It's the national recovery agency not the rifle assoc. anyone who says otherwise is an idiot or works for this debt collector. they call 20x a week, the real rifle folks don't. just turn your phone off. they call at all hours and have other people call you at all hours under phony numbers. no real non-profit does that. REMEDY: use *67 then call the number back and when you enter their DNC list put 202-456-1414(white house), 757-455-0100 FBI, or 301-688-6524 (NSA). that should solve your problem and cause theirs.
 Nov 30th, 2013
We don not know who this is, please put them on do not call list
Norval T. Evans
 Oct 23rd, 2013
Not the actual NRA. A scammer spoofs the NRA's real number in order to pose as the NRA and ask you for personal information and credit card numbers. If you call back, it is indeed an actual NRA number - remember the scammer is SPOOFING the number.
Mrs. Esterhouse
 Oct 21st, 2013
Called hung up although machine was on
 Oct 03rd, 2013
If we signed up with the no call list, shouldn’t they be fined or something?
 Sep 12th, 2013
called at 8:30 am
 Jul 29th, 2013
Rang a few time, then hung up. Never got to the answering machine. Obviously left no message.
 Jul 22nd, 2013
I didn't answer and no msg left on answering device. On DNC Registry. I blocked the number with my Panasonic KX-TG7745S.
 Jul 22nd, 2013