I also received calls. Press 2 to be removed from the list and it goes silent - calls resume the next day. Press 1 and you will get harassed when asking to be removed fromt he list. I did this and the guy told me just to hang up if I didn't want to get DISH Network. I told him that the calls were daily though. He said so what. I asked for a supervisor. He told me to "Go supervise yourself." I then called DISH Network corporate and spoke to their telemarketing complaints escalation specialist. Her phone number was 720-807-6500 ext. 71573. They seemd to only be concerned with getting my number off the list within 30 days, but there was no apology for the rude or obnoxious behaviour of the telemarketer. I am not impressed to say the least and I am positive I will never be giving DISH Network a try at any time in the future. Now I have filed an online complaint against STACI COURTNEY through the FCC's website. Info about what is legal and what isn't in addition to how to get onto the National DO NOT Call Registry are here: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/tcpa.html
The link to file a complaint online with the FCC is: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm
Jeanne Marie
 Jul 02nd, 2009