Here's just some Portfolio Recovery Associates' numbers





















847 994 2540

518 207 3602

404 921 2521

484 489 2841

484 489 2840

626 209 2244

626 209 2241

800 772 1413

410 575 1863

620 662 1492

859 918 0780

678 265 1576

678 265 1568

858 346 1184

800 860 0644

443 313 1382

443 313 1381

412 282 1423

412 282 1422

412 282 1421

440 580 0721

440 580 0720

877 803 0008

757 864 0020

914 513 0163

571 261 0047
 Jun 25th, 2013
Scum bottom feeders.
 Jun 01st, 2011
Foxy: I'm quite familiar with the clumsily designed Hibbs family of sites, including the newer Collectors Exposed. I've only been studying these issues for ten years. I'm better versed in the FDCPA and FTC opinion letters than the consumer lawyers near me who profess to defend alleged debtors. You evidently haven't actually read any of my comments in this thread if you believe I'm shilling for PRA.

Great for Missouri if its legislature is taking these debt bullies more seriously. New York City residents recently got improved protections, and the Mass AG is talking about shoring up her state regs as well. But this site can be viewed in the other states which are not so fortunate, therefore I mainly discuss federal laws in my remarks.
 Apr 10th, 2011
Resident47-- You need to check out this website:

You make me believe that you are from Portfolio Recovery? or you are behind the times when it comes to garbage debt...
Please realize, Missouri has already enacted a law against predatory debt collectors.
 Apr 08th, 2011
I receive calls from this no. and many others. This company also is part of NCO Financial and will make calls for them. They Statue of Limitations to collect the debt and the Statue of Limitations to report it have passed 7 yrs. ago. These 2 companies will use phone nos. from different states so that the call will be answered, but I never do. The problem is that they buy bad paper or charge offs, etc. and try to collect them. My answering machine is set to play a msg. "We're sorry, messages for this no. cannot be accepted".
 Mar 25th, 2011
I do not answer these calls. Out of area codes are an obviously not my friends . I too am disabled and live alone. I have no dealings with these scum. What a miserable life they all must live, full of contention and futility on a telephone line. If you can, change your phone number and give it to no one!
 Mar 18th, 2011
Res47..Unfortunately, I am disabled and housebound and can rarely find my way to the post office to send a cease letter..not to mention I usually don't have a spare 5
I just clicked on "portfolio Recovery" 89 numbers!! WOW
Tracy S
 Mar 10th, 2011
Phew ... for a moment I thought we would have the "Pay Yuz Bills" argument. Quite so, if you get clear of the cage, don't walk into a new one. The debt machine switch is first thrown by lenders, allowed too long to be predatory and usurious. With the other hand they hide their assets from the IRS and beg Congress for handouts when the pressure they have loaded onto debtors finally collapses everyone.
 Mar 02nd, 2011
'The debt account pool is drying as Americans scrimp for living expenses.'

The best way to get rid of [politically incorrect expletives] as a species is to take away their food.

Get out of debt and stay that way even if you don't need to scrimp.
 Mar 02nd, 2011
JLM and Tracy: You're both discovering a common truth, that collector call blocking eventually becomes an arms race you will lose. They may have phone numbers stacked up like cordwood against the one or two you are defending, not counting devious practices like spoofing numbers local to you or collection reps using their own mobile devices.

This among many reasons is why I keep advocating that people take the fight to their mailboxes. The telephone is the collector’s primary weapon; when in self defense, your first goal is to disarm your opponent. You come at them with a good simple letter bearing the certified mail trappings and this shows which of you is in control of your finances.

If you can’t wring a mailing address from a PRA rep, it won’t be hard to find. In fact, they really, dearly want to hear from you. Last month PRA merged and rebranded its subsidiaries and began a softsoaping spam campaign of various consumer message boards, luring people to a lashed-up “resolution center” website to experience a quite misleading complaint form and FAQ page. Obviously I suggest keeping to a paper trail and ignoring the spin doctoring.

That said, it could not hurt for JLM to toy with PRA if desired. With a claim so far past any state Statute of Limitations, I would love to see them try to validate it, and break laws like drunken sailors in the effort. Someone cagey enough in verbal sparring could coax them to step on statutory land mines while not giving them any excuse to reset SoL.

This isn’t the first time since 2010 I’ve seen an agency chase a debt from around the time Pac-Man was the new arcade hit. The debt account pool is drying as Americans scrimp for living expenses.
 Mar 02nd, 2011
Another morning call..
JLM..Are you kidding me? 28 yrs ago? What did you say to them??(after laughing hysterically of course)
Tracy S
 Mar 02nd, 2011
Did not answer the call; no message was left. Obviously, scum bags.
 Feb 27th, 2011
I've blocked these guys from different numbers. the one time I talked to them they said they bought a debt I had from 28 yrs. ago. Are you kidding me?
 Feb 25th, 2011
My call blocker just can't keep up with these jerks! Wanna scream!
Tracy S
 Feb 24th, 2011
"Anybody", you don't need a valid debt or a derogatory trade line on your credit reports to be hassled by debt collectors. They call third parties (or total strangers) to alleged debtors all the time for permitted skip tracing purposes, or at times pretending it's a trace to annoy and shame the intended target.

While offshore reps are possibly in play, PRA is a real live debt collector that can take you to real live court with a valid claim. Portfolio Recovery is a known chronic lawbreaker, however, and you don't need to take their noise if they won't stop calling. Send a cease-comm via USPS Certified with card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft one.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights at FTC-dot-gov.
 Feb 10th, 2011
This is one of many numbers used by Portfolio Recovery Associates, a collection agency.
 Feb 09th, 2011
I get calls from different phone numbers all the time regarding collections. I have no collections against me. These are some sort of scam. It seems to be different numbers everyday and never ends. DO NOT give these people any info about you - it is a scam run from another country and for some reason cannot easily be traced to original source.
 Feb 04th, 2011
No message left.
 Feb 02nd, 2011