calls me constantly, no message, when I called back today talked with a Mr. Knight who terminated the conversation when I refused to divulge my full name, wasn't happy with the acknowledgement that my first name was correcdt and I was me. I asked what BCC stood for before I would tell him who I was and he wouldn,t say so I cursed and he hung up. Second call I spoke with a female troll who kept saying I can't talk to you if you won't tell me who you are- not that she was identifying herself or her company. Taxi driver you must be talking to me got nowhere, nor did asking for a supervisor. I stayed on the line till she hung up on me, then called the corporate office number listed in a previous post 610-916-7200) I selected option 3 client services from the menu, and spoke with a nice lady named Marissa. I explained the problem I had had communicating with the collections group and she transferred me to a manager. Sam Pierce answered the phone. I explained that any bills he was attempting to collect for concerned a car accident that was in litigation and it was illegal for him to speak with me. He agreed (not without a lot of whining about what they need to do and defending his employees actions) and asked for my lawyers name, which I gave him, but not before a lecture on proper phone etiquette and on his companies willingness to accept commissions for accounts without researching them-St. Lukes Physicians group had no right to send that bill for collection as they well know. I hold them equally responsible and have told them so as well. I also told him I would be sending complaints to the FTC, Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General. I hope Berks Credit and Collection (or as we know it BCC) will get it together, sure they have a crappy job it must suck to have that many people you piss off regularly- how was your day today? Mine's better already
 Jan 26th, 2010
I also received a call from 610-916-7264, which is a phone number owned by Berks Credit and Collections, Inc., located at 2001 State Hill Road, Suite 105, Wyomissing, PA. Their corporate phone number is 610-916-7200. The owner's name is Anthony F. Carabello. Their "collectors" are extremely rude, quite threatening, and believe they are operating under a veil of secrecy, as they only identify themselves as "BCC" when asked what company they're from. There is much information on the Internet about both BCC, Inc, and Tony Carabello (including personal info)... one has only to search. Calling their corporate number to complain about their rudeness would be the proper thing to do... either ask for Tony Carabello himself, or his henchman, Sam Pierce (director). Maybe, just maybe, if they realize their veil of secrecy is gone, they're start conducting themselves in a more legal and civilized manner. TJ
 Jun 11th, 2009
This is :
Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.
PO Box 329
Temple, PA 19560 Phone: 610-916-7200
Fax: 610-916-7272
Toll Free: 888-932-6553

They collect for doctors offices. Rude, obnoxious people. Also illegally use computers to call you. If you answer, a minute or two later ( if your dumb enough to hold on ) a person will come online. If you don't answer they will not leave a message but try again, and again, and again.

Send them emails, everyday. Sign up for junk email everywhere, use their email. Send them faxes, even better when someone asks you for a fax number, give theirs!

Put pressure on them to leave you alone.

Document any abuse or violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, then sue them. They may offer to settle, you might win in court ( you don't need an attorney in small claims court but having one would help. ) Even if you lose it will cost them hundreds if not thousands in attorneys fees just to answer your complaint. make them spend THEIR money to make YOU go away.

Hey, And don't Take any crap from anybody!
 Mar 19th, 2009
Berks Credit & Collections, Inc
900 Corporate Drive
Reading, PA 19605

Ph: 610-916-7200
Fx: 610-916-7272
Specializing in medical collections
 May 27th, 2008