they called me today but fortunately i was away from my phone.
 Jul 12th, 2008
Ditto. This one gets their data directly from QWest, when you sign up for anything with them. QWest completely screwed up my land-line installation and distributed the new number to none of the US telco databases, only their marketing partners. For the next month, I could call anywhere, but only people in the QWest marketing database and my area code could call me. Others got, "no such number". This is the worst one the QWest gives your number to. I took the precaution of sending them a written cease and desist notice, about marketing my number, BEFORE I signed with them, so we face some interesting legal times ahead. At least I know every one of QWests's dirty little partners. Mainly media, like this one.

This is the #1 place telespammer get your number. Your telco. All that "don't sell my number" krap is TOTALLY EXEMPT if they have a "business relationship", which, your tax-paid unrepresentatives have let them write as they please. #2 is the do not call list. Telespammers get it daily. They lie about the 30 days. 30 days is what your unrepresentatives gave them in the statute to stop calling. Effectively they've have been handed a "call heavy for 30 days list" and "be a gen-xer and lie afterwards" opportunity.

Proof: get a voice over IP number. Make it up. Research it. Give it to no one. I did this TWICE and have NEVER ONCE received a telemarketing call in 2 years! Three wrong numbers. That's it. Your phone company and the do not call list are the ones screwing you. Free, progressive country. That is SO third world!
R Nathan Hund
 Jul 11th, 2008
Sattelite TV company recording trying to sell their services. No option to remove from list. Only option is to push 1 to order their service.
 Jul 11th, 2008