Loyola University gave me a baloney story about how their dialing system to solicit donations from alumni is having some problems. This was in November, 2012.

The full range of numbers begins 504-861-58xx, and the xx part could be any one of these numbers: 37, 39,43,44,45, 77, or 79.

The person who is using the call service from Loyola to spoof his own identity -- and to let me know that he is watching me, i.e., stalking -- also shows up as LGIVINGMOMENTS, strangely with the number 646-558-3519 that has exactly the same last 4 digits as the number of a friend of mine with whom I had just spoken!

I have every reason to believe that the "stalker" is an attorney who lives next door, due south, and who gets his jollies attacking me by phone, and having his friends and workmen trespass on my property and vandalize my car and house.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 18th, 2013
These calls, according to, are coming from Alliance Health Care, a known and flagged telemarketer. This company spoofs the IDs of other reliable companies. The latest spoofed ID is of LGIVINGMOMENTS, which translates to Life Giving Moments, and has nothing to do with the actual organization with headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Yesterday, 2 January 2013, about 1 PM, I had just spoken to a friend of mine from Canada. Her number ends in 3519. The call I got from these creeps about 20 minutes later, had the format of 646-558-xxxx, with the last four digits as 3519! These creeps use a whole range of numbers with the same format; another latest number is 646-558-6688, through the peerless Network of New York LLC - NY. Someone has a system in place that actually hijacks the numbers of people who make phone calls to me! Personally! I know who it is. "It" lives right next door, and here is a summary of what I have endued from him over the past decade and more:

Locally, here in New Orleans, there is an attorney who actually goes out and hijacks contact lists from churches and individuals, then sends out self-replicating messages under the names of those churches and individuals, sometimes with the greeting "Hey (and your name)". He also runs X-rated souvenir shops in the "old quarter" downtown, and has X-rated websites that I cannot even describe here (I don't go looking for such things, but he has attacked me personally on-line, and I went looking for background information on him). He has also had his friends and associates vandalize my house and my car, attempt to poison my two dogs, and verbally abuse my aged mother and me.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 03rd, 2013
What makes this creepy is that about 1 PM, I had just finished talking to a friend from Canada, whose number ends in 3519. This person has picked up on her number and used it to spoof a call to me 646-558-3519) not more than 20 minutes later! At 4:54 PM, this creep phoned again, and used this other number that seems to have appeared elsewhere.

I know who this person is. He has hijacked contact lists from a church and from my Yahoo! mail in order to send self-replicating messages that begin "Hey (with your name". He has used the identity of Loyola University to send spoofed calls for donations to me and I don't know who else. His main company is Saints for Sinners; if you see that name, leave the place or the site immediately!

All I can say is that this individual is the most nasty, vile individual I have ever had the misfortune to have move in right next door. He knows I complain about him to the FCC. He probably even reads my postings, and then thinks up something "cute" to do to try to make me angry. Stupid.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 03rd, 2013
What is creepy is that I had just spoken with a friend in Canada whose phone number ends with 3519. That was a 1:20 PM, after I had just gotten off the phone with her! At 4:54 PM, this company called back at 646-558-6688! Another complaint site identifies these calls as coming from New York City! The person responsible lives right next door to me, and thinks it is cute to use my name and number to spoof my friends and contacts.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 03rd, 2013