received marketing call in NH, identified themselves as Target Consulting. *69 revealed this phone number. I called it back to complain as I am on the Do Not Call List, but that # just leads to machine msg of Western Wats research/marketing company -- you cannot reach a person. To get more information re: Target Consulting, or to complain, call 703-565-8505 (Target Consulting). The employee there (Trevor) told me they have hired Western Wats to do phone surveys, and received the phone list from the Republican National Committee, and must, if asked, let the person called know they have received support for the survey from the Republican Natl Cte. I was told since they received the registered voter phone list from the Republican Natl Committee they do not have to abide by the Do Not Call List. They have instructions how to opt out of their calls on the website
Report any push pulling or violations of the Do Not Call list. Let's keep this election clean!
 Jul 12th, 2008