I received a call from them, and spoke with a supervisor. Asked them to tell me the last 4 of the CC used for this transaction and they told me it was starred out for my protection. I told them I never subscribed to Maxim and they said that I did. I asked them how I can cancel it and they said it would be an early termination fee of $200.00. I laughed at him and said this is obviously a scam. Hea said it's not a scam and when I tried to ask more questions he hung up on me. I called Maxim directly and they said that the order came from a company called PriorityOne Clearing Services (http://www.priorityoneclearing.com/contact.aspx) 727-443-2200 in Clearwater FL. According to Maxim I do have a subscription through this third party company. I will be calling them today to get to the bottom of this and post the info here.
 Aug 19th, 2010