no one on the line just dead air, probaly trying remember their job or their really shy
 Feb 10th, 2010
Said they had free gifts for me for using my visa. Funny thing I don't have a visa and they called my Google Voice number which I have had for a couple weeks and haven't given out.
 Feb 03rd, 2010
The call I got was from a woman saying they are calling all valued Visa Card customers to send them a free $25. gas card. I bought soemthing online this Christmas and the company has given my card number to other companies!!! I AM PISSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The person on the phone actually told me the last 4 digits of my credit card! I have complained to the Division of Consumer Services.
 Jan 16th, 2010
Got a call from 647-288-7825. No one on the other end of the line. Great! Used up my cell phone minutes, thanks!
 Nov 03rd, 2009
they called me and when i picked up they didnt say a word
 Sep 16th, 2009
these people are really starting to piss me off! I have had hang ups every time they get the answering machine. I've even tried answering the phone - but as I always do, I answer, "?? Marketing, how can I help you?" and they hang up!
If they are, in fact, linked to Canadian Tire in any way I will be cancelling my credit card there!
 Sep 09th, 2009
Several calls over the last week or so. (Early morning, late evening, afternoons). Managed to get the company name "Omega Direct Marketing" and phone line # 1-888-727-7478. Omega Direct Marketing said they were calling on behalf of Canadian Tire Financial Services. Called Canadian Tire directly and asked to be remove from calling list, however, today still receiving calls.
 Sep 08th, 2009
This number called me once a day. My husband was very confused who called? and not saying any words.
 Sep 01st, 2009
Said our name and hung up
 Aug 11th, 2009
This number (647 288 7825) has been calling me daily for at least 2 weeks, at random times of the day. If you call back it automatically links to extension 4108 which I assume is their auto-dialer or whatever.

If you're being called and answer but nobody is there, it's because they're hanging up on you so they can count the call as completed and get paid for it and move onto the next call quickly.

This company is often contracted by banks, credit card companies, or collection agencies so that's probably how they got your info. Call your providers and opt-out of all call lists.

The company is called Omega Direct, and they have a website (google it). They call you from 647 288 7825 but will seldom answer that if you call back, you'll get a machine. You can also call their general phone number, 416-640-3399, which will connect you with an operator if you press 0. Finally, the head office number is 905-482-3421, which allows you to punch in any extension or browse the directory. Feel free to browse and call anyone in there, and give them a piece of your mind.

 Jul 25th, 2009
I keep a canister style air horn next to the phone. When an unidentifiable appears on caller "ID" I answer the call with a big blast from the horn. One must take care it isn't a friend or relatives ear you are blasting!
Ray J
 Jul 20th, 2009
Caller ID gave this number - unknown name- on 07/16/09 at 3:11p.m. to my land phone. I answered. A male voice with foreign accent (India ?) on a recording gave a very threatening/intimidating message regarding if I didn't press #1 I would have serious consequences regarding Bank of America Protection Plan. He knew my first name. He ranted on for about 1 min. The day before I had rec'd a call from a 647-288-7825 -unknown name-at 2:28 p.m. The male voice sounded the same-again threatening and intimidating message. I am on the state of Texas and Federal do not call lists. I did not press #1. No collection agencies are looking for me so I think that this guy is obviously setting up his own protection plan by attempting to get personal information. I used Call Block and it doesn't do any good. Reporting it doesn't seem to help . I have read where these people can get software or whatever so fake numbers and names show up on your caller ID.
 Jul 17th, 2009
Be pro-active.....The caller was a Telemarketer phoning for Canadian Tire. She was from the Phillipines. After learning from WHOCALLED.US that the company is actually Omega Direct working for Canadian Tire, I called the Canadian Tire Credit Card Department. I spoke with the Supervisor and told her that we were receiving up to 5 calls a day from this company. I asked to be removed from the list and explained that it was plain and simple harrassment. I told her about the other comments on WHOCALLED.US and she was very supportive of my complaint. She is forwarding all this information to Canadian Tire Head Office and asked that others please call the Credit Card Office and lodge complaints also. She was not aware and thinks that Head Office may not be aware of how obnoxious this Omega company is. Go ahead, call 1-800-459-6415 and lodge your complaint. Canadian Tire needs to know.
 Jul 14th, 2009
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 Jul 08th, 2009
i am house sitting, i just recieved a call from this number on the house line. i picked up although the caller ID showed "call center" and i usually don't accept telemarkenting calls, and the man on the other end was speaking another language. it was not a language i was familiar with, and i am fluent in spanish, italian, french, and german. i asked him "what?" and he continued on in jibberish, started laughing, and disconnected. i attempted to call the line back, a man answered with "hello?" and when i stated that i had just recieved a call from the number i had called back, the man disconnected again. thank you for the phone number hyper i will need to call that back!
 Jul 08th, 2009
six calls in past half hour...enough is enough
 Jun 26th, 2009
These folks call my house 3-6 times a day for months. I am reporting this as a nuisance call to my phone company and the US Gov't since I am supposed to be on the do not call list. It is harrassment.
 Jun 20th, 2009
I just got a call. It was for Canadian Tire roadside assistance. The caller was Derek Soto. He told me that I could get roadside assist for 69.95/yr. I told him that I have CAA and need to talk to my husband. He said he would mail info. He proceeded to tell me that we would walk through the automated process together. I told him that I DO NOT want this service. I think that SOB added it to my CTC account. I called CTC and the rep told me that he wouldn't be able to see if it was added for at least 48hrs. I called that 647# back and he picked up and then hung up on me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pissed off.
 Jun 03rd, 2009
Called cell phone at 10:30am. No message left. Called yesterday at 3:30pm too (also no message)
 May 28th, 2009
boa claimed to be liars
 May 23rd, 2009
They called 4 times today. Never a message but a reverse directory check shows they are Allstream in Toronto, Canada. I am not sure if they are calling on behalf of BOA, like previous bloggers but I do have an account with BOA. I plan to call the number listed below by Hyper to get them to stop calling. This is very frustrating.
 May 21st, 2009
I got call from this number today. No msg left.
 Apr 23rd, 2009
Never leaves a message. Answered phone once and said I wasn't home. Asked if I could take a message and the man said that he would call back.

4/22-2; 4/21-2; 4/18-1; 4/15-1
 Apr 22nd, 2009
There's a link on the do not call registry page to report this abuse. If we all do it, we can at least have the satisfaction of entertaining the DNCR similar to the way that Omega Direct has been entertaining us!
 Mar 26th, 2009
Said he was calling on behalf of Bank of America, I asked to be removed from their list. I am on the Do Not Call list, which seems to be dysfunctional.
 Mar 24th, 2009
I'm getting the same calls. As It happens, I'll be heading to Toronto soon. I might just pay them a visit.
 Mar 11th, 2009
One call today, no message
 Mar 06th, 2009
647-288-7825 is a company called OMEGA DIRECT. They do telemarketing all over the world. They are based in CANADA and MEXICO. You can easily find them online at OMEGADIRECT.COM If you have hard time finding them try search engine BLINGO and you will see them pop up on your first try.
Joe K.
 Feb 28th, 2009
I just called BOA and had them put a stop to this company calling my house. Thanks to Greg W for the information b/c these people were calling at all times of the day and pissing me off.
Fed Up
 Feb 27th, 2009
I too get two to three calls a day from this number. I decided to pick up and listen in and I heard what appeared to be a girl giggling in the background. From reading the posts here I now know it is BOA and I will be filing a complaint with my local branch and threaten to pull all my accounts with them.
 Feb 14th, 2009
Update... If you are a customer of BOA, (Credit Card), call 800-732-9194, (need to hit 0 a couple of times to get a live BOA Customer Service Rep). I told them of the problem of the incessant calls from Omega Direct. Said that if the calls did not stop I would leave BOA as a client, (I am a good customer). The rep put me on hold for a few minutes came back and said that she escallated this to her management, that I would be removed from Omega as well as their other telemarketing companies calling AND mailing lists! I hope this puts a stop to the calls... if not, I will bring my business elsewhere!
Greg W
 Feb 13th, 2009
I receive 2-4 calls per day from this telemarketer. They representing Bank of America offering a credit card protection plan. They call from 8AM to 9PM! The donotcall.gov does not govern Canadian companies. You can not use Canada's equivalent using your USA number. What does one do??? I called BOA and told them I would drop all of my partronage with them if this, what I consider harrasment, does not stop. I do answer the calls, decline, ask them not to call back... works for a couple of weeks only then starts back up again. BOA will lose my business...
Greg W
 Feb 13th, 2009
called from bank of america. oddly, they knew my name and my spouse's name. i am not a bank of america customer. it says i am and that they are launching a new protection program. we hung up. the called id says toronto ontario
 Jan 10th, 2009
Sick and tired of these calls
 Dec 30th, 2008
 Dec 22nd, 2008
Omega Direct, a marketing company.
 Dec 09th, 2008
They called for Mr. (my wife's name) and said that they had an offer from Bank of America.
 Dec 08th, 2008
Alright people, here's the full story on this phone number. This is based off of other's comments (which I have researched to confirm) and from my own research. Not that most people will see this, but whatever.

These calls are from Omega Direct. They offer other companies telemarketing services, so your calls will be for various things.

This exact number is stationed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The service for this number is provided by AllStream.

If you'd wish to get revenge, here's the info you need:

1457 McCowan Rd
Unit 201
Scarborough, Ontario
M1S 5K7

Phone: 416-640-3399
Facsimile: 416-640-3401

General Information: info@omegadirect.com
Sales Information: odrsales@omegadirect.com
Human Resources: hr@omegadirect.com
 Nov 27th, 2008
 Nov 21st, 2008
I got a call from this no. and they left a message on their current promotions. It's from Addition-Elle.
 Nov 19th, 2008
I don't pick up, I let caller ID & answering machine get it, they never leave a message. This is just more con arist that should be in jail
 Nov 14th, 2008
Received three calls from Omega Direct employees. Two calls on 9/15/08: they hung up on answering system the first time and, when they called the second time at 5:07 pm ET, I asked they remove number from their call list. Third call received on 9/16/08 at 10:37 am; told caller I had asked them on 9/15 to remove our number from their call list. The caller (who was older and a more experienced telemarketer) apologized, hung up and they have not called again.
MM in Conn.
 Nov 06th, 2008
This number has been calling me 2-3 times a day for the past two days. Finally answered it today, it was Bank of America calling but I told them I wasn't at home. They're probably trying to sell me more services on my card, which they do all the time! Had I known this before I signed up I never would have gotten a Bank of America card.
 Oct 17th, 2008
800-266-2278 386-872-1892 888-266-2278 402-572-7581 800-813-6128 877-216-4453 856-427-4661 800-945-2288 866-649-5991 949-885-3501 330-405-8671 866-206-2783 866-811-1296 630-288-1777 503-617-1377 856-317-7272 630-286-7892 404-266-2278 866-375-9424 412-875-1518 866-375-9724 978-848-5001 203-270-2439 703-567-0112 866-800-7993 703-757-7200 719-546-6354 908-258-8198 303-930-2000 647-288-7825 386-538-7500 856-638-4000 888-636-0709 651222333 651-222-3333 806-003-2503 774-488-5420 866-849-3243 877-220-3549 586-883-9000 770-266-2278 484-266-0002 484-266-0961 201-763-7970 866-251-9852 253-719-0012 817-288-7499 647-288-7553 856-420-5198 30054205861 888-824-8701 303-930-2010 703-330-0318 877-824-2288 817-524-0275 856-344-2001 503-654-1456 800-226-2278 713-341-8800 832-588-4670 623-238-6147 905-323-3900 651-493-5027 313-945-1111 866-598-9034 800-446-1022 253-896-5506 215-904-7155 800-986-0750 877-295-8817 303-930-2013 888-311-2938 623-238-6182 678-984-1228 866-481-0394 360-510-7905 877-869-7036 630-288-3258 713-341-1000 484-398-0126 800-995-6890 734-891-7456 303-712-3185 435-680-2604 866-810-3422 800-316-1619 302-668-1000 615-577-1881 253-261-5153 412-875-0917 800-905-6911 952-607-3976 586-497-7916 540-834-4947 866-873-9661 256-715-0214 925-349-3300 941-809-5975 303-221-2794 800-470-5943 877-870-4309 209-251-9307 888-824-4010 978-848-5049 781-592-3140 813-464-2366 888-636-0714 709-755-0800 515-309-2041 800-443-3144 425-501-2625 615-286-1629 610-265-2000 925-209-9858 800-603-0117 703-805-4631 912-844-7200 888-270-6445 843-302-4538 866-594-1234 301-456-8890
 Oct 09th, 2008
no one answered the phone when picked up
 Oct 06th, 2008
If you can't leave a message I don't want to talk to you.
 Oct 04th, 2008
no voicemail from caller left on my cell
 Sep 27th, 2008
Received a call, no message. ID just lists call center.
 Sep 20th, 2008
After a few months of their abuse, I began filing FCC complaints for every call. I called Comcast and BOA et al and told them they were being scammed because they were paying for completed calls (technically) that had no content. I called Omega and told their operator "I was returning their call" and read the person the Riot Act.
The calls have stopped. Now some similar calls are starting up with and "Out of Area" ID, but those are easy to block.

Places like this deserve (Violence deleted). They KNOW we do not want to hear their crap. They don't care.
It's up to us to make them care.
 Mar 08th, 2008
This number calls approx. 3-4 times a day between the hours of 8am and 9pm, and never leave a messege. We do not hold accounts with any of the already mentioned buisnesses.
 Feb 14th, 2008
This number 647-288-7825 calls daily, including on weekends and in the evenings! They never leave a message. Very rude timings on their calls including Sunday mornings. It just says "Ontario" in caller ID. Our number is UNLISTED. I do have an HSBC credit card - maybe it's them?
 Jan 31st, 2008
These suckers call on a daily basis. They're relentless!
 Jan 14th, 2008
calls and hangs up when I answer the business line. have had 5-10 calls today. will let ring and see what happens.
 Dec 31st, 2007
Same as others. Finally got called by a new hire who spoke and tried to answer questions. Normally they hang up.I asked for their number and the guy asked a Supervisor who within earshot of the phone reprimanded him for asking. The number is 1-800-843-0905. My number is unlisted. They have been calling for months. Normally I ignore the occasional Telemarketing call I get but this is beyond normal. Since it is in Canada there is nothing that can be done from what I can find out. No laws here apply. I'm sure B of A knows this. My Caller ID log is full of this number and one one digit off. Don't bother answering as they generally hang up. You could call their 800 number a few hundred times and hang up like they do:) Just kidding:) Perhaps call the Canadian PM's office and complain? Every day for a year, eh? Sorry Canadians, just kidding:) Maybe you guys could picket their offices for us?
 Dec 15th, 2007
We too are getting these annoying calls. I suggest everyone keep track of the days, times, number of calls (including hangups) and then contact the telephone company and complain that you are receiving harassing calls. If everyone does this, then perhaps a class-action suit can be brought against this entity.
 Nov 30th, 2007
Calling 3 times a week! what a pain! I dont answer anymore. I just let it ring....
 Nov 28th, 2007
Bank of America: Offering an 'elite' status membership with $50 of worthless coupons, and a $60/year bill. No thanks.
 Nov 24th, 2007
We've been getting calls from this number at least three times per week during the day and they never leave a message. Finally one evening they call while I was on a very important call and when I saw the caller id said Ontario I decided to answered. The lady spoke to me in Spanish, I fugured it was a tele market call and once she asked to speak with my husband I told her that my husband wasn't available and I hung up the phone. Sure, she calls back 2 seconds later, I don't answer the phone and this time she leaves a message insulting me in Spanish over and over for hanging up on her. I tried calling back to speak with a manager and let them know I had that phone call recorded and not to call me again but I only get a voice mail. I'll do anything to get off their calling list.
 Oct 25th, 2007
Received a call from this number today for the first time at 9:15am. I'm glad I found this site; I promptly added it to my phone service's block list. Caller ID said: Toronto, ON. For a minute I thought it might be relatives.
 Oct 23rd, 2007
They say they are comcast now. Come to my house

We have an appointment.

They are verifying ISPs to tag a name to the ISP number you visit. There is a common thread here.
 Oct 18th, 2007
I believe this is a company (person) trying to steal people's information to make money. He said that he was Time Warner Cable. All calls from Time Warner Cable would say (Time Warner Cable)on caller id.
 Oct 18th, 2007
they know my name.. i had answered the phone, but i was busy. so i said i call back later, and when i called back just there are a answer machine tell me to leave a message
 Sep 22nd, 2007
 Sep 18th, 2007
Called never left message and kept saying hello, hello. stupid
 Sep 18th, 2007
These are the ways to complain about the outrageous practice of this company, I personally much prefer to follow the 3rd method.

1. CRTC http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/welcome.htm
It is the equivalent of the FCC. Follow the Complaints and Inquiries link on the left of the page.

2. Consumer Protection Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services
1-800-889-9768 or 416-326-8800
Be advised that the Ontario government is totally useless.

3. The minister of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services, Gerry Phillips, who himself was a direct marketing business man. This company, Omega Direct Response Inc., also happens to be situated in his riding, which is the equivalent of your legislative district.

Ministry of Government Services
Suite 4320, 99 Wellesley Street West, Whitney Block
Toronto ON M7A 1W3
Tel: 416-327-2333
Fax: 416-327-3790
email: gphillips.mpp@liberal.ola.org

204-4002 Sheppard Ave E
Scarborough ON M1S 4R5
Tel: 416-297-6568
Fax: 416-297-4962
email: gphillips.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Call, fax, email, but once would be enough if every one of us would pitch in.

Have fun while you are at it.
 Sep 12th, 2007
receive messages from this number often. no message and they hang up when i answer. i call back and receive a message "the person at extension ___ is busy" *ssholes!
 Sep 10th, 2007
Trying to sell my mom a platinum visa card. She's been dead nearly a year. My number is supposed to be unlisted, and her name was never attached to my number. WTF?!
 Sep 06th, 2007
This number is for a Comp. Called Omega, any way I found that if you called there main number (several times) you can get you number taken off their list. 416-640-3399
 Aug 30th, 2007
Yeah, this needs to stop. Does anyone know who this caller is!? I've gotten porbably one hundred calls from this number. It's obnoxious, and I am never going to answer.
 Aug 28th, 2007
I've been getting calls from this number on my two seperate cell phones at the exact same time, several times a day (and one of the numbers I never give out). I finally called it back, got the Omega direct operator and asked her to take me off their list. Hopefully it will work!
 Aug 23rd, 2007
Check out this website on many forums on telemarketers:

Cape May
 Aug 22nd, 2007
The call every day. I don't pick it up.
 Aug 18th, 2007
report them to the fcc
 Aug 16th, 2007
report them to the fcc https://esupport.fcc.gov/form1088/consumer.do
 Aug 16th, 2007
i get calls from them every day....its someone called omega direct response....keep calling them back til u get an operator and tell them to remove you from their list.....and then REPORT THEM TO THE FCC at http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html
 Aug 16th, 2007
everyday, many times a day. Lowest form of job on the planet.
 Aug 16th, 2007
if you have call screening service. add it to your block list.
 Aug 15th, 2007
out of area - they knew my name
in NJ
 Aug 15th, 2007
same number: 647-288-7825, supposedly to represent Cablevision. They have called 3X a day for the last two weeks, once on a Saturday at 9AM and once on a Sunday at 8:30. When I told them to stop, they told me there was nothing I could do because they are in Canada. I told them that I would cancel my account with Cablevision. When I called Cablevision I was asked to put my number of a do not call list.
 Aug 14th, 2007
Once my hubby attend call from this number and they ask for me but i wasn't there.when i gave them a call back, voice mail came in..I'm still getting calls from this number but i'm not attending any.i don't know who they are..they should better not call me back
 Aug 14th, 2007
called here today, first time seeing Ontario calling..Im on the DNC list, but my mom has credit cards, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, it's bound to be related to one of those...
 Aug 14th, 2007
The call I received was for Bank Of America Visa card credit insurance and identity theft protection plan.
 Aug 13th, 2007
They call me every week - it just says Ontario.
 Aug 10th, 2007
we recieve several calls a week from this number...
I hope they are enjoying my machine....they never leave messages and will hang up if you answer....
 Aug 09th, 2007
i wish we could phone these people and not show them who is calling them.Its bad enough they call your home phone, when they call your cell phone thats really annoying
 Jul 31st, 2007
To Wade who posted the e-mail address of the BBB of Canada on 6.1.07 and to those who posted the Omega Direct info-THANKS so much. I filed a complaint today and told them if this company doesn't stop calling me I am going to request a $500 fine per phone call since I am on the US Do Not Call List (and they did ask what resolution I was seeking). Everyone should send a complaint to this e-mail address and seek $ compensation if they don't stop.
 Jul 25th, 2007
I receive calls 3 times throughout the day from this number. Is there any way to block these calls? I am getting these calls on my cell phone.
 Jul 25th, 2007
Calling me non-stop...Going for a vacation, and i am going to blow the company up, sky-high.
 Jul 24th, 2007
TIP: Newer Caller ID boxes allow you to block & reject unwanted calls.

Since many ignore the DO NOT CALL LIST, I reject them and they cannot call thru.
 Jul 20th, 2007
I saw this # on my phone bill and someone in the house used *69 to call them back. We got hit with a $1.99 fee for using Call Back. I'm not sure what this # is but I'm pissed off that we got hit with a $1.99 fee.
 Jul 19th, 2007
I'm going to set my email on auto and e-mail their HR dept every 5 seconds... for eternity from one of my unused address' asking them to stop calling my number; that should keep them busy.
 Jul 18th, 2007
If you have registered for the Do Not Call, you can file a complaint at: https://www.donotcall.gov/Complain
 Jul 14th, 2007
they keep calling
 Jul 12th, 2007
ontorio call
 Jul 12th, 2007
This jackass calls me everyday
 Jul 11th, 2007
i received about 2 to 3 phone calls a day with no message left on answering machine. several times when i answered the phone no one said anything just hung up. i called the number back and spoke to a woman and advised her to remove my # off of there calling list. after that i still continued to receive calls
 Jul 11th, 2007
constantly call
 Jul 06th, 2007
I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau using the link further up in this discussion as well as putting myself AGAIN on the U.S. Do-Not-Call list and the Canadian one as well. My solution for the odd zip code on the Canadian one was to split the zip code. It does not require the Provence to be entered so I am hoping it will work.

The complaint number I used was: 1163105. So if you want to add information to it yourselves I believe you can as well.

Good luck!
 Jul 05th, 2007
they called from ontario-picked it up and they hung up.
 Jul 04th, 2007
Last week, after about a dozen phone calls from this number without leaving a message, someone actually answered me from the other end. They stated were calling on behalf of Comcast highspeed internet , and wanted me to upgrade my plan. The upgrade would be free for the first 3 months, then an additional fee would be charges thereafter. I declined the offer. This week, they've called twice, the last time with the same offer. I complained to the telemarketer on the other end regarding all of the called, and she offered to place me on their Do Not Solicit list, but it would take at least 30 days for it to take effect.
 Jul 03rd, 2007