keeps calling no message can not be valid call
 Oct 23rd, 2013
"Windows security checkup, please go to your computer and press *ctrl* and *r* to see if your computer is infected with viruses and spyware" pronounced Indian accent, demanded supervisor when requests to remove my number went acknowledged but unheeded. Also advised of TWO possible emergencies here,
one, a guy with a gun at my door
two, a bloodcurdling scream
(callers are *required* to notify authorities via 911 of possible emergency during call)
The script went on despite the possible emergencies.
I required the supervisor to remove my number from sucker list
-then had him read back the number he blithely said he was removing, some delay and he did.
Next I required him to identify my call info and MAIL ME an acknowledgement that they had called a registered DNC number and had removed it from their callable list.
The call ended with several insults being traded.
 Oct 17th, 2013
Didn't answer & they didn't leave a message. The number is now in my computer program PhoneTray which will answer this number the next time they call, give them a piece of my mind, and hang up. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the program. Check it out at:
 Oct 17th, 2013
Told me he was calling from Austin, Texas. I told him bullshit because the phone number came up as a 703 area code which is a northern Virginia area code. He said again it was in Austin, Texas and I said oh no sweet cheeks you're not. Told him I was reporting him to the national do not call registry and he hung up on me.
 Oct 16th, 2013
Called today telling me my computer has issues with Windows...seeing as my computer's OS is Linux that was definitely not right. IT people never call you anyway unless you contact them first. Definitely and obviously a scam.
 Oct 15th, 2013
DO NOT ANSWER - they say they are calling because you computer is sending info to Windows/Microsoft. It is a lie and they want to take you step by step to fix it. This will only download a virus or open you computer up for them to access it by remote. My son works on the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they get A LOT of computers in for repair because of these guys. STAY AWAY!!!!
 Oct 15th, 2013
Just received call from this jerk. He threatened me if I did comply with his nonsense. Same bull about error messages being sent from my computer. I was harassed with five more calls as I refused to pick up.
 Oct 11th, 2013
Same basic story, calling about a problem with my computer. I immediately said "Yea, right" and hung up on him. If he calls again I will lead him on and waste his time, then let him have it. That usually makes it stop.
 Oct 11th, 2013
Got a call from the same clowns. I looked up the number found it was a scam and started messing with her. After 9 minutes she knew I was being a dick and she said she loved my wife and hung up.
 Oct 08th, 2013
The caller asked for my name. I asked who was calling. He hung up.
 Oct 08th, 2013
703-490-1102 - Jacob, George - Do NOT answer calls from this number. This is a SCAM. They claim to be calling from Microsoft Wiondows.
 Oct 04th, 2013
the caller id said jacob george,my son answered and said it was a computer,microsoft issue.i warned him they are all scams.MICROSOFT DOES NOT CALL YOU!!! NEVER!!! YOU CALL THEM!! Thats how you know its a scam right away.i got a second call tonight 10117034901102 and they said it was a follow up call from today.most of these calls are from nigeria and india and many other countries.i will find out this number,i didnt look it up yet or report it.if you call back the 703 490 1102 number,it says it is a non working number.they use spoof numbers.they belong in JAIL!!!
 Oct 04th, 2013
Went through some fishy stuff on my computer with this guy with a heavy accent. Stopped when he asked me to type something like on my command line and hung up on him. Who is this? Should we report to police? I have recently had my logon and password stolen from an online shopping site?!
 Oct 03rd, 2013
Received a call from a man with a heavy accent and hard to understand......informed me that he is calling to help me with my computer and wanted me to go to the computer and help him to help me!! I thought it was fishy and asked him how he knew I was having trouble with my computer, and asked him if Microsoft had called him (I did have trouble a couple weeks ago and had placed several calls to Microsoft, and in fact was waiting for someone to call me again, which they never did). He said Microsoft had not called him, but he can tell that when I connect to the internet that I might have some viruses!! I was in a meeting and told him it did not suit.....he said he would call me today (10/4). I tried to call the number back this morning to determine what company is was as I could not recall what he told me and got a recording that the number is out of service!! Meanwhile I have determined he is a scam and will tell him to get lost if he calls again!!
 Oct 03rd, 2013
Same person called from this number, heavy accent, said his name is Patrick. I did understand him to say something about Microsoft and my computer crashing. The calls came at 5:15, 6:37, and 8:06PM. Each call I told him I am not interested in speaking with him, I am on the National Do Not Call Registry. On the last call, my husband heard me yelling at him once more and told him if he calls back, he will hunt him down.
Mary Anne
 Oct 03rd, 2013
A woman keeps calling me repeatedly trying to get me to allow her access to my computer stating I have a major virus. When I tell her not to call and take me off the call list she gets very threatening saying she WILL call me back again.
Was called 4 times in one day. Says she is calling from ISVAP
 Oct 02nd, 2013
Called and wanted me to follow a series of keystrokes on my computer to know about my windows set up. Told him I worked for Microsoft (not true), and he was in awe but kept asking to follow his instructions. I again told him my computer was fine, he hung up. Very poor English.
 Oct 02nd, 2013
just got basically the same call from this number and they are trying to get information from me as well. when you question them they get upset because they know what you are talking about and have figured out they are a joke.
 Oct 01st, 2013
Whoever this is was trying to get info on my Microsoft Windows program. They stated they needed me to type in a few things so they could verify my windows set up was correct. Good thing I am an IT and told them to go pound salt.
 Sep 27th, 2013