I just got a call from this number with an automated voice telling me that I was in violation of some protocal/legal proceeding and that this was my "First Notice", further if I wanted to resolve this issue immediately that I press "9". Well, I pressed "9" and the man on the other end of the phone acted like he couldn't hear me. Though, I could here that I was on speaker phone. Each time I called back, I got the same automated voicemail assistant telling me to leave a message or fax. I'm 99% sure that these guys who call themselves "Global Management Group" is a scam and is NOT tied to the real Global Management Group from China. To the Police, please re-educate these people.
 Dec 04th, 2012
A man called Moses from this number called and asked for my daughter. He said she gave him my number as her home number. He began to ask me for all kinds of personal information about her, which I refused to give him, as he had not given me any information about himself or who he was. He then told me he was calling from Canada and needed to fax her some business information. I told him my daughter didn't have any business in Canada. I refused to give him her number as he would not give me any satisfactory information about who he was, including the name of his company. He asked if I would take his number and have him call her. I took the number, because I wanted to do a reverse lookup, but I will not be having my daughter call him. He gave me the same number for a return call as the previous commenter received (1-866-350-7727). However, when I checked my caller ID upon hanging up, I saw that he was not calling from Canada as he said, but from (678) 881-9921, a phone number in Atlanta, GA. Whomever this man is, he called and lied to me to get access to my daughter and he will not be getting it.
 Nov 09th, 2011
I don't care what they "believe" they are collecting on. A) they are wrong...I have already disputed these charges once B) their scare tactics are rediculous...I am going back to the same attorney who had this removed the 1st time (I'm disgusted with the bank who inerently filed the record to begin with and got this going). Now I have these not 1st go around but 2nd go around goons calling and leaving messages like "hello, I left you a message regarding a timeframe with which we should speak, now we have not yet heard from you and this is a reminder that we should speak today. Call the office at 1-866-350-7727, thank you."....if you don't disclose who you are, what you represent, and what kind of crap this is....do you really think in this day and age that people are going to call you???? Send something in the mail. Validate it!!!!
 Apr 30th, 2009