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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

Garden City, NY
61 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
unknownNew York Call0000-00-00
UnknownNew York2008-05-14
UnknownNew York2008-04-27
UnknownUNKNOWN NAME2008-04-11
UnknownUNKNOWN NAME2008-04-04
Painters and Decorators718-559-40932009-06-10
no message?2007-09-29
no answerKing D2009-06-26
Fidelity InvestmentsFIDELITY2009-06-20
DF KingDF King2008-06-17
?D King2009-06-26
King D2015-05-24
King D2015-05-20
King D2015-05-05
New York2013-05-21
D King2013-05-17
nwyrcy2n09 ny2009-12-16
King D2009-08-03
D King2009-07-25
King D2009-07-11
Out of area2009-07-02
NEW YORK CALL2009-07-03
King D2009-06-26
Out of area2009-06-26
King D2009-06-17
D King2009-06-15
Out of Area2008-05-30
unknown name2008-05-08
D.F. KING2008-04-28
NEW YORK2008-04-19
D F KING2008-04-09
NEW YORK2008-03-31
NEW YORK2008-04-08
New York2008-04-04
New York Call2007-12-11

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May 5th, 2015   CA

Calls daily. We don't pick up.

August 3rd, 2009 Lynn PA

I'm getting calls from this same number at least once a day, so I just went online to see who these people are. Useless it seems. If I answer the phone no one is there. Useless like I said.

June 26th, 2009 Jan FL

Left 7 minutes of "air" on my voicemail...

June 20th, 2009 David Krueger AL

My 401K is administered by Fidelity, so they can use that to get around the DO-NOT-CALL list. I find it interesting that these morons think it's a good business strategy to harass customers THEY ALREADY HAVE with junk calls. With friends like these, who needs enemies, right?

June 20th, 2009 John AZ

Keeps calling never leave message. Real pain. Seems to be calling from NY. How does one get calling to stop?

June 18th, 2009 Charlie WA

Got a call from this number claiming to be "Card Services" and said they could get my credit card interest rate reduced. When I asked who they were, they said they were "Card Services" and couldn't tell me any more until I was "pre-approved". I asked more questions, and they said they were calling from Long Island. I asked more questions, and they hung up.

This seems like a scam to collect credit card numbers, but if they were I would think they would make up better lies. But it seems almost certainly to be a scam of some sort. (Actually, the first call was from a blocked number, but as I asked for information they agreed to call from an unblocked number, which was 718-559-4093. Of course, they could have faked that too.

June 15th, 2009 New View

Has called several times. I have recorded dates and times of calls. Advised them today
that this phone is listed with Do Not Call Registry and asked that they not call again.
If they continue, I will report it to the attorney general in the state of New York.
That's about the only way to insure that these people stop their harassment.

June 15th, 2009 Jackie

It said Fideliy on the Caller ID. I answered. Nobody there then it started to ring 4 or 5 times. THen there was air. I'd love to know why they called at 10:30 in the morning

June 17th, 2008 Angela WI

Kept calling, never left msg. One time I decided to answer. They are a legit company hired by Fidelity to see why you didn't send in your proxy vote for an investment plan (you know, those things you get in the mail with all the literature that you don't have time to read). I called Fidelity today to confirm that they are legit and indeed, they are. So, if you have a savings/retirment plan on your own or through work (mine is through work) that is run by Fidelity, that is why they are calling. Still don't understand why they wouldn't leave a message. My husband has an account with Fidelity also so we get double the calls. I just asked them when I answered the phone if they could take me off the list. I don't know if it works or not because we still get calls (though probably could be for husband's account).

May 15th, 2008 Cam NC

Calls every other day, sometimes twice a day, never leaves a message - PAIN IN THE REAR!

May 15th, 2008 no name

has called 3 times this week and has never left a message

May 7th, 2008 no name

Once yesterday and two times today. Never left a message.

May 6th, 2008 Sandra T. CO

On DNC list. No message.

April 9th, 2008 W.E. SC

According to a proxy booklet from Fidelity:
"D.F. King is a third party proxy vendor that
Fidelity hires to call shareholders [...] who have
not yet voted their shares".

August 1st, 2007 Big Al OH

Called. No caller ID no message on machine. I blocked call via my internet phone service (VOIP.COM)

July 28th, 2007 cc WI

Sick of them calling. Will inform the FCC.

July 5th, 2007 Donna NY

They did not leave a message.

June 11th, 2007 Name is empty 2

2nd call from this number in a week. no message

May 13th, 2007 Name is empty

3 times today once a few days ago, never a message