call back later". how nice is that, not only does this creep call you once but now will call back again, like at 9 at night.
 Nov 19th, 2007
Is there anything I can do to make this stop? I hear it is Macy's but I don't believe they would be THIS unprofessional. I want it to stop now!
 Nov 16th, 2007
Had 2 calls today. No message, CID says FACS.
 Nov 13th, 2007
They said they were from macys and knew my account balance, but when i called macys they said that wasnt one of their numbers.
 Nov 13th, 2007
The caller had an indian accent therefore I couldnt hardly understand. All he said was that it was regarding an important business matter. The number that he left to call him back at was 800-233-2750, but the company came up at FACS on my caller ID.
 Nov 06th, 2007
I want my name taken off this list. They call every single day, even on a sunday at 8am.
Tony T
 Nov 04th, 2007
FACS is a collection agency from India working for Macy's/Federated Department stores. They will call with a computer voice message. They have been calling me for 6 months, up to ten times a week and asking for a person I don't know. I have never had a Macy's/Federated credit card. I have called Macy's and they apologize and tell me they will stop, but they don't. I call FACS and they tell me they have no record of them calling me. Asking for a supervisor/manager is a waste of time.
 Oct 28th, 2007
got a few calls a few days apart - thought it was strange macys would call on a bill just a few days past due and they new the min amt due -they wanted me to make a payment by phone - i said no. next day called again - diff person - ask if want to make payment by phone - how would i do that i asked. Bank account # and routing info - i said no way- this is a scam. reported it to macys - they said they gave phone number to fraud dept. Got call today - same thing - told them they were a bunch of frauds and I turned them in- well guess what - called macys - said the company did work for them and they call to get people to pay - i told abt the bank info request - she said must of been a mistake - alot of confusion on her part. long story short - cancelled cards and never again with macys - i am writing letter to store - shame on them - this is harassment for sure and unnecessary. the whole thing is very wacky and just not right - will investigate more.
 Oct 24th, 2007
Said she was calling from Macys and the I owed $ but I don't! She had an Indian Accent. Another day, a man called and asked for me, he too had an indian accent. Everyday I receive calls from them but I no longer pick up the phone!
 Oct 19th, 2007
I hate the fact that I receive phone calls EVERYDAY from this #. I want it to stop. It is Annoying me and my family. When we see it, we no longer pick it up!!!!!!!!! pls. help and catch these people!
 Oct 19th, 2007
Did not say a word most of the time. On 10/17 called 2x and it was a recording... it said the next available agent will assist you shortly. they call almost everyday. morning and at noon.
 Oct 19th, 2007
called 9 times in 4 hours
 Oct 18th, 2007
Says it is a business call but tell me what is it about. Calls 4-5 time a day.
 Oct 18th, 2007
They have called me several times this past week and never left a message until today saying it was regarding an "important message." They then proceeded to leave me a (800) number which I won't call. I want them to just stop calling.
 Oct 15th, 2007
Calls every single day do not answer it and they do not leave a message. If it was that important or needed to talk to us about something a message should be left. They call at least 3-4 times a day.
 Oct 13th, 2007
I have received several calls and did some research. They are from Macy's. I have never had a Macy's card and they ask for someone that does not live here. I called Macy's @ 1-866-593-2543 (M-F 9a-9p est/pst & Sun 11a-8p). I told them the issue, he looked up the account via my phone # and he deleted my number from the account. It only took about 4 min. You can also email them @ www.macys.com/signin/index.ognc. Good luck! I tried several times to get the person that was calling me to get a manager (they said there isn't one) or to understand I am registered with the National No Call Reg but they just kept calling. I believe this will work!
 Oct 11th, 2007
calls at all times of day, I pick up, and no one is there....and it is really annoying!!!
 Oct 10th, 2007
They call my phone about every two hours every day. WHen i do answer they never say anything. I have my name on the do not call registry and it' sannoying that they are wasting my cell phone minutes if i answer.
 Sep 24th, 2007
Keeps calling and calling... when I pick up on the any ring (first or 5th) there is nothing there... no sound.
 Aug 24th, 2007
Just talked to a gentleman named Ron at Macy,s credit department. He was unaware of HCL Tech and unaware of these phone calls.I also gave him the 800# that they ask you to call and he said it was NOT one of there numbers.He said he would follow up on this matter and keep me in touch.
 Aug 24th, 2007
Have received a call about every day for 2 weeks asking for Sarah Vaughn. Called 800# and it said it was Macy's and to enter my account number. Am going to cancel my Macy's credit card. I have had a zero balance for some time.
 Aug 24th, 2007
It is a late payment service(from out of the country?) for MACY'S Dept. store. Pay the bill at the nearest store.
 Aug 23rd, 2007
I contacted Macy's, they indicated that they have not and will not call my cell phone. Their do not show that they've called me, and they said that it is not their number. I was advised to contact 888-766-0008 to protect my credit against unauthorized accounts.
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Called for my wife's maiden name and her dead father.
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Keeps calling, probably another scam artist
 Aug 22nd, 2007
This number has been calling me for WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Aug 21st, 2007
Call came up only as "Florida" on caller ID. Asked for me buy my full name, sounded like an Asian woman, would only say it was personal business. Someone wrote below that this is Macy's but my account is current.
 Aug 21st, 2007
Macy's Credit
 Aug 19th, 2007
Man with Indian accent called saying that he was from HCL Technologies. Supposedly an agent for Macy's & Bloomingdales stores.
 Aug 17th, 2007
they left a message with 1-800 number saing this is a personal matter. I am glad to know this is Macy's not mafia :)
 Aug 17th, 2007
Have been getting at least 6 calls a day from these people, every day for the last 2 months.
 Aug 17th, 2007
They called for my Mother in Law and when I asked them to take her off the call list. They told me "WE WON'T and WE WILL CALL AGAIN!" They would not say what they wanted. My Mother in Law is 83 and cannot hear well on the phone.
 Aug 16th, 2007
called with no message
 Aug 13th, 2007
I am having the same experience as others. Lots of calls from this number on my cell phone. Very strange. I am not late on any bills and don't have a Macy's card. I did have a card at one of their predecessor stores but I haven't used it in about five years. This feels like harassment.
 Aug 12th, 2007
called numerous times, my macy's acct. is current and not overdue
 Aug 09th, 2007
Get calls every half hour. Went to bed last night, got up this morning with 18 missed calls. Have called the number they said nothing they can do....called my cell service and got the same response, we cant block the number...what a load of crap! What am I supposed to do...
 Aug 09th, 2007
caller ID came up on my cell phone when you answer phone automated message comes on.Did not ask for anyone .When I called back automated message says hold on for customer service when they answer the phone they don't even give company name called 2 times a day for the past week. NEVER GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.If you happen to get a human tell them to go F-ck off
seems like a scam
 Aug 08th, 2007
this is mr harrison please call back at 1900*** about an important matter. they call every night. how do you make them go away. they were called back!
 Aug 07th, 2007
"hold for an important message, all our representatives are busy..."
How would you like to get this message all day ?
No indentification in the recording,
When I called them back, and was finally able to talk to someone, they said they were in India, for Macy's -
Note that their automated calls didnot identify themselfs.
 Aug 05th, 2007
call and talk to a manager, have them remove your number.
macy victim
 Aug 04th, 2007
I have received several calls lately from this number. Tonight they called about every 20 minutes, no one on the other line, no message left. I finally called the number on CID and got the "your call may be monitored", then silence.

Caller ID says "Florida."
 Aug 03rd, 2007